With party season fast approaching it’s time to dust off those fancy flutes, invite your nearest and dearest over to pop a few corks. Although, if you are anything like me you won’t have a full set of posh glassware to your name. I’m a drinks tipper you see… So any receptacle in my possession with a higher centre of gravity than the most heavy of heavy bottomed tumblers has an average lifespan of two to three weeks.

Even though miss-matched is in vogue, I thought it about time to invest in a new set of Champagne glasses. We have a few sets to give away too so join me for the round up.

Budget Bubbles – From £1.85 for 6

If you are looking for rock bottom budget bubbles then Ikea do a set of 6 flutes for under two pounds. 30p each, that is madness. If you have a few more pennies to spare then you really won’t go wrong with HEDERLIG which is the elegantly designed flute featured in the slider above. The tall slender shape keeps bubbles alive for longer and they cost exactly £1.00 each.

Stemless – £20.00 for 2

I am a big fan of stemless glasses for reasons already covered – it gives me a better chance of keeping my drink upright. I always drink red wine from a tumbler for this reason. I love the elegant design of these crystal flutes from Reidel on sale at House Of Fraser and the quality and craftsmanship is awesome. Now, I know that the stem is there in part to keep the drink cool but seriously, Champagne never lasts me long enough for hand heat to pose the slightest threat.

Coupe Stack Party Tricks! – £70.00 for 6

Possibly the absolute opposite of a stemless glass! The show off inside you will love the party trick potential of Coupe Stack. You know that massive pyramid tower of Champagne from cartoons or James Bond films? Now you can re-create it in your own living room… Ok, it’s a rather more modest version – this set of six coupe style glasses are specifically designed to stack vertically and perfectly hold a standard sized bottle of bubbles. Pretty cool I think you’ll agree, and keep reading because we have a few sets of Coupe Stack to give away at the end of this post.

The Goblet – £5.99 each

Zara Home never fails to create bang on trend bits and bobs for the home and these silver rimmed goblets a seriously swish. Not specifically designed for Champagne but who cares? If gold is more your thing then take a look at the gold rimmed coupe glass that Lauren included in her Gifts For Glitter Girls round-up a little while back.

Contemporary Design – £46.00 for 2

I love the sculptured design of these premium hand blown glasses by Mark Thomas. These would make a fantastic Christmas present for any wine connoisseurs amongst us. They are designed with Champagne in mind but also work well with crisp, young whites and rosés… The words of creator Mark Thomas there. Equally – I heard that they make vimto taste devine. You can purchase a set from WineWare.co.uk.

Win A Set of 6 Champagne Coupe Glasses

We have three sets of glasses from the lovely people at Coupe Stack to give away. You’ll be pleased to know that old clumsy fingers here didn’t go anywhere near them! You can see the Rock My Style team preparing for a Prosecco lunch in our little video on instagram. I stayed behind the camera with Lauren on stacking and pouring duty, she remarked that the six-glass-high stack was actually surprisingly sturdy! If you’d like to test a set out for yourself all you have to do is share an instagram photo with @RockMyStyleBlog with the hashtag #INeedACoupeStack. Perhaps something festive? Our three favourite Instagrammers will win a set of six glasses, coasters and a tea towel for when the inevitable happens! You’ve got until midnight on Sunday to get your creative juices flowing!