Just. Wear. Trainers {Spring/Summer}

Author: Lorna Shaw

So you know I showed you how to Just. Wear. Trainers in Autumn/Winter, well now I am back to show you trainers are just as bloomin’ awesome during the Spring and Summer months too.

Honestly I don’t think I’ve come across a gorgeous casual ensemble where I don’t think a pair of trainers haven’t looked utterly fabulous and given it an edgy look. Plus we all know they are ridiculously comfy to boot. Whether your go to outfit is a swishy skirt, playsuit or tea dress, believe me you should definitely give it a go.


There is nothing that screams summer more than a pair of crisp white plimsoles, and of course the ultimate in white canvas has to come from the pump giants Converse, and their Classic Chuck Taylor All Stars. I’ll be honest and say the thought of somebody making their brand new white trainers dirty sends me in to a cold sweat, but if you prefer the lived in look as I know many people do, how about these grey versions instead?


Another pair of absolute classics every wardrobe should have are the Adidas Stan Smiths. Coming in a variety of tongue and cuff designs. The all white are certainly fail safe, but I do love the gold trimmed ones too.

If my boys were choosing my trainers, they’d convince me I needed a pair of Adidas Superstars. I remember wearing this style when I was younger, not totally convinced I could carry them off any more, although I do still love them and feel quite nostalgic seeing them in then shops.


I’ve developed quite an obsession with Nike trainers since the last Just. Wear. Trainers post, buying numerous pairs for myself and the family. My boys currently have the same size feet as me so if I’m totally honest some of the pairs I buy for them I’m actually hoping I’ll one day get to wear as long as they don’t get totally wrecked.

My latest purchase for my son Joseph are these black and white Air Max Thea’s (shh don’t tell him they are ladies). Just look how sleek they are. Now if I was buying a pair just for myself I think I’d have to go for the melon colour. Mmm delicious.

Charlotte can also be seen wearing these grey Internationalist trainers. They look super comfy and I love the moulded waffle detail.


I must confess I’ve never really considered owning a pair of Vans, my Nephews who used to love skate boarding on the other hand wouldn’t be seen in anything else when they were younger, but It wasn’t until I saw a friend sporting a rather adorable pair I was reminded about them and decided to check out their offering. I was rather pleasantly surprised to discover these adorable Pink Lady Hearts and Rainbow White pairs.

New Balance

I am still lusting after a pair of New Balance trainers, I absolutely adore their retro style, and these blue hued 247 ones look like the perfect summers day sky, with the 373 navy and silver ones replicating a warm summers evening under the stars.

As always we’ve love to know what your favourite trainer(s) and summer outfit(s) is(are) and which pumps you’ll be sporting during the hotter months?

  • Adidas Gold Trim Stan Smiths
  • Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic White
  • New Balance 247 Blue
  • Adidas Black White Superstar
  • Vans Rainbow White
  • Nike Melon Air Max Thea
  • Nike Black White Air Max Thea
  • Adidas Originals All White Stan Smith
  • Vans Pink Lady Hearts
  • New Balance 373 Navy & Silver
  • Converse Dainty Silver With Gold Eyelets
  • Nike Grey Internationalist
Author: Lorna Shaw
Lorna loves a new posh frock, is a hopeless romantic and is lucky enough to be living her ‘happily ever after’ with her wonderful husband & three beautiful babas.
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38 thoughts on “Just. Wear. Trainers {Spring/Summer}

  1. I love the fact that trainers are back in! Finally a fashion trend that’s comfy!
    Love all the inspo pictures. Although I will never look as cool as those ladies, I do live in my superstars – For the life of me I can’t remember what I wore on my feet before I had them?!? xx

  2. I bought my first pair of casual trainers (as an adult) last weekend – shimmery gold ones for £20 from M&S (cashed in on the 20% off so got them for £16!). They’re the comfiest things I’ve ever worn, although I think I’m too much of a trainer novice to wear them with anything other than jeans for a bit!

    1. I have these too, Katie, and agree they are super comfy! I used to be dedicated to my Converse but find the soles a bit hard on my feet if worn all iron long walks. I had my eye on a pair of Superstars, also a throwback to my youth, but find I am just too mean to pay that much for a pair of trainers! God help me when my wee boy is old enough to want expensive trainers 😕.

