It wasn’t until I wrote a post about selling houses we realised we were actually quite keen on the idea of moving ourselves. At the start of 2015 a move definitely wasn’t on the cards, in fact we would never have undertaken #projectgarden if we’d have known it would be for someone else to enjoy. However midway through the year the subject of moving to a new address seemed to make an appearance frequently. A new job meant James’ commute had tripled over the last year plus with the decoration now complete, we fancied a new project.

In August we decided to get our ducks in a row and booked a valuation with a view to putting on the market in early January. To cut a long story short, one of the estate agents knew a couple he thought may be interested in the house. After a bit of deliberation we agreed to let them view in the hope they’d provide some useful feedback for when the time came to sell. We agreed a price to market the property for one viewing and drew up the particulars so we were ready to go in the new year. I imagine you can guess what happened next. Yep, after one viewing they offered asking price and just like that we accidentally sold the house. Turns out I am actually rather good at selling houses.
Five weeks and six house viewings later we found ourselves up against stiff competition after we fell hook, line and sinker for another period property. After a tough day of negotiations we were over the moon when our offer was accepted. I’d be lying if I said we weren’t feeling a bit smug; we’d escaped the hassle of viewings on our cottage and had just secured the house of our dreams. Lady Luck, however, had other ideas and decided to wipe the smile off our faces. Just days after our offer was accepted, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The last three months have been unbelievably stressful. The uncertainty around two of the things I hold most dear; my family and the concept of home has been unbearable at times. Like any move we’ve had the usual problems from bankrupt solicitors, suspected money laundering and damp proof queries, though this time they’ve been slotted around hospital visits and frequent trips to my parents. If it hadn’t have been for our New York trip and my amazing friends and family I think I would have lost the plot more than once.

Thanks to Ms Allsopp I perhaps have an irrational fear no potential house move gets to completion. (Does anyone else wonder if anyone actually moves on Location, Location, Location?!) As not to tempt fate I felt I wanted to wait until exchange until mentioning the move on RMS. After a seven week delay on paperwork at the top of the chain we finally exchanged yesterday.

As this post is published, I’ll be waiting for the removal van to arrive at our little cottage. This home has been the scene of numerous family gatherings, feasts with friends and a place for many to lay their heads for the night. A lot of memories have been made within the four walls and I’ll be sad to leave. However it’s time to start a new chapter, one we hope will be filled with good health, hope and happiness.

Thanks for all your good luck messages on Instagram yesterday I’ll hopefully be sharing a few pics of our new home of the weekend and obviously there will be lots of interiors posts to come in the new year!