Just. Wear. Trainers. Street Style Fashion

Just. Wear. Trainers.

Author: Lorna Shaw

Just recently my go to footwear has been my mono Nike Free Trainers and previous to now I think the last time I wore a pair of trainers for fashion purposes I was in my teens.

Now I am raising teens, well nearly, they are actually 9 & 10 but going on 13, and I always seem to be in a rush to pick them up from school, drop them back off again at football training or generally dashing out to the shops because we’re out of milk!

So as much as I adore my heels on a fancy night out, they are not really suitable footwear for my daily routine of running around after the children, but I still want to look good. That is why I am whole heartedly embracing the street style look based on comfy casuals and chic fashion that just oozes style and well……trainers!

I’m not the only one to adore this look. On a recent catch up with friends we were all admiring each others sporty footwear, comparing brands and actually getting in quite a muddle about all their names. Many of the team are also embracing the look….


Our very own Lauren rocks a pair of original all white Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoes, which lets face it will look perfect with any of the looks in the gallery. But just to add a quirky twist I think you should definitely consider the leopard back versions as like white, animal print has also stood the test of time in the fashion world and comes back season upon season.


These Nike Free trainers are obviously very similar to my own pair so naturally I adore them. But what I failed to mention is how unbelievably comfortable they are. They are so light weight and barely feel like they are on your feet. It’s like wearing your favourite slippers outside.

I love the cool grey & black print of these Nike Roshe trainers too and am assured by my friend who has the plain black and white versions that these are just as comfortable.


I don’t think I will ever tire of the Classic All Stars canvas trainers. The perfect pumps and high tops available in an array of colours. It’s hard to stop at just one pair! Their new pink tweed version are bang on trend for this autumn, but I also absolutely adore these white leather versions with metallic gold toe.

New Balance

If I was to buy another pair of trainers right now (which I know I probably will after putting this post together for you lovely lot) I think it would have to be these navy New Balance trainers. I love the retro look of them and I am already imagining which outfits I’d piece them together with. My favourite blue jeans and my new M&S star print jumper from Lauren’s Knitwear under £30 post spring to mind. That’s it, done, they’re in my basket!

I know I’ve missed out a plethora of brands and styles, so do tell me what your go to footwear is? Do you think you might be tempted to rock the street style look and sport a trainer other than at the gym?


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Image Source Pinterest.

Author: Lorna Shaw
Lorna loves a new posh frock, is a hopeless romantic and is lucky enough to be living her ‘happily ever after’ with her wonderful husband & three beautiful babas.
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34 thoughts on “Just. Wear. Trainers.

  1. Oh dear this dangerous… Love a casual trainer. Convince myself it makes an outfit look “cooler” (who am I kidding?! They’re just too darn comfy!) Have just ordered myself the Nike Juvenate in grey (in your slider) which are a delight to wear, to add to my collection…

    1. ha ha Nicky me too. It does though right?!
      Ooh I love those grey Nike Juvenate trainers, great choice. I’ve definitely convinced myself I need a few new pairs too xxx

    1. Oh my gosh Claire B they are absolutely beautiful. I simply adore the rose gold tick. Insert multiple love heart eye emoji’s here. I’m not at all green with envy xxx

  2. I really really really want those Nike Roche trainers! Had my eye on them for ages but just never seem to have enough spare cash at the mo. Maybe a birthday present idea for January!

    I have a limited edition pair of Nikes I bought a couple of summers ago that I still love! They are just soooo light.

    One of my biggest regrets is throwing away a pair of black with red trim Nike Air Jordans that I had at high school. I am telling you they would look great even now!! Pfft.

    1. I think you should definitely treat yourself in January Lynn, especially if Santa doesn’t leave them under your tree on Christmas morning 😉

      Oh no I hate when you throw something away and it comes back into fashion. I used to have a Sergio Tacchini tracksuit top I wore with my Adidas Gazelles back in my Brit pop days. I still get pangs of regret about getting rid of it. xxx

  3. Love this blog as I seem to be obsessed with trainers lately and I use to be THE high heel girl!!! I adore my Adidas Gazelles I have them in pink (with white stripes) and black (with pink stripes lol) also my Red Converse and many pairs of Vans (pink hearted ones, green leopard print, and more!) Loving the black Nike ones advertised too may need to start saving some pennies for another purchase soon….. Your fault Lornie 😉 xxx

  4. I love my black Nike Air Max Thea’s, as shown in your gallery. I first got them for going on honeymoon to the US as I knew I’d be on my feet and walking a lot. They are so comfy and look great with most casual outfits 🙂

  5. I love a casual trainer! I have a ten week old and am fully embracing my trainers for all of our park walks, doctors appointments and NCT Mum meets! I have black Thea Nikes which I love, white converse, leopard print Supergas (SO comfy!) and some of the pretty Disney print Vans (I couldn’t resist!) but I’m also adding a pair of Jimmy Choo Tokyo trainers for the more ‘fancy’ days, and this post has definitely persuaded me that I should definitely be adding a pair of Stan Smiths! X

  6. I do love a skate trainer – Vans are a fav and I have some lush liberty print ones as well as plain black leather. Supergas are a nice alternative to converse and so many colours. Been toying with some retro style ones and loving the New Balance or possible some Adidas but those Nikes with the rose gold swoosh – swoon.

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