Please do not adjust your monitor. You may be fooled into thinking there are several splodges of grey paint above but if you look a little closer you’ll see there are very subtle differences between all these hues. As with our recent blush paint guide we’ve placed some of our favourite grey paint (or grays for our American friends) side-by-side to demonstrate their varied characteristics.

Back in 2014 we featured a post all about choosing greys in your interior decor and I can tell you know my love affair with this neutral is far from over. In fact my whole house is likely to be kitted out in the palest of greys. Equipped with a few more shades, today’s post is an update to the original colour guide to help anyone intent on decorating with this uber stylish colour.

Farrow and Ball Cornforth White

A neutral warm grey paint. I’ve used Cornforth White in my living room and adore the soft hue. In my own home (with a lot of natural light) it’s taken on a ‘mushroom tone’ but in rooms with less light it appears a ‘true grey’.

B&Q Grey Hints

I think you can imagine what I’m going to say here; yup Grey Hints has a subtle hint of blueish grey.

Farrow & Ball Slipper Satin

I had originally selected Slipper Satin for our recent blush paint feature as in lighter spaces this paint has a pinkish ballet slipper, however I felt it sat well in our pale grey paint guide too. As described by F&B, Slipper Satin is a soft grey stone colour with no cool undertones.

Johnstone’s Moonlit Sky

For a cool inexpensive grey paint give Moonlit Sky a whirl.

Laura Ashley Pale Dove Grey

I’ve have Pale Dove Grey earmarked for the furniture in the master bedroom makeover. A soft and delicate grey paint which looks spectacular partnered with a white.

Farrow and Ball Shadow White

You know the beautiful tone you get when a white wall goes into shade? You get that from F&B’s newest shade, Shadow White. More of a neutral than a grey (though pleasantly it avoids the yellow undertone of a beige), this shade is understated and looks fab in airy spaces.

Crown Gallery White

I’m very tempted to use Gallery White in our snug. A very rich white with a slightly bluish cooler undertone makes for a calm space.

Farrow and Ball Ammonite

One shade lighter than Cornforth White, Ammonite is subtle refined grey which looks airy in light spaces but also really smart in areas with less natural light. If you want to pair it with a darker grey paint, it looks stunning with the moody F&B Mole’s Breath.

Dulux Perfectly Taupe

Good if you’re looking for a warmer grey paint to soften a space. With a red undertone you may find Perfectly Taupe takes on a very slight purplish tone in low light.

Crown Sail White

A chalky white with a whisper of grey. Sail White can be found on the walls of my new living room and my previous cottage lounge.

Over to you, what shades of grey paint do you favour on your own walls?


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