As we have watched our little Rock My Style community thrive and grow, one of things we are most proud about is the way you, our readers, are always so helpful and thoughtful in your comments. The suggestions you give both to the RMS team and the rest of the readers have proved invaluable (and also catastrophic to our bank balances….)
Today I hand over our Reader Request slot to my sister Hannah, as she has found herself in quite a quandary about her new kitchen.

{Hannah’s Request}

After an extremely long and emotional roller coaster of a ride my husband and I have now found our dream home. With our move in date drawing ever closer, it seems that I have now morphed into some kind of wide eyed interior fanatic. Pinterest has once again become the third person in our relationship and our weekends are now being spent drawing up plans, making plans and then re planning all over again.

Our new home is a Victorian restoration project and in order to make our house less of a terrifying building site and slightly more liveable, we are focusing on getting the kitchen nailed first and foremost. This it seems is where I am having a bit of a mare. Put simply we don’t want a fitted kitchen. We don’t want a flat pack, super shiny, just stepped out of the pages of a catalogue, sparkling kitchen. There is of course nothing wrong with this but it’s just not what we had envisaged in a house filled with 19th century features. In our dreams (and our pinterest boards) we are lusting for a free standing kitchen; a rustic, ‘thrown together but obviously not’ reclaimed kitchen, with a spattering of more conventional units for necessary storage and ample worktop space. We have loved trawling our local salvage yard in Sheffield for non-fixed industrial style furniture, but searching for those essential storage cupboards and worktops has left me stone cold. Where do you go when you don’t want super sleek? Is it possible to combine our vision of a mismatched kitchen with practical storage space? To date we have found absolutely nothing to inspire us when searching for said items, and quite frankly I’m horrified by the price of them. I wouldn’t spend £500 of my hard earned dollar on a fancy wardrobe, so I refuse to spend triple that on a miniature cupboard where we will effectively stash a load of chipped plates.

So we would love to know if anyone can offer any advice on this kitchen conundrum. Is there anywhere we can find wooden, or even metal, rustic style units? Are there any hidden gems in the north of England that may stock something a little less kitchen like and a lot more…well shabby like?! Do we actually need a fitted element to the kitchen at all?

So far we have a ceramic sink. Oh and some big old rusty taps. Put it this way, we wont be inviting Mary Berry and her pals over for tea at any point in the near future. If any readers out there could offer an alternative storage solution we promise to bake you a cake. Once we have something to actually bake it in. x

Has anyone else experienced a similar dilemma and wanted to break away from a more conventional kitchen? I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions and sources and am also going to attempt to throw in some of my own advice below. The promise of cake has lured me in!

Image sources | Reclaimed shelving against subway tile with dark grout | Subway tile pantry | Blackboard wall with brass | Chalkboard over worktop | Butchers block with white tiles | White island and shelves | Unit on wheels | Free standing tall shelf unit