Remember how after my major Book Club fail I said that Lauren would probably give me the sack? Well, I seriously think my days are numbered folks.

I literally couldn’t put my hand up fast enough when the team were asked who would like to put together a last minute Christmas gift idea feature. I am after all Mrs leave-it-until-the-19th-December (for some unknown reason I find I buy more unique/thoughtful gifts under pressure). And then I became the most organised festive swag buyer I have EVER been. As I type I am actually looking at a whole pile of already wrapped and labelled presents under my twinkly tree.

What has happened to me?!

Well, the renovation of our “new” (but really quite old) country cottage happened. Every single room, bar the living/dining space (that will begin in January) has half-painted walls, carpets that have been pulled up and haphazardly put back again, a mountain of dust (thank you unexpected major plumbing works) and unpacked boxes practically abandoned in every corner. And as I have offered to host Christmas (for 14…) I was damned if I wasn’t going to have at least one thing in my crazy bananas life planned to perfection.

My pants would be on fire if I took you though all my actually-bought-in-November items, not to mention the fact the vast majority are no longer available. Instead I’m going to share some of the lovely things I have bought for myself recently. Because I’m a firm believer in if you really like something then your friends probably will too. And as it’s the season to be merry, why not grab yourself a glass of mulled wine, put on a bit of Mariah, jingle your bells and join me in a “one for you…three for me!” venture of online indulgence.

We Need To Talk About Knitwear

Specifically jumpers from Warehouse. I honestly haven’t shopped there for years – and then they out of no-where nailed it with their pretty delicate knits. I may have gone a bit overboard to be honest but I figure I’ll wear them to death over the coming months.

This flare cuff jumper in mint is BEAUTIFUL. Can be worn with jeans casually or tucked into a high-waisted skirt to dress it up. I also have this scallop stitch number in pink (which is actually more of a rose/blush) and it’s super versatile. Last but not least this puff sleeve pointelle jumper is uber chic, and looks far more luxe that the £39 price tag.

Ornamental Trinkets

Do you ever see lots of cute interiors bits and bobs on instagram styled perfectly with a candle and say…a pile of strategically colour-coordinated coffee table books? Me too. Ever wish you could have some of those for yourself? Me too. Ever actually get round to purchasing them? No, me neither. Then I walked into Laura Ashley and immediately bought two of these pineapple candle holders because I knew our home would be incomplete without them. Only yesterday I hovered over putting this silver pear trinket box into my virtual basket. If anyone who is reading this still hasn’t bought me a gift then this will do nicely. Thanks in advance.

Luxurious (yet bargain) Accessories

Ever checked out the bags by Kin at John Lewis? No? Well you should. They are excellent value and have some great designs in a wide range of colours. I’ve bought one for a family member and treated myself to the Clare shoulder bag in grey. It’s sturdy, roomy and wipe-clean and is ideal for days out with my daughter Mabel. At under £40 I’m not too precious about it but I love the fact it’s as stylish as it is practical.

If you haven’t discovered Astrid & Miyu yet then you’re missing out. I have recently invested in this lariat Circle necklace and the initial necklaces in particular make universally appreciated thoughtful presents. They are available in gold, silver and rose-gold.

Fancy anything for yourself? Still shopping today? Do feel free to enable in the comments section below.

  • Clare Shoulder Bag
  • Silver Pear Trinket Pot
  • Pineapple Candle Stick Holder
  • Flare Cuff Jumper