Beauty Station
Beauty Station
Beauty station and dressing table and storage solutions for a small spaces
Wooden Shelf
Wooden Shelf
Beauty station and dressing table and storage solutions for a small spaces
Storage Solutions
Storage Solutions
Beauty station and dressing table and storage solutions for a small spaces
White Trays
White Trays
Beauty station and dressing table and storage solutions for a small spaces
Industrial Brackets
Industrial Brackets
Beauty station and dressing table and storage solutions for a small spaces

A Small Space Beauty Station

Author: Charlotte O'Shea

Some of you may remember my feature from a few months back, I was seeking a small dressing table for my home studio/office to replace my beauty cart which is very sadly not particularly Mabel friendly. I toyed with purchasing various different pieces but as we’ve now sold our home, it seemed like an unwise investment considering I have no idea what space our yet-to-find new family abode will offer.

As a result I decided to go down the DIY route and create a mini “beauty station” (I have no idea if this is a thing but it is in my world!) where I can house my day to day cosmetics, perfume and trinkets. Essentially it’s a small shelf with pretty make-up storage solutions, a chair and a mirror. Very simple. And works perfectly for my personal requirements.

The shelf was actually made from a table top plank – one end had warped so I decided to utilise the non warped end (!) rather than throw it away. It’s a lovely white washed wood but of course you could purchase something similar for a few quid or simply use any kind of shelf where the depth, material and length work for your available space. The brackets were a bargain £2 from Ikea, I liked the fact they were going to be very much on display as it gives it that kind of industrial feel that I’m rather partial too. They are a gunmetal grey which works well colour scheme wise with my current copper obsession.

I’ve already mentioned my amazing white lacquer trays so I won’t bore you with them any further, the acrylic draws are £10.95 from Muji and are a beauty blogger favourite I believe. Surprisingly roomy and of course you can see everything easily (I can see that I have FAR too many lipsticks for example.)

My mirror is my absolute FAVOURITE thing and was the only reasonably pricey item I invested in – £100 from John Lewis. It’s copper (surprise!) and has a lush brown leather strap. I have the 50cm diameter but this design is also available in a 38cm and 30cm diameter and comes in both a nickel and brass option.

My chair is from cult furniture, I have six of the brushed gunmetal versions as dining room chairs too….I must really like them.

I’ve added a little gallery in below of some more close ups and whatnot and as always, any questions please just drop them in the comments box below.

P.S Did you notice how I used the term DIY to essentially describe putting up a shelf and buying stuff? THAT is how bad I am at craft – this to me was quite the challenge 🙂

Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.
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39 thoughts on “A Small Space Beauty Station

  1. I love this Charlotte, it looks so pretty. I really think I must invest in some new storage options for my dressing table as I’m currently using a wooden cutlery holder! It’s worked well for years but I think it’s time for an update. I would struggle without a drawer though I think. Not all my stuff is a picture friendly as yours and I need somewhere to stash my odds and ends and all the weird rubbish you end up with. Probably should chuck a lot of it out now I think about it!

    1. Krysia I REALLY need a good old sort out – the wooden door to the right is actually a walk in closet of sorts, it’s full of stuff that should probably go in the bin!

      Ikea do a great floating shelf/desk thing with a draw (or at least they did) and you could buy two sets of the Muji and stack them on top of each other x

  2. Charlotte you are so good at this, next time you are in London will you pop to my house please?!! I love cult furniture too and have recently bought 8 chairs which are brilliantly copies of a certain ‘ghostly’ designer. Off to Muji now… Liz xxx

    1. Thanks so much MrsR! It takes me a long time to get something right, I’m not one of these interior designer folks like Lolly or Lauren who seemingly whip up an amazing room in a week (!) but I do enjoy the process and it’s great when you “find” exactly what was in your head – when I found the John Lewis mirror I did a little dance and everything (geek) 🙂 x

  3. Looks gorgeous Charlotte! I’ve been tempted by those muji boxes for so long. I think you’ve tipped me over the edge 😉 x

  4. Loving all of this but I’ve now made the mistake of going on to the Cult Furniture website. How did I not know this existed? Must buy ALL. THE. THINGS.

    1. Hi Claire, I think they were from Cox and Cox but ages ago…..sorry 🙁 Muji do some similar perspex versions x

          1. There are some lush things on H&M at the moment! I have just ordered some globe type vases with copper accents 🙂 x

  5. Beautiful! I think I’m going to pinch this idea but as a desk for my husbands Mac – it lives in the dining room in one of the alcoves so space is limited and so far we haven’t found a compact desk that we like that doesn’t cost a fortune! We were planning on buying the steel version of that chair from cult furniture for it anyway ? x

  6. This is lovely Charlotte! I have serious mirror envy! Love yours and also a fairly similar Oliver Bonas one.

    How have you managed to scale down your make up collection to fit the much smaller area??

    1. Hi Fran! The make-up on my table is the stuff I use more “every day” plus a few variations of lipsticks, highlighter, blusher etc….there is a surprising amount that is fitted into those draws and on the tray. Plus there is probably several items rolling around my handbag at any one time 🙂 x

    2. I am a geek I know but I just went and counted (!) There is 50 pieces in the draws, another two Chanel compacts and 5 Chanel lipsticks on the tray plus my fancy Guerlain powder balls on top of the draws 🙂

      There is also room in the draws for lots more thinner items such as pencils (I don’t use many) etc

      All my extra stuff is in a large make-up trunk in my cupboard – I figured it doesn’t need to go within reach if I don’t use it all that often/I do tend to change my make-up depending on the season. Hope that helps! x

  7. Hi! I’m currently doing something like this in my room – I’ve bought x2 floating shelves and a piano stool to upcycle (for the extra space). How far off the ground do you have your shelf? I’m trying to get my proportians right as the mirror space just seems so low down. thanks!

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