Ikea hacks

Ikea Hacks {RMS Favourites}

Author: Lisa Soeno

“What the blinking heck is an Ikea hack?” was the reaction of my better half when I told him the topic of my RMS post this week. If you too, like Rich, have been living under a rock and don’t know what an Ikea hack is, it’s where you buy something from Ikea and turn it from a piece of furniture that every man and his dog owns into a totally bespoke, one-of-a-kind item.

Now Ikea is the classic go-to store for hacks but it’s by no means the only one. As Lauren showed with her tray table from Argos which she transformed into a luxe gin bar. Let’s face it, Ikea can be hell on earth if you go there on a Saturday afternoon or, God forbid, a bank holiday. However, I do find their furniture pretty foolproof to put together and of course it is one of the more affordable home stores. And for any Midlanders that may be reading, Ikea have recently opened up an Order and Collection Point only store in Birmingham city centre. No more having to elbow your way through the crowds and bypass the kids section because you know your two year old will happily spend all day in there…

Anyway, on with the hacks.

1. The Hemnes Sideboard

I kick myself on an almost daily basis that I spent so much money on an Ercol chest of drawers when I could simply have hacked an Ikea Hemnes sideboard to create a similarly-proportioned unit for our master bedroom, as Lauren did in hers. Granted, I did manage to find our drawers on Ebay, but they were still a lot more than the £195 Hemnes price tag.

2. The Ribba Picture Ledge

As pathetic as it sounds, I was a bit sad when I googled ‘Ribba Picture Ledges’ only to find that Ikea no longer sell them! Charlotte introduced me to these and I now have them dotted around the house. They are brill if you, like me, are nervous about knocking numerous holes in walls and are prone to changing your mind about picture arrangements. Adam and Lizzie did a hack-of-sorts by displaying their aftershave and perfume on Ribba ledges in their last home. What better way to show off your smellies? (And I’m really not TOO sad about the fact that the Ribba is no more, apparently 2017 is all about the Knoppang and the Mosslanda).

3. The Hemnes Bedside Table

I do love the Ikea Hemnes range and with just the smallest touches you can make the items even more covetable, as rvk_loves showed us in her master bedroom, by replacing the knobs on her bedside table. It’s downright amazing what a difference a small change can make. (And if you have a soft spot for her copper desk lamps, they are currently in the Dunelm sales).

4. The Vittsjo Console Table

The first time I met Lauren I was despairing about not being able to find the perfect console table. She mentioned this concrete topped little beauty which she and James had created using the Vittsjo and although it turned out to be too wide for my hallway, I love it so much that I am still tempted to have a go at creating one and trying to find a spot for it in my house.

5. The Ikea PS 2012 Chest of Drawers

Ahh, revisiting Lyra’s nursery tour has made me so sentimental and excited to start decorating the new nursery for the impending arrival! I liked the unusual shape of this chest of drawers and using a lick of paint I was able to transform it into a piece of furniture that fit in perfectly with the pastel colour scheme.

So there you have it. Some easy and simple hacks as tried and tested by the team. You now have no excuse not to get your decorating hat on.

Are you an Ikea hacker? I would love to hear all about it…


Images by Adam Crohill

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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55 thoughts on “Ikea Hacks {RMS Favourites}

  1. My husband is obsessed with Ikea hacks and there are some really cool websites out there with some more extreme ones. In our house we have used the Grundtal metal shelf – http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/storage-furniture/bathroom-storage/grundtal-wall-shelf-stainless-steel-art-00011428/ – as a place to hang clothes in our nursery. When my daughter was born we used the smallest spare room as her nursery and there wasn’t room for a wardrobe, drawers and her cot. So we put this shelf above a set of drawers and hung all of her dresses and cardigans. It worked really well and I loved looking at them.

    Over Christmas my husband cut our Ikea Stenstorp in half lengthways and we now have it against the wall as a sideboard. And with the other half of the worktop leftover, he put up a shelf for all of our cookbooks and spirits. It looks pretty awesome, which serves me right because I was a tad sceptical! Im excited to see what other people come up with!

