This image is our most popular on Pinterest. I reckon that’s because of those bloomin gorgeous bathroom tiles. Turns out you guys love a bit of tile chat based on the conversations around Lisa’s kitchen tiles on IG last week so I thought maybe you could help give your opinions over here too.

Choosing Bathroom Tiles

We got the keys to our house on Friday so mission move in and make it ours is on. Our house is a new build so I got to choose the bathroom tiles… but none were really what I wanted so I just went with a matte white (which I actually quite like). Turns out I have no idea what I actually DO want. These are some of my favourite ways if using bathroom tiles.

White Bathroom Tiles

As I said above, I actually quite like the white tiles… although they seem to have sort of a pinkish tinge which again, I don’t hate but I don’t love them. They’re a rectangle shape, probably about 25cm in length so a fairly standard size. I love the look of white metro tiles in bathrooms, especially with a darker grout. They look so lovely don’t they and apparently very ‘in’. I really like the thought of a white hexagonal tile that cascades down from the shower corner. These are some of my favourite white out bathrooms.

Patterned Bathroom Tiles

Another thought I have to keep my existing tiles but update the whole look of the bathroom is to add patterned tiles… to the floor. We see a lot of really excellent clashing patterns in bathrooms these days too which I love. Why not make it an exciting place to step in to?

Grey bathroom Tiles

Ah good old grey. It never lets us down does it and it has worked so well in Theresa’s bathroom. Matte, shiny, patterned, you name it, you can get it in grey. It’s such an inoffensive tone and goes with so much, it’s easy to have that bit of colour definition but know you can switch up your decor whenever you fancy as it will go with most other accent colours. Also – it looks SO good in a herringbone layout.

Colourful bathroom Tiles

So far we’ve looked at lots of very muted tones, even within the patterns but what about colour? I don’t see much colour in the bathrooms I see on IG or in magazines. But they do exist. And they are so fun. Heres a few of my favourites.

What tiles do you have in your bathroom? Are yours fresh and white or is it 50 shades of grey or maybe you can inspire me with your colourful bathroom! Can’t wait to hear what you’ve got. I got so lost in a Pinterest black hole putting this together I had to reign myself in and not share a trillion images with you. If you want more you can check out our bathroom board on Pinterest where I’ve added tonnes of tiling inspiration.

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