Grey and white bedroom with blush and warm metallic accents
Come in
Come in
Grey and white bedroom with blush and warm metallic accents
Grey and white bedroom with blush and warm metallic accents
Blush, grey and white bedroom with gold accents
Grey and white bedroom with blush and warm metallic accents
Jan 2016 - Before shot

Lauren’s Bedroom Makeover

Author: Lauren Coleman

A month or so ago we painted and recarpeted all the upstairs bedrooms. Truth be told, the other two are going to be painted again as I decided part way through I wanted a different look. As you can imagine this was a very popular decision with my husband… I did however get round to completing the main bedroom.

The room is in the newer extension of the cottage and though it lacks the quirky walls and fireplaces of the other bedrooms, it’s a light, bright space with a really peaceful feel. Currently the room is very minimal but no doubt over the coming months I will fill it with more and more tat and trinkets. For the moment though I find the minimalist space relaxing and calm which is everything a bedroom should be.

Well what did we do? Here goes…

Walls and Floors

First of all we emptied the room and ripped up the laminate flooring which previously graced the floor. James then painted the walls with a few coats of Dulux Trade Supermatt White which is in my opinion the perfect shade of chalky white. After painting the skirting boards and deciding to paint the teeny wooden beams in the room we were ready for the carpet.
We chose the same flooring we had in the living room at our last cottage; Stone Cobble Nordic Berber from Carpetright. The textured weave is great for most areas and the neutral colour goes with anything. As I was desperate for a super luxe feeling underfoot we opted to lay the underlay ourselves ordering tonnes of Cloud Nine underlay via eBay and spent several evenings cutting and stapling in to place. I tell you, there is something extremely satisfying about using a staple gun.


With the walls and carpets done we started to bring in the furniture. Our previous bedrooms had only been large enough for a double so we were slightly giddy at the prospect of a king size. After ordering three lots of fabric samples from Loaf we finally decided on their cobble house material for their Luna Bed. I wanted something simple yet stylish and was a big fan of the streamlined headboard and uncomplicated legs. The mattress was purchased separately from Dreams. I was worried we’d made the wrong choice after making a snap decision during a hungover mattress testing session, however I’m pleased to say we’re both sleeping like babies.
We have a dressing room in one of the other rooms so didn’t need a wardrobe in here. We did however need somewhere to store towels and bedding so rather than bring in a chest of drawers we bought a Hemnes sideboard from Ikea. Even though this product comes in white James painted with Dulux Trade Eggshell (in white, rather than brilliant white) to get a more bespoke piece which looks more like wood than particleboard. I added the gold tipped handles from Home Sense.
For the bedside tables we added beading to two Ikea inexpensive Tarva wooden units, painted them the same Dulux white and added the utterly gorgeous seashorse handles from Anthropologie.
The chair was a last minute addition to fill the empty corner. I hunted for a more rounded basket version but with just a slim gap to fill this Maison Du Monde rocker (which is actually for kids bedrooms) was a far better option and easily slides out if I want to sit in front of the french doors.

The Soft Furnishings

I put out a plea for help regarding window coverings and decided to check out Dunelm for two pairs of floor length curtains. Their Solar Grey Blackout curtains were the perfect grey for the space.
For the bed I went to HomeSense for the waffle duvet cover and I then pinched the grey Bronte throw from the living room. The cushions are all from H&M and the rug over the chair was from Amazon.
I made a somewhat disastrous decision to buy a trendy diamond rug off the internet and found rather than the light champagne and grey colour I was hoping for, I was the very unhappy recipient of a rug which looks like it’s been doused in tea. I won’t name any names but the company I’ve purchased from don’t seem to want to let me return it and it’s been such a palava to try to send it back. For the moment I’m using a H&M floor covering instead to dress up the space at the bottom of the bed.


