In an effort to cut down on the amount I’ve been spending on socialising I have reluctantly agreed to become the designated driver.
This has presented me with a slight challenge as I’m not really a fan of soft drinks. My go to non-alcoholic drink is a glass of tap water and quite frankly rocking up to a party with a bottle of H2O isn’t particularly appealing or sociable.

Hopefully today’s feature will also appeal to expectant and bf mamas too, though fully appreciate the sugar content may not be too ideal. Some of the drinks are homemade specialities and for the others we went to our local M&S.


I am an absolute sucker for a flip top bottle and so instantly loved Marks and Spencer’s Elderflower Soda. For £2.40 you get extremely sophisticated reusable packaging and a very tasty yet delicate drink. If you’re looking to celebrate without alcohol then this fresh and crisp elderflower soda is for you. The lid flew off quite vigorously and there was an almighty pop when we gave this a try. Pour into a champagne flute and you’d hardly know the difference. Kind of.
If you love a pretty label (and Elderflower) as much as I do then Belvoir also do a very good Presse too.


If you are still keen on having a real-life cork to release then the M&S Non-Alcholic Rose Grape may be just the ticket. It’s sweeter than a usual fizz but very refreshing.

Homemade Lemonade

If you’re looking for something fruity then a very quick homemade strawberry lemonade may appeal.
I made this by blitzing up a pound of strawberries and a full lemon (yep with all the zest still on) with a spoonful of honey. I then took the blended pulp and strained with a sieve to create a syrup. Finally I added water a litre of water and left in the fridge to chill. It’s best to drink on the day you make it but it would probably last a few days in the fridge.

Infused Waters

Topping up a carafe of water with fruit (or veg) and herbs is a great way to stay hydrated. Not to mention it makes boring water a little bit more exciting. Here I combined cherries, lime and mint for an invigorating drink, and raspberries, strawberries and blueberries for a subtle sweet taste.
You could try any combination and get as experimental as you like; a few ideas for you are cucumber and mint, orange, cinnamon and ginger, peach and lavender or how about watermelon and jalapeño?!

Lemon Presse

For the ultimate thirst quencher then try a zingy sparkling lemon such as the M&S Lemon and Lime Mexican Presse (very exotic sounding). Bottle Green also do a gorgeous lemon version too.

What drinks do you sip when a tipple is out of the question? Any gems you’d like to share?

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