It must have been about three years ago when I first noticed it. Arriving in London for a weekend I handed over a bottle of white to our hostess and noticed that another one of my friends had a bottle of Prosecco. Ooooh, are we going to celebrate a new job? A surprise engagement perhaps? No, we were celebrating that it was Friday. Well pass me a flute, I’ll drink to that.
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Now it’s become a fairly regular occurrence to enjoy a bottle or two when we finally manage to get together. On the Champagne front we’re not quite in the same league as Coco Chanel; personally the premium sparking wine is still reserved for the most special of occasions. However it would appear that we are all going crazy for Prosecco. Sales of the Italian speciality are up 11.5% year on year (according to the Italian Sparkling Wine Observatory ), so it seems that we’re all at it!

So why have the light and citrus bubbles become so very popular? Are we celebrating more? In an age where so many of us have high pressured jobs and are always exceptionally busy, the sound of a cork popping signifies time to relax and celebrate the smaller (as well as the significant) things.
The relative affordability also makes Prosecco a good choice (usually just a few more pounds per bottle in a bar and comparable to a good white when you’re in the Supermarket), or could it just be that it’s exceptionally easy to drink and tastes far nicer than Cava ever did?

There are now several places embracing the trend for fizz drinking by offering Prosecco on tap. You can enjoy by the glass instead of having to splash out on a full bottle. Perhaps it’s just me but this takes the edge off it a little; I love the sound of a cork popping and the inevitable spray of bubbles. However the arrival of free flowing fizz well and truly suggests that Prosecco isn’t going anywhere and that our consumption will only get higher.

So are you lovely lot finding Prosecco is your favourite tipple too? What are you drinking? Is it just for celebrations or has it become your drink of choice?

Enjoy responsibly folks.
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{Free Flowing Fizz}
  • The Marine Hotel, Whitby.
    The first place I ever heard of serving bubbles direct from the tap. Take in the sea view as you enjoy yours.
  • Bunga, Bunga, Battersea.
    I haven’t visited but a friend mentioned that they do UNLIMITED prosecco during their brunch. Golly.
  • Homeslice, Neals Yard.
    Serving the most delicious and humongous sized pizzas you’ll ever eat alongside Frizzante Classico.
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