You may remember my original plan for this room was grey, blush and copper. I got a bit overexcited ordering a glass copper light fitting from Tesco but as the rest of the room came together I found I was far more drawn to the other warmer metals; golds and bronzes. I did try bringing in a few copper accents but preferred the other shades instead. At some point I’ll probably move the copper pendant to another room or maybe spray it grey but it’s fine for the minute.
The pink chalk lamps were also from Tesco and the love neon light was from TK Maxx.

Finishing Touches

It was smashing to unpack a load of boxes and find a few treasures to finish of the room; my salvaged mirror from our old bathroom, the Leigh Viner print from our previous living room and the Sarah & Bendrix love print that used to hang in our summerhouse. After a bit of a tough time last year, the beautiful Becky bought me a Cheryl Rawlings lion quote which now hangs pride of place in line with the bed so it’s the last thing I see before falling to sleep.
For part of the Rock My Wedding book shoot, Gemma Milly created a stunning piece of calligraphy using our wedding vows which was too pretty not to frame.
The belly basket with the plant was picked up in Ikea and the super fun one with pom-poms was bought on a trip to Kilver Court.

After many weeks sleeping in our downstairs bedroom I can’t tell you how great it’s been to move back upstairs and sleep soundly. Have any of you been decorating your bedrooms? What’s your palette?


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Images by Little Beanies

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78 thoughts on “Lauren’s Bedroom Makeover

  1. Wow this looks like such a tranquil gorgeous space!! Perfect for unwinding!! It’s beautiful!?
    We’re currently in the process of buying our first house and all we can talk about at the moment is colour palettes and storage ideas haha!!! We both love the lighter colours and love the idea of sticking with whites, light greys and copper, but maybe with a splash of mint? It’s just finding the right shade so it looks chic and not too tacky! I sense lots of samples and testers in our future!? Xxxx

    1. Mint is gorgeous Katie, and looks a blinder with grey and copper. Let us know how you get on with the shade hunting x

  2. Hi Lauren, your new room looks fab! Really nice and serene!

    I wondered whether you could tell me where the lovely champagne colour frames on top of the hemnes unit were from?

    Great idea to repaint the hemnes, I want to do something similar to unify our mismatching ikea furniture but the internet is full of conflicting advice about how well paint adheres to the laminate! Yours looks perfect so I’ll check out the paint you used but I just wondered how durable it feels in person? I’d be painting over different wood effect finishes not white so any chips would be a lot more noticeable!

    Hope you are enjoying your new space 🙂 xxx

    1. Hi Jo, I think one of frames was from Wilko and the other from Dunelm.
      So far we’ve found the paint job on the Hemnes to be hardwearing – we used primer for laminate first then an oil based eggshell (that took about 24 hours to dry!) James used a mini radiator roller which always gives a lovely smooth finish x

  3. Really gorgeous bedroom – lots of lovely ideas to steal! Also, how have I never come across Maisons du Monde before??! I’m now thoroughly enjoying an online browse with a pot of tea & my credit card handy 🙂

  4. Beautiful! As expected from Lauren- utter inspo for my bedroom decor. By coincidence I already have the same curtains ready to go up and very pleased to see them looking gorgeous in your room. Now I just neeed a new bed….

    1. Aww thank you Sarah. I’m pleased with the curtains – such a bargain though they’re definitely not blackout I like the way they diffuse the light x

  5. It is absolutely breathtaking but nothing less than what I expected from you lovely lady! You’ve pulled it all together wonderfully and you can clearly tell from the photos that it is such a calming space to sleep in. Well done you! I also need to know where that vase with the golden neck on the bedside table with the rosebuds is from. Delicious!

  6. My favourite part of the room is the corner by your bedside table with your prints hanging and plant. It’s amazing how you can make a feature of a small space.

    My bedroom will be redecorated in the autumn. I will be going for a pale teal/blue, grey and white scheme. I have a blanket which is blue, grey, cream and taupe which I love, so I’m picking out the cooler colours this time. Can’t wait to get stuck in!

