A grey tranquil living room make-over
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sept - viewing
Rock My Room
rock my room
rock my room

Rock My Room | The Reveal

Author: Lauren Coleman

Well folks, here we go. The four week challenge is now complete and James and I have ‘Colemanised’ the very first room in our new home. Prepare for a photo overload as there are a lot of images in this feature.

If you cast your mind back to week one I shared the inspiration for the room. The plan was to create a restful and relaxing living room using all shades of grey. We got to work by stripping the old wallpaper and painting the wall with Crown’s Sail White, a chalky neutral with the slightest undertone of grey.
Next we painted the woodwork in Dulux’s Satinwood in Brilliant White for a matte, clean look and finished off the week by adding the Cox and Cox grey pendant lighting to the ceiling.
On to week two and this is when we added the eBay fire surround painting it with several coats of Farrow and Ball’s Cornforth White.

Then came week three where we added a custom designed storage unit to the room from Jali. Again this was painted with Cornforth White which is now one of my favourite neutrals. The grey linen Ikea curtains also went up as I started to bring in a few more layers and texture.

For the final week we finished off the room with the concrete console table and then added a gallery wall crammed full of family photos.

I bought a few bits and pieces to complete the room such as cushions from H&M and the floor lamp from B&Q, however the majority of things we already owned. I frequently get asked about my rug and coffee table so wanted to let you know here the rug was from HomeSense many years ago (though Loaf have one that’s quite similar) and the coffee table was upcycled from an old wrought iron and wicker table my parents owned. When my niece was a baby she managed to bite her way around the top of the table so we replaced the top with reclaimed wood several years ago.

The tray table is a few years old now from Cox and Cox but still going strong. Our sofas came with us from our old cottage and are the three seater and love seat Snowdrop design from sofa.com. The shelf unit was purchased a couple of years ago too from Maison du Monde and the tripod lamp which stands on top is also several years old now from HomeSense.

While we didn’t undertake a huge renovation, we’ve spent much of the first few months of the year away from home so I’m proud of what we’ve achieved in such a limited period. These images were taken a few weeks ago and already I’ve started to add in more family photos, pictures, throws and candles so the room is beginning to look more ‘layered’ and less sparse. I’ve tried to link to as many of the items in the room as possible within the post or in the widget below but do let me know if you’d like to know where anything else is from.

From the feedback we’ve had it seems the Rock My Room series has been a hit so while I won’t go in to so much depth on the next projects I do plan to give you a monthly update on how life is unfolding in our new home.

I’ve loved seeing how your own DIY exploits are coming together so please do continue to share your updates through the #RockMyRoom instagram hashtag.


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50 thoughts on “Rock My Room | The Reveal

  1. Wow, this is just gorgeous. Love it all. Can’t believe the transformation and am so impressed given the timeframe. Go team Coleman! x

  2. Wow! It looks beautiful Lauren. You really get the feel of it being a clear, airy space but so cosy at the same time. I promised Rob I would would behave myself on the decorating front until after our holiday in a few months but your updates looked so lovely I couldn’t help but join in! I’ll try and get some pictures of my almost finished room on Instagram later. Well done x

  3. OOOh Lauren it looks just lovely! Seriously people, the light in this room is unreal. I think I’ve bored my husband with it repeatedly – something to the effect of ” I am only moving if we can create light like James and Lauren have!!!”

    Not jealous. Not jealous at all.

    1. It was definitely a selling point for the house.

      Something tells me you’ll get light and a whole lot more in your new abode 🙂

  4. Gorgeous, love the ceiling pendants & the BHS table lamp especially as they have 20% off today. We’re just in the process of decorating our living room all grey and white & wood so its perfect timing. Dashing off now to log onto BHS 😉

      1. Seriously impressive lighting at BHS … I’m also going to have to buy the ceiling pendant light from Cox & Cox its just PERFECT, so that’s two purchases already from this post (well 3 as I need 2 pendant lights!!!!) AND I like the IKEA curtains … I need to log off.

        Looking forward to the next Rock My Room 🙂

  5. Bravo!

    You and James have done an amazing job. Absolutely nailing understated style and elegance once again. There have been some cracking tips and ideas along the way too (Lee and I are seriously considering a Jali unit for the TV/Sky/mountain of wires and plugs corner of our living room.)

    I think, when you consider work and other commitments, four-weeks isn’t a lot of time AT ALL, our lack of progress on the bathroom and hallway demonstrates that.You’ve made me even more determined to get finished – all the new things I bought a month ago at the start (including a new Diptyque Berries candle weirdly) are still sitting in a dusty box waiting to move in. I say this every week, then something crops up, but we are almost almost there now!

    The Rock My Room feature has been fab. Have really enjoyed it and hope everyone carries on using it (although I’m mad at Kat @brightandairly for making me need that Ferm Living toilet roll holder. It nearly caused a domestic when I told Lee how much I wanted to spend!)


    1. What a lovely comment, you little gem!

      Totally agree – four weeks really isn’t a long time – we only managed about three evenings a week and one random saturday afternoon. Stick with it and you’ll get there – you’re making fab progress.

      Also, how naughty is Kat? I considered a whole wet room refit for that very toilet roll holder 😉

      1. Haha dont blame you. I’m trying my best to hold off and find something that costs maybe a fiver from B&M but I know that wont happen! It’s only a matter of time. Seriously, Kat if you see this you’ve ruined my marriage 😉

        The same comment from Kat last week also made me realise I’ve inadvertently copied your old bathroom mirror too. I actually think my brain secretly stores items I see on RMS, then I end up seeing something in a shop and buying it after what I think is a completely independent decision making process. When you add those to the things I blatantly and openly copy from you girls it”s terrifying. I’m so easily led. xx

        1. We’re all so easily led Karen. I have to leave my cards at home when I see Charlotte. She is such a bad influence 😉

  6. I love this look. . Currently in the process of decorating our living room in a similar style so thanks for the inspiration! I love your sofas. .. of you don’t mind me asking what fabric are they in ? There are so many fabrics to choose from..:its a minefield! X

  7. This looks so lovely Lauren, I can’t believe you’ve done so much so soon after moving in! I’ll be taking lots of inspiration from this room and the gorgeous pieces you’ve got in it. Hoping for some more house transformations on RMS soon! x

  8. Wow, what a lovely transformation! I have so enjoyed following your progress this month and, although I haven’t taken part, it has definitely given me lots of inspiration for when I do finally get round to decorating. Look forward to seeing which room you tackle next… Will there be a March Rock my Room feature I wonder 😉

    1. Ha ha Becky, maybe not quite as detailed as the February Rock My Room posts but I’ll definitely keep you posted on my progress. We’re painting the master bedroom at the moment!

    1. Thanks Becky. We’ve got quite a bit of sail white left over so I’m sure it’ll make a reappearance! x

  9. Love this! Looks incredible! So much attention to detail, it all looks so clean and crisp but so many intricate beautiful pieces! xx

  10. Lauren I absolutely love your style ? Can you come and decorate at mine ? ? I had a few questions that I was hoping you could answer. Which fabric did you use for your sofas from sofa.com And also did you paint the ceiling in sail white or a normal brilliant white? Thanks so much. Congratulations on an amazing transformation xx

  11. Hi Lauren, the room looks amazing! Am now feeling the itch to decorate again….

    I’d love to know where the concrete console came from, if you can recall? Thanks

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