Over two years ago I penned a piece titled “Bag Lady“, I had never in my life invested in a fancy designer handbag and was contemplating taking the plunge.

Up until last month I still hadn’t bashed the proverbial plastic – as much as I loved the Mulberry Alexa I just couldn’t justify such a large sum on a singular item, regardless of how elegant and timeless the design.

Both my Mum and my Sister have a Bayswater, I completely appreciate the versatility and the quality of such a covetable classic but for me they are simply too big. I’ve become quite adept at “living with less” this year and a roomy tote might only encourage me to carry around a bunch of stuff that I simply don’t need.

I am a huge fan of the cross-body bag. HUGE. Since I’ve become a Mum being hands-free is literally a lifestyle choice. And I don’t see myself ever going back (bar the odd uber posh do which requires a clutch of course). I’m also not a lover of black accessories. I’m not sure why exactly, I think it’s to do with the fact I wear quite a lot of it thus I need to bring in some alternative hues with my finishing touches. I only own one pair of black shoes that I hardly ever wear – I think they remind me too much of corporate meetings in the boardroom…so any investment piece was going to have to be a shade that worked with most things and didn’t clash with my footwear.

And then I found THE ONE. Or at least I blatantly copied my favourite instagram fashionista @cellajaneblog (Becky Hillyard – amazing ability to do the whole casual yet “done”/effortlessly put together thing, also I REALLY want her hair). The bag in question is the Chloe Marcie mini in “Cashmere Grey”. It is small yet perfectly formed. And the textured leather is so soft. I can fit in my phone, keys, wallet (also admittedly very small – it holds a few cards and change) and my travel make-up (powder compact, lipstick, concealer and eyeliner for touch ups) providing I pack it neatly and don’t just chuck everything in haphazardly.

And actually, for work and special occasions where I am sans daughter – these are the only items I really need.

The Marcie was £485, half of what the Alexa costs and equally as pretty. Well, at least in my humble opinion. I love it. It is a delight to use and wear and as was my prerequisite, the colour literally compliments my entire wardrobe.

On the subject of my closet, if you read my fashion piece a few weeks ago then you might recognise the Brave Soul cardigan from ASOS I am wearing in the header image above. So many of you have left messages on my instagram account telling me you went out and bought it and this brings me tremendous joy. Dirty enabling is one of my favourite extra-curricular activities.

You should also probably know that they also do the same style in a lovely dark charcoal. Just sayin’.

What designer bags do you own? Which one is your favourite? Which handbag has been the best investment? Which one do you use the most?

Ever made an expensive mistake?

Some of us are altogether in a meeting as this feature goes live so we’ll be very much looking forward to your own enabling prowess.