A masculine dressing room with dark accents
Spare room makeover

The Spare Room {Lauren’s Old House}

Author: Lauren Coleman

I’ve realised I’ve only ever shared a glimpse of the spare room in our old cottage so before we moved I asked Adam to snap the den in all its glory.

With no kiddiwinks and three double bedrooms, it made sense for James and I to take a room as our own. Obviously we shared the master but we each had another room to store our clothes. While my room was polka dots and pink, James’ was the antithesis with dark furniture and wooden accents.

Despite being one of the smaller rooms in the house this area underwent a huge amount of work. When we moved in the walls had a yellow sponged wallpaper which understandably wasn’t going to stay around very long. We set to work removing the paper and found most of the plaster came off with it too. We spent many weekends taking the room back to the brick before plaster boarding and even two years after the room was plastered the constant residual dust still drove me crackers.

The walls were painted in Farrow and Ball’s Slipper Satin. I believe this can take on a pinkish hue in a lighter room, but in this east facing one it’s a warm and soft neutral. For the rest of the dapper decor we chose masculine accents in dark and moody shades.

I wrote about the search for a suitable piece of furniture in a post about the apothecary style chest of drawers. The chest was painted in Railings (not Downpipe as I originally thought!) and it’s one of my most favourite pieces. In the new pad it’s currently in the dining room acting as a bar.
I’ve tried to rack my brains to remember where we bought the black metal clothes rail from but as far as I can remember I found it through eBay. The wooden hangers were also a bulk buy through eBay too. For extra storage we bought a few canvas storage bags are from H&M and the army tin (on the top shelf) was from a place in Hove which has sadly now closed. As you may remember from my recent post I’m considering open storage in the new house too. We still haven’t made a decision on how we’ll store clothes now as James is fairly tidy but I most definitely am not.

The little wall of curiosities started off with the clock our friend Matt gave us a wedding present made out of a reclaimed pressure gauge. We then set about arranging a few novelties we’d collected from trips to Brighton, Notting Hill and various vintage fairs. The chimney breast was an awkward shape but I kind of like how we went with it and embraced the quirks.
In the other alcove we crafted a place for accessory storage using a wooden shoe rack trimmed down to size and a distressed peg rack from Burts in Brighton to hang ties and belts from.

I picked up the duvet cover from HomeSense and the blind is a gunmetal grey blackout blind found in B&Q and finished the room with a Nkuku metal cage light, also favoured by Charlotte in her home studio.

I’m feeling a little nostalgic looking back at these images. We’re so far from having even one room finished in the new house but with a bit of hard work and determination I’m sure we’ll get there.

Anyone else gone for a masculine palette in one of their rooms? Do you like to treasure trove for bits to add into your decor? What are your favourite haunts to bag a more unusual piece?


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18 thoughts on “The Spare Room {Lauren’s Old House}

    1. Me too Sheila! You clearly have very good taste Lauren. Very much looking forward to seeing pics of your new home. I also really like the idea of having a room each that you can make your own for clothes storage. It allows plenty more space when getting dressed/choosing an ourfit and means your bedroom is not cluttered with clothes. Even when they’re neatly stored away, wardrobes and the like still take up a considerable amount of space in a room.

      1. Hi Amma, yep totally agree it’s really nice to have a separate area for dressing and clothing storage if space allows. I like to keep the master clutter free if I can. Though it currently resembles a bomb site in the new house!

  1. I love this room. This stripped back look would definitely work for my hubby, but not for me. For us lovely ladies it would be great to have open elements to show off the more glam items in our wardrobes and to be able to shut away the some of the more basic things. I like the idea of built in low drawers, with shoe racks on top of them, and then hanging rails above.

  2. I always love your interiors posts Lauren, and this is no exception. Spot on styling as always. That wall of curiosities is perfection!

    We’re currently having a bit of a tug-of-war over the bathroom decor. I’ve been secretly shopping based on a masculine look, but Lee is keen on a bit of a beach-hut vibe so it’ll probably be a big fat compromise/complete disaster.

    So far, we’ve ripped out the old hideous formica units and put in a new toilet, sink and changed the taps for a quick lift. Other than that, it’s all gone a bit awry… He’s picked up some wall cladding, while I’ve bought a stormy blue paint colour for the walls (think F&B Oval Room Blue), black mirror and reclaimed wooden storage. I’m really not sure how this one is going to go, I guess we’ll just see how it ends up in the end!


    1. I’m sure it will be fabulous hun. Just think gentleman’s bathing hut rather than full-on Brighton coastal style! x

      1. Yes! I knew you could put a spin on it… a decadent men-only lido. That sounds like an interesting Pinterest board to put together ?

  3. As always super gorgeous! Love your interiors posts too especially when they’re full of beautiful bits and pieces for me to gawp over and pin! James is very lucky to have you create such an awesome man cave for him – I have to say that I won’t be showing Ste this post as he’ll be demanding the same for him in the new house 😉

    1. Thanks lovely. Hoping to get the chance to recreate something similar in the house. No idea which box most of the bits and pieces are in though. The joy of unpacking! x

  4. I really like this style – it’s not as ‘aggressive’ as some industrial styling can be. Might have to steal a few ideas!
    Most of my house is like this… Quite utilitarian with every piece of furniture up cycled. Thank goodness I have a small girl child to indulge some of my inner fairy princess pink moments!

    1. Thanks Alice. I know exactly what you mean about aggressive industrial! There seems to be more of a trend towards a softer look recently which is far more liveable.

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