Non-alcoholic drinks | Elderflower soda
Rose Grape
Rose Grape
Non-alcoholic drinks | Rose Grape with a cork
Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade
Homemade Strawberry Lemonade | Non-alcoholic drinks
Infused water
Infused water
Non-alcoholic drinks | Infused water
Lemon Presse
Lemon Presse
Non-alcoholic drinks | Lemon Presse
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Non-Alcoholic Thirst Quenchers

Author: Lauren Coleman

In an effort to cut down on the amount I’ve been spending on socialising I have reluctantly agreed to become the designated driver.
This has presented me with a slight challenge as I’m not really a fan of soft drinks. My go to non-alcoholic drink is a glass of tap water and quite frankly rocking up to a party with a bottle of H2O isn’t particularly appealing or sociable.

Hopefully today’s feature will also appeal to expectant and bf mamas too, though fully appreciate the sugar content may not be too ideal. Some of the drinks are homemade specialities and for the others we went to our local M&S.


I am an absolute sucker for a flip top bottle and so instantly loved Marks and Spencer’s Elderflower Soda. For £2.40 you get extremely sophisticated reusable packaging and a very tasty yet delicate drink. If you’re looking to celebrate without alcohol then this fresh and crisp elderflower soda is for you. The lid flew off quite vigorously and there was an almighty pop when we gave this a try. Pour into a champagne flute and you’d hardly know the difference. Kind of.
If you love a pretty label (and Elderflower) as much as I do then Belvoir also do a very good Presse too.


If you are still keen on having a real-life cork to release then the M&S Non-Alcholic Rose Grape may be just the ticket. It’s sweeter than a usual fizz but very refreshing.

Homemade Lemonade

If you’re looking for something fruity then a very quick homemade strawberry lemonade may appeal.
I made this by blitzing up a pound of strawberries and a full lemon (yep with all the zest still on) with a spoonful of honey. I then took the blended pulp and strained with a sieve to create a syrup. Finally I added water a litre of water and left in the fridge to chill. It’s best to drink on the day you make it but it would probably last a few days in the fridge.

Infused Waters

Topping up a carafe of water with fruit (or veg) and herbs is a great way to stay hydrated. Not to mention it makes boring water a little bit more exciting. Here I combined cherries, lime and mint for an invigorating drink, and raspberries, strawberries and blueberries for a subtle sweet taste.
You could try any combination and get as experimental as you like; a few ideas for you are cucumber and mint, orange, cinnamon and ginger, peach and lavender or how about watermelon and jalapeño?!

Lemon Presse

For the ultimate thirst quencher then try a zingy sparkling lemon such as the M&S Lemon and Lime Mexican Presse (very exotic sounding). Bottle Green also do a gorgeous lemon version too.

What drinks do you sip when a tipple is out of the question? Any gems you’d like to share?

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18 thoughts on “Non-Alcoholic Thirst Quenchers

  1. I find mixing some of the fancy Bottle Green/Belvior cordials with some sparkling water and putting in a fancy glass is a nice way of making non-alcoholic more appealing. You can get a large bottle of fizzy H2O from the supermarket and mix away – with the added advantage (over pre-mixed drinks) of being able to control the amount of cordial (and therefore sugar).

    Can’t beat a nice cool glass of pinot grigio – but better than plain water!!

    1. Diane, what a brilliant idea. I can’t believe I didn’t think about this. I don’t have a sweet tooth so can find too much sugar off putting. Diluting with sparkling water is the way forward x

  2. Feeling a little bit thirsty now! I’m a huge elderflower presse fan. Jazz it up a bit by putting some squished fresh raspberries/puree in the bottom of your champagne flute first and a few frozen raspberries as ice cubes to make you feel a little bit posh!! Otherwise I seriously love a bit Fentimens ginger beer, mainly as I love the bottle. My pint of water is now looking rather unappealing! x

  3. A slice of lemon and ginger in my water is my go to hot drink at the moment but I haven’t tried that particular combination cold yet.

    I believe the Fentimans ginger beer is actually slightly alcoholic (0.5%) but I think it’s so minimal you’d have to drink litres of the stuff for it to have any effect.

    1. I love the taste of ginger but always find ginger beer hurts my throat a bit! I’ll have to try with lemon instead x

  4. Lauren – I think the infused water idea sounds great and have been coming across this a lot much more recently. Question though – how long do you need to leave the fruit in the water for before you can taste it? Do you drop in strawberries, cherries and the like whole too? x

    1. Hi Emma, I popped them in whole and left them overnight though I’m sure they’d be infused after about four hours. Let me know what combination you go for x

  5. Whoop, I’m not alone in the soft drink dislike!
    I ALWAYS just go for water! The number of times people have tried to offer me something else, even after I have said water about 3 times, they look at me like I’m mad! haha!

    BUT I am liking the sound of some home-made strawberry lemonade!
    Also loving Charlotte’s idea of frozen raspberries and raspberry puree with the elderflower, that sounds lush

    1. Do you ever find if someone asks you what you want to drink in a pub that they NEVER come back with water? It’s like it’s not a real drink!

  6. Oooh, thanks for this. M&S, Bottle Green and Belvoir have been my lifesavers since finding out I am expecting- they have some amazing options that make a non-alcoholic drink a lot more exciting. The Normandy Apple Juice from M&S takes so much like Normandy Cider, I was convinced that it was the real thing! Am loving the cordials with sparkling water, and pouring them into a nice wine glass just makes it that bit more special when everyone around you is drinking!

    1. It’s all about the glass isn’t it Dani?! You definitely need a wine glass rather than a plastic tumbler x

  7. I’m also expecting and finding something to drink has been tough, I’ve not been a fan of the ginger stuff, I’m not interested in fruit juices and sometimes all the lemon stuff is too much.

    However the other week I went to my sis in laws and she gave me some Rose wine flavoured water, which was delicious. I think its made by a local company in Lancashire – I cant find it on the web, but I wonder if the Rose grape juice above would be similar.

    Another lovely thing I’ve found is Crabbies scottish raspberry with a hint of ginger (not much ginger), they sell that in asda. Oh and Capri suns!

    1. I flipping love a Capri Sun. There’s not enough occasions to pierce one and start supping though! The Crabbies Scottish raspberry sounds delicious x

  8. Ooo and nearly forgot my favourtie! San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa, which is blood orange, bit tastier than standard orange – its got a more bitter, tangy taste and delicious.

    1. Oh my, the Aranciata Rossa is amazing! I’m having major fruit cravings, so anything fruity is a winner with me, but this has been really hitting the spot!

  9. Kopparberg non-alcoholic pear cider. It tastes lovely and trust me nobody will spot that it’s booze free if you take it to a party. You can find it in most supermarkets. And another vote for raspberry Crabbies here.

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