It’s now been a few months since I weaned myself off cereal and now I frequently enjoy a smoothie as part of my weekday breakfast. Thanks to the combination of berries, spinach and bananas I’m finding myself fuller for longer as well as more clear-headed and energetic. Back in the days of fruit and fibre I was reaching for the ‘mid-morning’ snacks about 9.30, now it can be 11am before I even feel remotely hungry and whip out the carrot sticks or raw cashews.
However after three months of more or less the same ingredients I’m starting to tire of my usual combo and I’d like to shake it up a bit and have a few recipes on rotation.

I stick to a formula of a cup of unsweetened liquid, (mine is usually almond milk), followed by a large handful of spinach and/or kale. I then throw in a banana and a handful of frozen berries, perhaps a teaspoon of seeds and whizz together in my nutribullet. My ‘handfuls’ are usually a little larger than the ones shown in the image above but I had run out of bigger measuring cups! These copper ones were a gift from my husband from Anthropologie.

I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth so the natural sugars in the banana and blueberries are my sweet kick for the day. I prefer to keep a good dose of the leafy greens in there rotating between spinach and kale rather than overload on fruit. However I have to ask – what is it with with supermarket kale? All those stalks?! I’m seriously tempted to start growing my own.
Yesterday I slightly adapted my usual smoothie to include oats and chia seeds as per Healthy Eating guru, Deliciously Ella which filled me up even longer.

To get me in the summer spirit I’m adding avocado to my shopping list next week to try out Madeline Shaw’s Green Avocado Mango smoothie however I don’t think it’ll be feasible for me to knock up this beauty each day as it could get quite spendy. I considered using frozen mango but tried it in my breakfast smoothie the other day and wasn’t enamoured by the taste.

Moving away from the more expensive vegetables, I stumbled across this recipe the other day on Gimme Some Oven using the humble carrot. Possibly a touch too sweet for brekkie but one to add to my list to try.

Any other smoothie drinkers looking to shake up their breakfast? What’s your favourite combination and how do you avoid getting stuck in a rut.
I usually exercise in the evening but would love to hear what you stuff in your blender if you’re heading to a morning workout.
We’ll be back this afternoon with another post so don’t forget to stop by. Happy Friday!