  2. Good on your hubby Jennifer, I need to give Rich a nudge! Send us pics if you can!

    Using the Grundtal shelf is a fab idea if you’re short on storage. We didn’t have room for a wardrobe in Lyra’s nursery in our last house so we used a hanging rail but I wish I had thought of this! X

    1. I can’t find a picture of the shelf thing on my phone, but there are some on Pinterest which is where I stole the original idea!

      https://instagram.com/p/BO4GvbFFmfO/ I have just posted a slightly blurry picture of the Stenstorp though! Ignore the rest of the kitchen – it’s next on the redecorating list!

  3. B&Q do near identical picture ledges to the IKEA ones – we purchased ours from there because we wanted an oak shade which IKEA didn’t do.

    1. I was checking these out last night however some of the reviews weren’t great, what are the quality of yours like?

      1. We got some oak ones from b&m bargains, 2.99 each or £5 for 2! I think they are slightly shorter than the idea ones but still do the job!

  4. I love an ikea hack!

    When our new arrival was imminent, we realised some of our vintage furniture and rickety bookcases had to go.

    After planning and plotting for a bespoke unit, I discovered the Hemnes TV stand is an almost perfect fit for our living room alcove so added a couple of Anthropologie drawer pulls and it looks perfect.

    I also did a bit of a hack on a LATT kids table for little E. It transformed a plain little play table with a lick of F&B Downpipe to create a fun piece that compliments our dining table perfectly. https://www.instagram.com/p/BNekNO1DSDT/

    Next up, we’re transforming a bunch of TARVA units for our bedroom ? (when my lazy bones get round to it) xx

    1. Karen E’s little table is gorgeous! Did you need to prep it at all? I’m considering doing similar to an old Ikea wardrobe.

      You can’t go wrong with Hemnes and the possibilities with Tarva are endless x

    2. I’m finding myself trying to figure out what I can paint on down pipe! It’s lush, I haven’t bought any yet but need it in my life!! Maybe one small wall in the lounge and some kids furniture too!!

        1. Aah thank you. I do love it and Downpipe is always a fave!

          I didn’t do any prep on the table apart from undercoat and frog tape (progress on my instagram), I was actually wondering the same Lisa when tackling the Tarva. They’re pretty knotty so I’m wondering if I need a few dabs of knotting solution before I undercoat.

          1. Karen this is how much of a DIY novice I am…I wasn’t even aware that there was such thing as knotting solution ?

    3. I have the same question as Lisa. Leohas that table and it just looks odd being a bright blue amidst everything else but I don’t know if I can be gaffes with al the priming with it being that sort of lacquered finish? I e also got a wardrobe made of the same stuff I want to paint. Any thoughts? Or did you just bung your paint on and hope for the best?x

  5. Karen that table and chairs looks amazing!
    I turned 2 of these shoe cupboards

    Into a lovely Shoe cupboard in our hall. I added a B&Q basics pine shelf to the top and done decorative door pulls!

    I also painted an Argos toy box for my boys room which I love.

    Hopefully the links work!

    1. The links don’t seem to be working 🙁 I want to see them, they sound fab! Which shoe cabinet did you use? I considered hacking the Hemnes for our hallway.

    2. We’ve done the shoe box thing too! We had my Step Dad cut some oak to place on the top to match our kitchen table! Need to insta it but I’m still ‘dressing’ the shelf and I’m waiting for my peg board to go on the top! We live in a new build with no storage but a stupid wide hallway so these are perfect attached along the wall. We have two separate ones!

