As it’s bank holiday you’re getting a bonus post from me at the weekend and then normal service will resume on Tuesday.
Today I’ve got a few friends round for a BBQ. I’m time poor, cash strapped and while in the past I’d spend HOURS tablescaping and styling the decor, to be honest I’d rather spend more time enjoying myself than worrying if my bunting is strung evenly.
If you’re throwing a similar bash over the weekend here are a few five minute ideas I keep in my arsenal to look like I’ve made an effort.

Go Small

Teeny food just looks more elegant doesn’t it? Add a skewer and it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Bitesize specials include watermelon pieces, mini corn on the cob and new potatoes baked and split to resemble jackets. Also how delish do these halloumi lollipops seem??

Set The Table

You’d set it inside, so why not outside? Cutlery, candles, napkins and a simple vase of flowers always take a garden table to the next level. And unless they’re under five, they always get a piece of crockery rather than a plastic plate at my house. However I was very sorely tempted by these M&S safari melamine plates. I love how Jenni Kayne has strewn a load of rosemary across her table and I’ll be pinching this idea today.

Wrap Up Warm

I seem to have an addiction to buying throws but I put them to good use in the summer by rolling them up in a box and leaving them out for my friends and family. I’ll be the one making you sit outside until it snows.

Booze Barrels

Nobody wants to be dashing to the fridge every two minutes. Load a barrow, trug or tin bath full of ice and throw in the booze. Guests always seem to go wild for this.

Ice Cubes

On the subject of ice, it’s never a bad idea to pimp up your cubes a bit. We have a tutorial in our archives for making floral ice-cubes. I also like this pinterest idea for making larger blocks of fruit filled ice for pitchers as regular sized ones always melt so quickly.

Corral Your Condiments

Get a crate, box, tray or whatever takes your fancy and decant your sauces into jars or pots. Doesn’t this look so much better than a squeezy jar of Heinz Tomato Ketchup? (Other brands are available obviously).

Home-Made Hurricane Vases

If you’ve got any jars that you haven’t filled with barbecue sauce then an en-mass collection of glass containers filled with tea lights is a winner. The height should protect them from any gusts of wind and as night falls a large collection of candles always adds a gorgeous glow. The image below was captured by Cecelina Photography at a beautiful destination wedding. You can see more of the nuptials over at Rock My Wedding.

Any other super easy ideas you want to throw into the mix? What are you up to this bank holiday? Hope you have fun whatever you do.