This is a rather impromtu feature – I was supposed to be writing about make-up. Bought about by the instagram popularity of my latest kitchen makeover feature, my much loved and frivolous “Gin Shelf”.

I have a 3 year old daughter. She’s also fondly known as “The bulldozer”. So apart from the obvious safety hazard, there is not a cat in hells chase of us ever attempting to be the proud owners of a covetable bar cart.

For Christmas my sister-in-law bought me an incredibly thoughtful gift, a set of “his n hers” tumblers by Kate Spade, a bottle of Hendrix, some posh tonic and a bag of limes. My own little cocktail kit if you will. I thought it was such a shame that my fancy glassware would have to be hidden away in a cupboard and vowed to think of an alternative way of creating my own little entertaining space, far away from the reach of a wilful toddler.

It became apparent exactly what I should do when I discovered the amazing industrial shelving unit by Cox and Cox. Why of course. I could literally style a little corner of my kitchen purely for my own self-indulgence and evening tipple pleasure.


Now if you are not a lover of gin then a wine shelf would be equally as enjoyable – these Kate Spade glasses are essentially the same as my tumblers (which I can’t seem to find online anymore – apologies, but I also have these H&M versions which are a bargain at £8.99). And if you are a lover of luxe (and also, because why the bloody hell not?) then how about a space on your wall purely dedicated to champagne?!

I also think a tea and/or coffee shelf would be lovely, just think of all the teapots and pretty china you could absolutely justify purchasing (ahem…like these Carrara cups by Oliver Bonas for example). On the subject of Oliver Bonas, it’s their mixed metallic teaspoons I have on my own gin shelf.

I’m a late adopter of the “Peg Board” but now I have the perfect place for one – mine was £11.99 from ASOS and comes with hundreds of letters and numbers.

Do let me know if you feel inspired to swap your bar cart for a cocktail shelfie, and what you might display on yours.