Five Chic Ikea Hacks To Try

Author: Lisa Soeno

Here at Rock My Towers we love a good Ikea hack. I chatted about the team’s tried and tested favourites back in January.

Since then I have been back at the hacks, as captured in the header image above. You see the book wall I created in Jenson’s nursery? I used three £8 Mosslanda picture shelves from Ikea but instead of adorning them with pictures and photos I used books, thus creating his very own little library. Granted most of the books are Lyra’s, and my calming white-with-rainbow-pops colour scheme didn’t last very long, but I reckon it’s a feature of the room that will last for many years to come.

Here’s a few more hacks I’m keen to try.

1. The Chest of Drawers

I love my home but if I had to swap it for a house Stateside then I would happily move in to Kristina Lynne’s pad. I stumbled across her home tour on The Everygirl and could not believe my eyes when I read that the gorgeous dresser above was an Ikea hack. Find out how she did it here. Or if you haven’t got the time or the inclination then you can find the chest of drawers which inspired the makeover at West Elm.

2. The Built-In Unit

I’m pretty sure most of us own a Billy bookcase. However who knew that you could make such a seriously stylish built-in shelving unit out of these cheap-as-chips Ikea icons? And after seeing Adam’s bathroom makeover last week I’m tempted to create one in our guest bedroom and #styleitdark.

3. The Mirror

Mrs O’Shea’s super stylish dressing table area was recently a runner up in the Best Of Pinterest UK Interior Awards. Clever lady. Her mirror was from John Lewis but if you fancy trying your hand at making your own, all you need is a circular mirror such as the Grundtal from Ikea and three leather belts. Sarah Widman did so to create the statement mirror in the images above.

4. The Shelves

For a glam shelving unit that wouldn’t look out of place in Lauren’s grey, white and blush bedroom, try this Vittsjo hack. What could be simpler than a couple of coats of gold spray paint? Or if you’re more industrial interiors than girly glam then you may want to transform a Vittsjo using this hack, which isn’t a million miles away from a West Elm etagere.

5. The Cabinet

The above cabinet only cost £167.60 in total to create and, believe it or not, started life as an Ikea kitchen unit. It just goes to show that using a little bit of creativity, you can transform something plain and uninspiring into something beautiful and unique.

Have you ever created an insta-worthy Ikea hack? Have I inspired you to get out your allen keys and hammers this Bank Holiday weekend?*

*Apologies for any flatpack-assembly-arguments with other halves that may ensue.


Header image by Adam Crohill

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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5 thoughts on “Five Chic Ikea Hacks To Try

  1. I love an Ikea hack! I’m currently in the middle of one, we’ve turned a cloakroom toilet into a dressing room for our daughter so I’ll be working on that this weekend!

  2. Do you know what it never dawned on me that I should put pictures on the picture shelves?! Yes I appreciate that is a very silly statement, but we have always used them as bookshelves in my daughter’s room, and I never thought anything of it! Good to know I’m in good company 🙂

    1. This made me giggle Annie. Those ledge things can have so many uses though – Adam has aftershaves and what-not on his and Charlotte has stored Mabel’s shoes on them in the past too.

  3. Great post – lot’s of inspiring ideas here! Ikea furniture is so adaptable it’s perfect for experimenting with on a weekend! Taking fairly generic furniture items and making them your own is a brilliant way to (cheaply) express a personal touch you can be proud of!

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