    1. I bought the plant for the living room initially but love it in here instead.
      Teal is such a sophisticated shade. Your new room is going to be a beaut x

  7. Love this space Lauren – looks so calming and relaxing. Perfect for a bedroom!

    In the process of buying a house so currently pinning, looking at every paint option, furniture and lots of renovation loveliness. Have decided on some ikea pieces for one of the guest rooms so I’ll certainly be taking on the idea of adding the personal touch with the handles and paint.

    Your home is coming together so well x

  8. How wonderfully calming and tranquil! Ours is grey (boring alert!) but with bright yellow curtains and I LOVE it. We took inspiration from some cushion covers of all things that we actually bought before we started decorating the room. The walls are a sort of mid grey (I wanted to go much darker but my husband wasn’t sure – I still would paint it darker given the choice but it doesn’t look bad!), with white eggshell woodwork and while ceiling and bit of wall above the picture rail, with these striking full length curtains. I love the splash of colour, it makes me feel so cheerful every morning.

    1. Btw for anyone undergoing Ikea hacks, check out Superfront – awesome designs! Some are a bit spendy but for small items I would love to give it a go.

    2. My mum and dad have a grey and yellow living room Annie and it’s so cosy yet sophisticated. A lovely palette x

  9. So dreamy. I’m immediately sending this to Lee so I can further demonstrate the amazing things one can do with a Tarva unit. those seashorse handles are life itself! And as if those lamps are from Tesco, you do have a nose for a bargain Mrs C.

    As always, we havent started our bedroom yet, but it’s finally empty and the black carpet of doom is halfway ripped up. Next on the agenda is smashing up the giant looming wardrobes (I once considered painting them, but I can’t let go of the hate so they’re off).

    I’m desperate to change the layout, but as we have a kingsize bed, the only other position for it would be in the window as there’s a chimney breast on the opposite wall to where it is now. I need to have a play about with my tape measure and graph paper. x

    1. Oooh, the change will be massive when you rip out the wardrobes. Will you replace them or leave your clobber in another room? x

      1. Nah we need wardrobes and a couple of chests of drawers. The other rooms are suddenly looking less available!

        I’m all for getting basic furniture and painting them up so we’re on the lookout for bargains.

        We’ve finally ordered our flooring too… it’s the final hurdle!x

  10. Wow, this room is beautiful. We’ve got a grey themed bedroom but I love the pops of pink you’ve used in your room as it adds a bit of depth without being overpowering. I think I might do the same!

  11. Sophisticated and gorgeous Lauren! Love the colour scheme and all the little details. After literally stalking your paint colour posts, we’ve gone for White Cotton in our master bedroom and I love it. We painted our laminate built in wardrobes in the same colour and they seem to be durable and look heaps better. Funnily enough, while shopping for accessories and furnishings, I’ve leaned more toward brass accents too. It looks modern and classic at the same time….hm that doesn’t quite make sense does it?! And I might have to steal the bedside lamps inspiration! Bargainous and beautiful. Xx

    1. Yay for painting laminate wardrobes Laura! I’m planning on doing the same in our spare room at some point.
      Totally agree with you on the modern yet traditional nature of brass 😉 x

  12. Wow! I love everything about this, it’s so beautifully styled, calm and peaceful. I long for a clean, unfussy bedroom like this. We’re still in the middle of painfully slow roof repairs, but once they are done next year, I can’t wait to decorate. Thanks for the inspiration! X

  13. Hi Lauren, love what you have done with your bedroom. We have just purchased two Tarva bedside tables too. Can I ask where you got the beading from? Did you have to cut to size? Did you prime the wood first before painting?

    1. Hi Katie,
      The beading was just from Wickes which we cut to size ourselves with a hack saw. And yep gave it a quick coat of wood primer before two coats of eggshell x

  14. Wow Lauren your bedroom looks amazing! I just tried to look at the carpet you have as I love it ( gorgeous colour) but it gave 12 different carpet options and I wasn’t sure which one you have? Also when you say you ordered tonnes of cloud 9 underlay do you not just order the square footage for your room or did you layer it? Can you tell I am a novice ?

