I was 21. I had walked into the Armani shop on Bond Street and was immediately greeted with the most amazing scent.

The store had been fragranced with dozens of Diptique candles in “Figuier” which has a fresh woody aroma – one of the main ingredients is fig leaves.

The cost was eye-waveringly prohibitive compared to my salary at the time but I was determined that even though I couldn’t afford to eat anything other than Laughing Cow cheese spread on toast, my recently purchased first home was going to smell just like the Armani shop on Bond Street. It was my first significant “luxe” purchase, and I didn’t regret it for one minute. My two bed terrace might have been 50 shades of peach (a hue favoured by the previous owners) but goodness me didn’t it smell expensive. Sometimes it really is the little treat purchases that make all the difference.

I have bought “Figuier” every year since, and it was my ultimate recommendation for the bride box competition* we ran on Rock My Wedding recently.

Another luxe purchase I discovered at a too-young-to-really-afford-them age was Wolford 80 denier black opaque tights. My Mum bought them for me as a birthday present and nothing else compared for years. Price per wear they actually worked out to be excellent value – they really hold their shape and don’t snag particularly easily. In recent years I have favoured Falke Pure Matt in 100 denier, they are slightly cheaper than the Wolford, and I find if I purchase a size bigger than my normal size, they work really well for pregnancy – pulled up over the top of a small bump and rolled underneath as you get to the stage where you feel like a giant melon on legs. I am wearing a pair as I type in fact.

Cosmetics wise it was Chanel’s Rouge Coco Baume. My Mum buys my sister and I a little something from Chanel every Christmas, usually a piece from their Autumn/Winter collection or an item they have released especially for the festive season. The balm was initially gifted to me approximately 15 years ago and nothing compares to this lip conditioner for priming your pout before lipstick. It softens and moisturises without being goopy and definitely assists in preventing feathering and unwanted bleed/smudging. It’s been decades and that shiny black and gold Chanel casing and that satisfying click never loses it’s appeal.

I summarise from this feature that my mother has a lot to answer for.

What was your very first luxury purchase? Is there anything you bought decades ago that you still invest in today?

P.S *you still have an opportunity to win – and you don’t have to be a bride-to-be to do so either, just a lover of pretty free things, you can enter via Rock My Wedding.

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