The hiatus from decorating lasted about two minutes. I’m now hatching a plan for what we’re referring to as the ‘snug.’ This space was originally the main living room of the cottage though we’re intending it to be our home office.

As it’s the first room you come to when you walk through the front door I really don’t want this to be a corporate, business-like space and instead want to create a dual purpose office-cum-library-cum-whiskey lounge kind of vibe.

I don’t think I’ve been in many whiskey lounges that have a TV. Come to think of it I don’t think I’ve been in that many whiskey lounges full stop. However in order to make the most of the stunner of a log burner, we want to make this space a cosy relaxing one to curl up in to and perhaps indulge in an episode or two of Peaky Blinders. Whether or not we’ll actually work in this room is another story but it will give us a place to store all the office-type contraptions, filing and whatnot. We both spend about fifty percent of our time working from home so need a defined area rather than spreading out across the kitchen and other living room.

So how am I going to get an office-living room without it all looking a bit too, erm, busy? Well a couple of pointers worth remembering when it comes to giving an area a cohesive two-in-one treatment.

Same style

For a uniform and consistent space then try using similar decor elements across the room.

For our snug I don’t think I’ll go for a traditional desk lamp and instead will probably use a regular style table lamp. The cupboard we’ll build in the alcoves to house a small bar area will mirror the larger free-standing cupboard which I’ll use to store the printer and filing boxes and I’ll dot my coffee table books all around the room for a consistent, easy-on-the-eye space. Bingo a bit of consistency.


Use complementary shades and patterns for a cohesive look

Not much explanation required here. I’m thinking the palette in here will be navy, grey and white with a hint of silver thrown in. I’m not too sure about window treatments but in they way of pattern I’ve got my eye on this shaggy bolster cushion from M&S and maybe this geometric one from H&M in similar shades and complementary patterns.

Zone off

Zoning creates more intimate yet functional areas. In order to zone off an area you could paint it another complementary colour, hang a sheer curtain or use transparent storage or maybe lay down a rug.
While I plan to echo similar decor elements around the room I will zone off the desk space to one area. Without going through a bit of a rigmarole the TV has to go in left hand alcove meaning the large cupboard has to go behind the door and therefore I’m stuck with the desk in the right hand alcove.
In this room I think it’ll be the positioning of the furniture which zones off the desk where hopefully I’ll use a strategically placed arm chair to guide the eye into the centre of the room.

Double up

If you’re able to shut away your furniture when it’s not in use, for example if you have a fancy close-up bed or a fold-away desk then it’s a sure-fire way to bring a bit of harmony to a room. It’s handy if you can make your furniture work harder and blend two functions, therefore taking up less room and easing the potential chaos.

I’ve had to be really realistic about how much furniture I can fit in the room. I don’t want it to appear cramped so plan to leave adequate room around the sofa and chairs and am also likely to go for a round top side table rather than a square one as they take up a smaller footprint. I’d like to include an upholstered footstool in here which could lift up to provide storage as well as offering additional seating.

Open up

In double duty spaces it’s a good idea to remember the principles to bring in light and space.

I plan to use several mirrors to reflect and bounce around the light. This room is well proportioned but I’m conscious there’s going to be a lot going on. Remember the shield mirror Lolly mentioned recently? My sister has a similar one and I wonder if she’d notice if I shamelessly copied her?

Anyone else doubling up? How have you created a dual space room? Any tips and tricks you’d like to share? We’re starting to clear the room this week so hopefully I’ll have a few more updates over the next few months.