I imagine we all have at least one room in our homes which is a bit bleurgh. A space that lacks personality and needs a bit of life injecting into the walls. In our house, it’s the spare bedroom where we also store our clothes.

I’m usually a fan of a simple backdrop; white walls to let the accessories do the talking but in here it needs some va-va room. I know I need to invest in statement lighting but I also need to address the plain jane wall behind the bed. I feel the unique angle of the ceiling could be such a statement but at the moment it doesn’t float my boat. It’s a bit of asap. If this room was a person nobody would want to sit next to it a party.

Plain wall behind upholstered bed

Wall Decoration Ideas

Gallery Wall

There isn’t enough space above the bed to create a jaw-dropping gallery wall like Leoma’s. If I had a spare wall though I’d love to replicate the grid style photo wall in oversized frames. It’s so impactful and creates such a statement.

Grid gallery wall


A thin picture ledge above the bed was one of the first things I considered to dress up the blank wall. We’ve got several in our house from Ikea although we made our own for our hallway as needed a shallow depth. Elle’s boho bed shelf is a stylish way to finish off the wall and can be changed at the drop of a hat with new decor.

picture ledge above bed


I can’t get enough of the sloping feature wall in Iris’ nursery. I’ve written before about my love for wooden (or mdf) panelling. We’ve recently added tongue and groove to our downstairs bedroom (yes that room STILL isn’t finished) and I’m a big fan of how it adds subtle interest.

Wooden Panelling in gender neutral nursery


I’m never quite sure how I feel about wallpaper. It seems a bit more permanent than a quick lick of paint, and a lot more expensive! Last year my dad wallpapered our upstairs landing after I debated for months over whether or not to splash out on a few rolls of paper. I must get a wriggle on and finish the rest of the area (story of my life) so I can share some snaps with you.
Charlene’s downstairs loo is flipping amazing though. In a small space wallpaper well and truly rocks, especially when it’s House of Hackney! I love the idea of guests opening the door to use the loo and being wowed by the decor. Thanks to a nineties style tiling job this doesn’t happen in mine.

House of Hackney Palmeral Wallpaper

Exposed Brick

Every time I go anywhere with an exposed brick wall I’m inspired to rip off the plaster in my own house or order in a load of brick slips. I love how versatile and characterful it can be.
Exposed brick wall in ex-council house In Charlotte’s relaxed revamp it brings an industrial edge, while it gives the perfect modern country element to Elle’s old kitchen.

Exposed brick in modern country kitchen


One of the simplest ways to add a bit of personality to the walls is to paint them. In this modern industrial home tour, Nat shows you that feature walls are definitely still in fashion.

Feature wall in Farrow & Ball Downpipe

Geometric Pattern

If I was feeling a little more creative I could break out the low tack masking tape and muster up a mural like the gorgeous one Elle created in her nursery using a few tester pots.

Painted pattern mural in neutral colours


Maybe not one for behind the bed but a chalkboard always looks great in kitchens, home offices and playrooms. I’d need to up my game to draw anything as epic as the hand-drawn mural Theresa sketched on her kitchen wall.

Blackboard wall with hand-drawn mural

Wall Decals

I haven’t found any wall decals that cut the mustard when it comes to adult designs. By that, I don’t mean anything pornographic (!) it’s just that wall stickers are usually in more child-friendly designs. Zachery’s geometric decals are great at lifting a plain space and the ideal option if you rent or are after something less permanent than wallpaper.
Wall decals in children's bedroom

So there you have it, nine ways to jazz up a plain wall. Now which one do I choose for the spare room to ensure I can really call it a dressing room?