  6. Loving RMS this week! We haven’t done any ikea hacks yet, but are eyeing some up. I love our ribba shelves (which I got from RMS enabling) – what’s the etiquette on taking things like this when you move house? Allowed or cheeky? x

    1. Yey so glad you’re liking DIY week!

      Good question…I think I would be tempted to take my ribba shelves with me if I was moving house. Unless the new owners were lovely and asked me nicely to leave them! x

  7. These are all great – what inspiration thanks RMS!
    I’ve also done an Ikea hack on the Malm chest of draws. I primed it and painted with grey furniture paint and added some bronze pull handles – its transformed it.
    Lots of friends who also have the same unit have been inspired to give it a go!

    1. Ooh Carly we’ve got a Malm chest of drawers in the garage which is just stuffed with tools and boring stuff at the moment. You’re making me think I should hack it and use it in the nursery! ?

  8. I am loving these – I have never tried an Ikea hack, but I have pinned literally all of these so that I can give them a go when I (hopefully) move house later this year… I want to spend some time creating more unique pieces without the hefty price tag, so this is perfect! Thanks lovely RMS xx

  9. We are currently in the process of hacking an IKEA TV unit. We looked everywhere for the right thing and IKEA was the only place that had the right sizing/design. I’ve bought new handles for it and am thinking of painting it in Farrow & Ball “Railings”. Loving all of these ideas! x

  10. We’ve just bought the ikea kitchen for littlest birthday next week so might jack that in a year or so when it gets tired and old looking!
    Also have a pine toy box that I’ve always thought I’d paint but never have, maybe I should have another think, love some small DIY ideas, the bigger stuff seems so daunting sometimes!

    1. I know what you mean … it’s not the end of the world if you mess up a smaller inexpensive piece of furniture. You should definitely paint the toy box, what’s the worst that could happen?! X

  11. Pretty much most of my furniture is ikea or ikea hacks. I put new knobs on everything… recently purchased a shoe cabinet from there and added copper knobs to it… simples.
    Our chest of drawers in our bedroom is an old malm chest of drawers, drilled some holes, painted teal and added pretty knobs from eBay. Also love the picture ledges for displays.. have my perfume and some cacti on mine in our bedroom.

  12. Love an IKEA hack (or any kind of furniture hack for that matter!) And no wonder I’ve not been able to find the Ribba shelves – I’ll have to check out this season’s versions!
    We used the grey Gonnatt furniture range for our little one’s nursery and switched the knobs for some lovely porcelain Zara home ones:
    Cost half the price of other nursery sets and I think they’re much more unique!
    Off to find some lovely new prints for some new shelves I think..!

  13. Love this post. I recently “ikea hacked” the Vittsjo coffee table. I spray painted it gold and covered the bottom shelf bit in marble contact paper (which is amazing). I don’t have any pics of the finished product but it looks like this https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/407083253795377195/ (image via Pinterest). A great alternative to other similar ones I have seen which are so expensive! xx

  14. I take it you’ve seen Superfront?! The ultimate ikea hacks, doors, handles, legs, work tops all made to fit your Ikea basics… although granted it doesnt end up being a cheap hack! Pretty Pegs also do lovely Ikea fitting legs and handles, I used them on a simple besta unit in my daughters room, I’ll try and dig out a picture!

  15. Love this- definitely want to try the concrete console table idea too- looks fantastic. I did my first IKEA hack as a Christmas present for my little boy…a lego table from a £6 ‘lack’ table plus a bar and some hanging plastic tubs that I screwed in and hung on the end for him to put all the spare lego bricks in (and keep them out of my 9 month olds mouth!!). The most expensive element of the table was the actual lego baseplates which I glued to the top so that he has a place to stick his new creations. He loves it…although in years to come may cringe that his mum made him a present!!

  16. Proud Mam alert!lol.
    Proudly ‘IKEA hacked’ kallax shelving unit bed for my daughter. Really wasnt as hard as I thought it would be. Its been up over 12 months and it’s still solid. AND managed to get some change from £70.00
    2x kallax shelving unit 77x77cm
    Malm chest of 3 drawers 40x78cm
    Mattress slats from previous bed
    2x wooden off cut 78cm high
    1x wooden off cut 221cm long

    Happy to post if anyone wants to see my finished product 👍

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