    1. Thanks Sarah. You may have to go instore for the carpet – it’s not always online annoyingly.
      On the underlay – it felt like tonnes! We ordered enough for three bedrooms, and the landing and stairs so there was loads, but yes we measured up and ordered enough for the square footage of each area x

  15. Looks beautiful Lauren!! I have been really looking forward to seeing this as blush pink and grey is the colour scheme for our own bedroom renovation. This looks fab and has reminded me to take a ‘before’ picture of the room before we start decorating x

  16. Wow! You are an incredible magpie, Lauren. Talk about well done! A very talented lady indeed, and one whom I regularly feel inspired by when it comes to decor. Can’t wait to see even more of your new pad.

    1. Aww thanks Jenn. I do have magpie tendencies! I’ve got two posts going up over the next few weeks with more new home improvements x

  17. Hello, I recently came across your blog and as someone who is not naturally creative this has given me great inspiration and I’m starting to actually tackle some paint jobs and things myself ( which I’ve never done! God help me) I saw that you painted the IKEA furniture, and that you used a laminate primer? Is there a special type of paint that you then have to use? Sorry for the basic question but THANK YOU, love reading the blog. Helen

    1. Hi Helen, lovely to have you over here!
      We didn’t use a specific laminate primer, just a normal wood primer and then two coats of oil based eggshell x

  18. Hi there,

    I just bought these curtains for my guest room on your recommendation. Great value…thanks! Did you also get the curtain holdback arms from Dunelm?

    Many Thanks

  19. Hi Lauren, what a beauty! So tranquil.. I wonder where did you get the curtain pole? I am having trouble to find something like that in Scotland.

    Thnak you

    1. Hi Cristina, the bronzey pole is just from Dunlem. I usually find them a good place to start when it comes to curtain poles! x

  20. Hello can I ask you a quick question about the carpet? Can you send me a new link as they don’t seem to have that colour if I follow the link on this article – and it looks perfect. Also, I have a white chest from M&S which has that same finish as Ikea furniture. What do you do to prime it before painting it with your own paint?

        1. They may have it instore? I’ve bought it twice – had it in my old cottage in the living room and now in the new house. It’s only been five months here and no shoe wearing upstairs but so far so good!

  21. Sorry late to the party! I too have a grey, rose gold and copper coloured bedroom. Yours looks amazing. I am looking for bedside lamps and have fallen in love with yours. Unfortunately Tesco no longer sell them, boo.

  22. Hi!

    Love love love this bedroom!

    I’ve been looking on h&m for your cushions – did you get the cotton canvas covers or the slub weave ones? and the grey cushions – were they the mole colour or were they grey? I’ve been comparing your photos to the website but I can’t really tell!

    Thanks so much! 🙂

  23. Hi there! When you painted your Hemnes Sideboard, did you purchase it in the white stain or light brown stain before adding your own paint? I feel like the white would give a good base color but the brown would let the wood texture/pattern through more.

    Thanks so much!

  24. I absolutely love everything about this and I am definitely using this as inspiration! Any tips?I LOVE your page btw!

  25. Stunning use of complimenting colours! I think the big thing here is that you have turned furniture in to luxury looking pieces. Really amazing!

  26. Hiya,

    Absolutely love your room and have been inspired off it, just a question! What did you use to plant the palm in the basket to stop it from leaking or anything. Is there a pot and plate inside?

  27. I absolutely love it! Just begun my search for bedroom carpets, and I love yours, but they no longer have ‘stone’ cobble at carpet right… do you know which colour is the equivalent? Maybe they have just renamed it? Many thanks in advance x

    1. I would also be interested in the answer to this. Is it Mushroom or Dove? Thanks in advance. Gorgeous bedroom!

      1. Hey, sorry not too sure unfortunately. I’ve had a look at their site and I’d definitely say it’s not mushroom. Possibly a bit more fossil?

        1. Thanks… we went for Dove in the end, hopefully the bedrooms won’t look like offices!! Thanks again!!

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