Feeling Snug

Author: Lauren Coleman

I know, I know, I’ve really strung this out. Anyone following me on Instagram is probably sick of this room as since August I have spammed the hell out of my snug, however Anna from We are The Clarkes has done an awesome job of capturing my favourite room in my house that I have to share it here.

This is the first room I’ve really ‘designed’ in my own home. Mostly when I’m decorating an idea evolves from an inspirational image or an object I’ve found and the whole things comes together fairly organically. With the snug it was a bit different. If you remember from my initial ‘double duty’ post I was determined to create a multi-purpose space; one that was creative yet relaxing, for both work and for play. Because of this I didn’t want a desk to feel shoe-horned in or for our guests to feel like they’d been plonked in the middle of a corporate office with swivelly chairs. With the position of the alcove unit and the large cabinet from our old dining room already determined there was limited proportions to play around with. We also didn’t want to spend a fortune so being a bit thrifty was also high on the agenda. With that in mind we got to work.

  • We painted all the walls with Crown Sail White emulsion. We also used this in our living room as it’s a very calm and soft white.
  • To create a cohesive space we built two sets of shelving; the bookcase I mentioned last week and in the other alcove, a simple three cubby unit echoing the partitions of the other shelving. All the shelving was painted in Charcoal Sketch Eggshell from Valspar.
  • As I wanted the space to feel airy I didn’t want a closed-in desk. Instead I bought two trestle legs from Ikea and James fashioned a top from reclaimed scaffolding boards.
  • As the house dates back to the 1850s I wanted to introduce a fire surround in-keeping with the style of the house. Now I realise back in the Victorian period they would have been using stone rather than MDF but I’m so happy with the surround we had custom made by a seller on eBay.
  • I had my heart set on a bar cart but in the end to keep costs down we made our own gin bar with a table from Argos. Watch this space as the full hack will be up next week.
  • For seating we ordered the largest sofa we could get for the space from Laura Ashley, with the matching lift-up ottoman to act a a table as well as additional seating and storage. I also brought in an armchair I’d bought several years before from Home Sense.
  • I wanted to make sure we could host at least six in here so added additional seating by way of Wilko’s faux linen storage cubes. Now their website suggests you shouldn’t use them as seating but they are very sturdy and also a super place to store your wedding dress should you need to. These cubes really add to the snug/club kind of vibe and don’t obstruct the view of the TV or fire.
  • I deliberated over window treatments for a while as wasn’t sure if we could get away with shutters. Let’s face it we’ve got UPVC rather than wood and I wondered if they’d stick out like a sore thumb. Then I realised with the antique windows in here; the charming little porthole, the internal window to the hall and the slightly odd hatch through to the dining room, that shutters would be perfectly acceptable. Nick from The Cedar Works did a great job of bringing my brief to life.
  • I bought a few new bits and pieces, namely THAT mirror which I get asked a lot about on Instagram. I shamelessly copied my sister buying the shield shaped mirror from Barker and Stonehouse which I believe is now discontinued. They do a very similar one at Woodpecker Interiors though. I had custom mounts made for simple square gold frames which make them look all together much more fancy pants. The canvas log basket and pom-pom cushions were from Home Sense and the shaggy bolster cushion from M&S.
  • Most of the other bits came with me from my old house including the vintage ladder we used to have in our living room and a load of bronze frames from our old bedroom. The gold tray on the coffee table is an old one from H&M and the David Ehrenstråhle Paris print was a gift from Stockholm. The jute rug is just from Ikea brought from our old dining room.

I still want to replace the ceiling light and upgrade the radiator to something far more stylish but that will have to wait until we’ve finished some of the other rooms. Thankfully the toasty log burner came with the house and has made the living room practically redundant during the winter. The snug really has lived up to its name.

  • Anthropologie Gem Planter
  • Laura Ashley Ottoman
  • My Guide To Paris
  • Gold frames
    Gold Square Frames
  • Woodpecker Interiors Shield Mirror
  • laura ashley sofa
    Laura Ashley Lynden Sofa
  • Wilko Storage Cube
  • Domino Decorating Book

Photogrpahy by Anna from WE ARE // THE CLARKES

Lauren likes Paris, Prosecco and Paint Charts
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47 thoughts on “Feeling Snug

  1. Nailed it as always, it looks fab Lauren.

    Just spotted the pale grey checked throw – Homesense? Same over here but in charcoal! Seeing as we have the pom pom cushion too, the arm of my sofa is looking spookily similar to yours right now. ?xx

    1. Hi love, I wish the throw was from HomeSense. It’s a Bronte one from John Lewis – spendy but so warm!
      Glad to hear I’m in good company with the sofa and pom-pom combo 😉 x

      1. Oh lovely! Well if it’s ever looking for a more budget pal, they’re very similar. A lovely and soft cashmere blend but half the price ?

        You can’t beat a sofa blanket through the winter months can you x

    1. Hi Becky, they were from House of Fraser several years ago now. They were reduced after Christmas to about £3 so I practically bought up their whole display!
      I think you can get them on amazon though x

  2. Not surprised it’s your favourite room in the house. It looks really fab and I enjoyed looking around the rest of the room even though I must say the shelving is just genius. The shutters look so nice and don’t stick out at all – to be honest I had to look at the photos again after reading about them as I haven’t even noticed they were there. Looks like they’ve been there all along. Some really gorgeous design and I love you ideas as they are normally quite reasonable cost wise as well. I am seriously tempted by the mirror too. I must have seen it on your sister’s insta a while ago and really liked it but we had a picture rail at the time which wouldn’t allow it to fit in but now the picture rail is no more who knows….I’m at serious risk of turning our lounge into your snug.