      1. Cat, I have the lower profile Converse and although I love them to look at they are the most uncomfortable shoes I own! Maybe I need to change to Superstars too x

  3. Such a timely post! I’ve literally worn through my white leather Converse (so good for keeping the fresh white look but not really that comfortable!) so I’m on the lookout for a replacement – I think the gold Stan Smith are the ones!

  4. I’m not sure on the “sports” trainers for non sporting activities, I just don’t get it! but clearly I know nothing on fashion 😂

    I do however have a pair of pale pink canvas Supergas and just treated myself to the Boden silver trainers – both more of a fashion trainer than an actual trainer but comfy and practical for running round after two babies. I’m lusting after some rose gold ones but the Superga ones aren’t leather and I’m not a fan of not leather shoes that look like leather!!

      1. I’ve got some of the rose gold Supergas and they are mega! Always been a big converse fab but these were comfortable straight away and look very snazzy 😉 Now to decide on my next pair of trainers, you’ve given me lots of food for thought Lorna xx

  5. I bloody love trainers – with anything! – but I always struggle with what socks to wear with them!! I don’t like my socks to show but I can’t quite face barefoot…

  6. Great post! I also suspect I don’t look as cool as these ladies in my trainers though… I’m still probably going to buy some new ones now though! Not sure I can buy white though – surely I’ll ruin them in 5 minutes.

    1. I bet you do Mel. The Summer months is definitely the time to buy white, hopefully (English weather permitting) there’s less chance of rain & mud so they’ll stay sparkling all season xxx

  7. I’ve just bought some grey gazelles with bright pink lining and back heel detail, gorgeous. I also bought some all white addidas with just a green and white stripe on the back. Also haven’t worn them with anything but jeans yet but I’m working up to it!!

  8. I’m currently in the market for a new pair of white trainers, but I haven’t purchased because I can’t decide between the trusty old Converse or a pair of Superstars. And, if I go for Superstars, do I get white with black stripes, or khaki, or gold??? So many choices!

    Also, for those who are a size 5 or under, kids Superstars tend to be around £50 rather than the £75 for ladies. I plan to take full advantage of this. Do you think I could use it as a way to convince my husband I should buy both Superstars and Converse? 🙂

      1. Oh lordy Tracy….so much enabling. I have now been and bought the Adidas Superstars and a pair of old school Puma trainers. They look awesome, can’t wait to wear them! x

  9. I was never really a trainer girl, but last year I purchased a pair of Converse Dainty and I LOVE them. They’re less chunky than the original style, so they feel a little more elegant and they look great with everything.

    Talking of keeping them white, I spruced mine up for summer yesterday. I mix up a paste using baking powder and washing up liquid, scrub them all over with an old toothbrush and then throw them in the machine on a cool wash. They’re drying in the sunshine today for a bit of natural bleaching too. Works a treat.


  10. I bought these a couple of weeks ago and I love them! http://www.newlook.com/shop/shoe-gallery/view-all-shoes/pink-suedette-trainers-_377166814 I’m not really a pastel kind of girl – never mind a pastel pink. They are amazingly comfortable and I have worn them with so many outfits already. They are only a cheap and cheerful shoe and to be honest they may not have longevity, but they are a great summer trainer – and we’re also available in mint green!

  11. God, I’ve swooned at all of those pics I think. I’m definitely not a trainer woman (and too old to be called a girl) and only ever owned a pair for going to the gym/power-walking in. But then … M&S navy sneakers, now worn so much they aren’t navy any more, some pink/taupe Converse (only good for wearing for short amounts of time – the sole is so thin!), some off-white Superga (uber comfortable) and rose gold leather Geox (expensive but worth every penny – here in white, which, after reading this, I might have to buy http://www.geox.com/en/women/shoes/trainers/jaysen-white-D621BA00085C1001.html#q=jaysen&page=1&start=1) I’m upping my game this year by wearing them with swishy pleated skirts which are my latest obsession and gingham ruffled skirt, as I have a fear of looking like an American tourist (no offence to any Americans out there) of a certain age – as I’m that certain age myself!

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