I love to give flowers as a gift and we all know the florists will be gearing up for a busy weekend with Mother’s Day on Sunday. With this in mind it’s fabulous to have the very talented Joanne Truby with us once again sharing a beauty of a tablescape and a very handy reminder on the meaning of flowers.

Flowers play an important part in celebrating Mother’s Day, often given as a gift to show our love and appreciation. During the spring time there are so many gorgeous varieties in season too. With that in mind why not create the perfect Mother’s Day table setting for all sit down and have brunch/lunch together? This tablescape created was made up of a variety of spring flowers, which included tulips, lilacs, hellebores and ranunculus. Other spring flowers you could use are scented hyacinths, daffodils, lily of the valley, forget-me-not and anemones to name just a few.

Floral Meanings

Did you know that the majority of flowers also carry meanings too? You could select flowers to incorporate into your table arrangements which have particular significance for your Mum.

  • Forget-me-nots have a meaning of faithfulness and enduring true love.
  • Daffodil means respect and sunshine.
  • Lilac; first emotions of love, humility and purity.
  • Lily of the valley has a meaning of humility, return of happiness, sweetness and trustworthiness.
  • Anemone means forsaken, anticipation, sincerity, and unfading love.
  • Tulips have a general meaning of perfect love but they also have additional meanings associated to their particular colours; Yellow tulips have a meaning of hopeless love, cheerful thoughts and sunshine. Purple tulips mean royalty and white tulips have a meaning of worthiness and forgiveness.

For this table setting I created one main focal arrangement to sit in the middle of the table and then to add interest a mix of different sized and shaped bottles were placed either side with single stem flowers in at varying heights along the length of the table with tendrils of foliage entwined amongst the bottles.

Lighting can also add to the ambiance particularly if you’re planning a late Mother’s Day lunch or dinner; you could also include candles and tealights into your table design to create a more relaxed and homely atmosphere. To finish the overall look, garlands were hung on the back of each chair made up of a mix of different textured foliages which included olive, eucalyptus, mimosa and pistachio.

For a more relaxed style simple place settings were created which consisted of single stems of ranunculus (although you could use other spring flowers for this such as tulips, anemone or even sprigs of rosemary) and placed on top of each napkin. Voila! There you have your finished Mother’s Day table looking pretty ready for when your mum arrives.

Who knew purple tulips meant royalty?! Anemones are particularly significant to me as they featured heavily in my wedding flowers so it’s especially poignant to learn they signify sincerity and love. What’s your favourite spring flower and what does it mean to you?