    1. Thank you Kat – I am always really mindful of budget – it must be my northern roots 😉
      Charlotte, Lolly and I all have the mirror. It really is a lovely piece and it would look gorgeous in your lounge x

  3. Oh my I just love this room!! I’ll never get bored of it so spam away!

    Such beautiful photography as well. I just love that dark grey and the shutters, and all your little touches are gorgeous! Such a beautiful room xx

  4. Ditto Kate above – will never get bored of seeing your house so please continue to share! Absolutely gorgeous Lauren, just love your taste. We looked round a house at the weekend that’s a complete project and we’re debating whether to go for it or not…but now I’m imagining the lounge like this (it’s a really similar shape) and I really, really want us to buy it! Enabling of the biggest form!!

  5. I love that there is a real mix of spendy (but worth it) items and more budget friendly pieces and that you have breathed new life into things that you had elsewhere in your home. Its always so difficult to put a room together with all the new and existing elements coming together without looking too “done” and this is just perfect. Its a gorgeous room, I hope you get to relax and enjoy it over Christmas.

  6. It’s beautiful and despite the many functions needed it looks so cosy. You have done an amazing job! Fancy a house swap?!

  7. This room is just gorgeous Lauren, a perfect space for cosying up, hosting and working. Do you find you spend more time in here now than your living area? I love all the little touches and all the trinkets too – I often just make things cluttered rather than stylish! Can I ask where your faux flowers are from too please? They look so realistic! xx

    1. Thanks Sarah yes at the moment we definitely spend more time in here.
      The eucalyptus is from Nest at Number 9 (which is a interiors shop near me) and the hydrangeas were from HomeSense x

  8. Lauren it looks every bit as gorgeous as I knew it would…from your initial inspiration and then following your progress as the room developed. You have such a beautiful eye and I love the fact you’ve chosen such powerful colours which actually makes the room feel warm and cosy. I absolutely don’t blame you at all for spamming the room on Instagram; I’d be exactly the same with such a lovely space. Well done missus xxx

  9. Lauren = you say the fire surround is MDF, but you have a woodburner. I have an MDF fireplace in my Georgian sitting room and have thought I would have to remove it to put a wood burner in as it wasn’t safe, but seems I am wrong. Can you let me know??

    1. Hi Katherine,
      Lots of fire surrounds are made of MDF but we got advice from a builder friend who didn’t seem to think it would be a problem – due to the large opening around the log burner and the fact the burner sits well inside the fireplace so the surround isn’t directly above it. I’d say every situation is different though so best to get advice from the professionals.

  10. Lauren, I love this room, it looks amazing. Talk to me about your accessories – I need that pom pom cushion and I like your light shade. I’ve been looking for a nice light fitting for my lounge for ages and haven’t found one yet. I think I need to put a shade on until I find the one! Where is yours from so I can indulge in some shameless copying? 🙂 x

    1. Ha ha Tracey- we inherited this light fitting when we bought the house so I’m afraid I don’t know where it’s from. James sprayed the plastic ceiling rose though and we had the flex changed to a striped one instead.

  11. I absolutely love everything about this room. It certainly is what the room name suggests a place to relax and be cosy. Makes me want to redecorate, but I don’t think the hubby would be to pleased. ? Excellent job Lauren x

  12. I just love this room and thinking those linen storage cubes perfect for toy clutter! I actually love all your interior posts. You’ve really changed the way I approach decorating/ sprucing up a room. Thank you! xx

    1. I purchased two of Wilko’s cubes after Lauren mentioned them in another post – going into our living room for toy clutter, can’t wait until they arrive! I noticed they do a much bigger version for only £20, but sold out. Must have been popular as I found the exact same one on ebay for £50!!

      1. I was going to get the ottoman for our spare room Maddi. They come in and out of stock so worth going back and checking x

  13. I love this! The overall feel is just so cosy and really lives up to its name, and the individual pockets of detail make the room so interesting. Feeling very inspired! We are currently househunting and I’m getting anxious about finding somewhere perfect that won’t need a whole load of expensive redecorating but this has made me feel a little more positive – the fire surround man has been saved to my bookmarks. And never apologise – I love your interior posts, they’re my favourites! X

  14. Love the room and your style and especially how the budget is mixed.
    Can I ask where you got your custom pic mounts from? Thanks

  15. I love everything about this room Lauren, I have been pinning away like a mad thing (I’ve got a house move in mind for next year…eek)!! But those sparkly glitter balls!!!! Please tell me they are a permanent fixture and not just for Christmas?! xx

  16. Hi Lauren, sorry I am late to the part on this one but wondered if you could let me know who you got to make the bespoke mounts for your picture frames. Would love to do something similar. Thanks

  17. Hi Lauren! What an absolutely beautiful space, so much to oogle over!
    I would love to know where you got your mounts from to fit the tesco frames? they look so beautiful!

  18. Hi Lauren, I’ve just come across your website whilst enjoying some Sunday internet grazing! I absolutely love it – thank you for sharing! A random question I know, but just wondering if your sofa is fibre and foam filled or just foam. We have exactly the same and they arrived at Christmas but ours are foam filled (we had 2 huge feather filled sofas before that which were a nightmare with 2 children and so much plumping!) I’m just a bit concerned that ours will never give and I’m actually thinking of having them refilled with a bit of fibre too so they soften up a bit. Not even sure if that’s possible though. They look gorgeous and are so easy, but I’m hoping they will look a little more relaxed with time. Yours looks so comfortable and just wondered what you had gone for. Really hope you don’t mind me asking! Thanks so much x

  19. Lots of gorgeous things to add to my wish list (particularly now I’ve found a Guide To Beunos Aires exists). I’m currently obsessing over a wire side table. Where is yours from?

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