My husband hates cushions. Namely, copious amounts of cushions on beds. But sucks for him, because we just bought a new daybed for guests and that thing is getting covered in cushions. As all daybeds should be. My eye is being drawn reluctantly away from grey lately and towards neutrals on the warmer end of the spectrum. Creams, mustards, terracotta and the like. Which I think is perfectly timed for the fact that the trees around my house are starting to shed their leaves (so sad). That’s right, Autumn draws near and it’s time to start thinking ahead to cosying up those spaces whilst we soak up the last of the summer sun. That’s where my head is at anyway, so if you fancy a bit of online/window shopping, have a look at what I’ve found. One product, in particular, has blown my mind…



Of which, Gavin can’t have too little and I can’t have too many. Cushions just make any space look warm to me and invite the kind of slumping and loafing that we like to do in our house. Am I the only one with a partner with a dislike for cushions? For this new daybed, I’m thinking an array of warm neutrals with textures and prints to add interest but keep the colour scheme cohesive. 
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My eldest, Ethan recently told me that he always feels cold when he comes downstairs and cuddles on the couch in the morning. Which to me is a cue to buy copious amounts of throws to store in a large woven basket for the comfort/care of my children (read: style). You know I don’t have a single decent throw in my house? This Autumn/Winter, that needs to change. Here are a few of the internet ones catching my eye right now. I know some might seem a bit, well, plain. But I do love a simple throw with beautiful luxe texture. 
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Now I wouldn’t go recommending you candles that I had not smelled with my own nose. It’s tempting sometimes to round up stunning looking candles, without having actually sniffed them. But I can 100% vouch that these three smell divine! And when I said there was a product in this post that blows my mind? I was talking about the Neom (I’m utterly obsessed with Neom) Real Luxury Skin Treatment Scented Candle. It’s a bit of a mouthful for a product name, but understandably so. This is a candle that you burn to fill the room with delicious fragrance, but THEN you pour a few drops of the wax onto your hands and use it as a warm massage oil for your body!! Mind blown. The little video with the Neom founder is worth a watch. The little vessel this candle(?) comes in is just beautiful and I think it’s quite possibly the ultimate pamper gift for someone who needs a bit of TLC.
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Are you straying from grey?

And have you ever seen anything as genius as that Neom candle?