Cocktail Time
Cocktail Time
Raising the bar with Anthropologie
Pressed Glass
Pressed Glass
Raising the bar with Anthropologie
Herbs and Fruit
Herbs and Fruit
Raising the bar with Anthropologie
Raising the bar with Anthropologie
Bar Tray
Bar Tray
Raising the bar with Anthropologie

Raising The Bar with Anthropologie

Author: Lauren Coleman

I’m throwing a bit of a shindig tomorrow so was tickled pink to collaborate with Anthropologie on a few ideas to make your summer gatherings that bit prettier. If only the sun would shine like it did when Adam captured these images.

Frozen Florals

Even though I may have pinned a floral ice-cube or two, I’ve only recently embraced the frozen flower cube. As you can imagine all you need to do for this is add a flower or two to the water and then place in the freezer for a few hours.
My top tip here is to use water which has been boiled and cooled down to room temperature which stops the ice going cloudy. If you want your petals to be immersed in the middle of the cube rather than the top then consider filling the tray half full and freeze for an hour. Then add your petals with just a few droplets of water which will secure the flower in place. Then freeze again before topping up with water the next day and freezing again. Fairly long winded but so darn pretty.
For edible cubes you could use herbs, small pieces of fruit, lavender, violas, roses, nasturtiums, echinacea or dandelions to name a few. If you’d prefer not to add directly to your glass then add them into an ice bucket for keeping your drinks cool.

Making Mocktails

Two of my guests are mamas-to-be so they’ll obviously be after an alcohol-free beverage or two. In our archives we have lots of liquids for expectant ladies so I’ll be getting the soft stuff out and adding a garnish or two to liven up their glasses. A well washed lavender or rosemary sprig is so fragrant in a soft drink.

Gorgeous Glassware

I adore pressed glass and these delicate Granada Goblets really don’t disappoint. Even serving a cool iced water looks so chic in an elegant glass plus you’ll never lose your drink at a party if you invest in monogram glassware.

Cocktailer’s Companion

It’s no secret I seriously covet a good bar cart and I wouldn’t think it was too OTT to wheel one out on to the patio but it’s probably more realistic to set yourself up a stylish tray in the garden. Add a shaker and a few spirits so guests can get stuck in and whip up their own cocktails – A lazy girl’s way to hosting! Two-ingredient cocktails like The Whiskey Ginger (that’ll be whiskey and ginger beer), Martini (gin and vermouth) Belini (Fruit puree and prosecco) are great for this kind of set up as there’s less ingredients involved.

So folks what are you sipping this summer? A good gin and tonic always floats my boat, and you already know about my love affair with prosecco. As always enjoy responsibly 😉

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Annandale Cocktail Shaker | Annandale Cocktail Jigger | Saltwater Cocktail Napkin | Gilded Monogram Glass | Granada Goblet | Havana Plate | Bronze Age Cutlery | Taj Jewellery Tray | Crane Scissors | Morning Bouquet Tray


Photography by Adam Crohill

Lauren likes Paris, Prosecco and Paint Charts
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16 thoughts on “Raising The Bar with Anthropologie

  1. I want it all, it looks glorious.

    Great tip on the ice cubes, I didn’t know that about the boiled water. Also I have huge clumps of viola in the front garden (until now I’ve only used them to garnish cakes) so I’ll be giving the flower cubes a go.

    Enjoy your party tomorrow! I’ll be on the Liverpool Gin as soon as work is over tonight – probably with watermelon and basil.

    Clink Clink! Xx

    1. Oooh gin with watermelon and basil – delicious! Have a fab weekend and get your viola frozen lady. So pretty x

      1. I’m on it… will be sure to share my frozen florals.

        Seriously, I never thought a G&T could get any more refreshing, but our fair city really seems to have embraced this renewed love of gin (hence locally crafted gins like LG being so popular ). It’s fascinating how different botanicals enhance different types of gin – and basil with watermelon has shot to the top of my list this summer.

        (Sorry… massive gin tangent and it’s not even 9.30am)

        That bronze age cutlery is life itself by the way! x

        1. Karen, you’re a girl after my own heart. I’ve always been a gin wife but I’m all about the botanicals and fruit combos these days. Most recent purchase is a bottle of Thomas Dakin. Perfect with loads of ice and a slice of orange. Another fav is Brockmans with some coriander and blackberries ?

          Also, after reading this post it’s become really obvious that I’m missing some copper scissors in my life. Who knew scissors could be so pretty!

          1. Ooh yes, Daffy’s gin is beautiful with a slice of orange too. Or Prof Cornelius bathtub gin with strawberries… it’s got the most delicate touch of cinnamon. heaven.

            Will have a try of your recommendations my love.

            Not sure how we’ve gone through life without copper scissors, but you’re right. We need them x

  2. Ste bought me a bottle of gin for Mother’s Day recently….not sure what that says about me or my mothering abilities but it is by far and away my favourite tipple even above champers and espresso martinis. Anyway the gin is from Germany and it is the cat’s pyjamas…
    Here’s a link…. – definitely one of my new favourites and the bottle is lovely too!!

  3. Loving that pressed glass. My tipple of choice at the moment is a Dark and Stormy – Kraken rum with loads of lime and ginger beer. Not that I get to drink that many of them, cocktails and 1 year olds don’t mix! Also addicted to making homemade iced tea lemonades which are so refreshing, and they can be alcoholified by adding vodka and a few sliced strawberries. My favourite summer party drink is rosé sangria – bottle of said wine, dash of Cointreau, a can of San Pellegrino orange, lemon or grapefruit, and sliced up fruit of choice – no effort, looks pretty and is tasty. Hope your gathering gets loads of sunshine Lauren! x

    1. All of those sound amazing! Really want to have sangria right now as the sun is shining. Sadly the 3 year old and 6 month old have other ideas….. Definitely going to try it one day tho.

    2. Thanks Tracy. I’ve stopped looking at the weather forecast. The dark clouds are making me sad 🙁

  4. Ladies the styling is beautiful! We need to host a RM Ltd outdoor cocktail party soon yes?! x

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