The Hoxton Shoreditch
The Hoxton Shoreditch
Recommendations for places to eat and drink and things to do in London near Shoreditch in October 2016 for a wedding anniversary.
The Grill at Hoxton
The Grill at Hoxton
Recommendations for places to eat and drink and things to do in London near Shoreditch in October 2016 for a wedding anniversary.
Cosy Room
Cosy Room
Recommendations for places to eat and drink and things to do in London near Shoreditch in October 2016 for a wedding anniversary.
The Clove Club
The Clove Club
Recommendations for places to eat and drink and things to do in London near Shoreditch in October 2016 for a wedding anniversary.
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Help! Things To Do In London In October?

Author: Lolly Gautier-Ollerenshaw

Morning! Friday already! I can’t believe it. And not only that it’s a brand new month tomorrow. Honestly where has this year gone? That said I’m secretly pleased that it’s nearly October as the month brings our wedding anniversary along with a plethora of other exciting activities which I’ll be discussing in tomorrow’s post. So stay tuned for that…

Apologies to those of you looking for some fashion/interior/beauty inspiration this morning. I confess I’ve hijacked this post for my own selfish gain in the hopes I can ask you lovely lot for some help with a trip to London the boy and I have planned to celebrate four years of marriage.

We have been organised enough to book both our train and our accommodation and even our anniversary lunchtime meal but apart from that we’re a bit stumped for what to do whilst we’re there. First things first we’ll be staying at The Hoxton in Shoreditch and lunching at The Clove Club. I’m so excited.

We want to make the most of being childfree for two days (despite probably spending about 80% of our time speaking about Hector whilst we’re away) which will obviously mean drinks of some description. That said we don’t want to spend all of our time eating and Ste has vetoed shopping of any description. I know…boo hiss.

So that leaves us with a slither of afternoon, an evening and a whole extra day at our disposal to make the most of. So what do we do? Essentially this is where I bow to your higher wisdom and ask for your help.

We’d absolutely love to hear your recommendations for drinking holes – preferably around the Shoreditch area. I don’t really want to have to stagger back to the hotel room from too far away if I can help it. And anywhere you might recommend for brunch the next day?

If we were to describe our visiting/travelling style then I’d say we were moochers, we like to venture off the beaten path and explore new areas. In fact I think it’s fair to say that we’re not overly keen on anything touristy or gimmicky. Both of us love interiors (ok perhaps me more so than Ste!) and looking at new places and being inspired. We like to nip into spaces and then out again having whetted our appetite for something new without hanging round for what seems an age.

That said we do like to people watch; in fact most of our honeymoon in Venice was spent watching the activities of Venetians as they went about their daily lives with a prosecco in hand. Ste loves a good coffee and won’t say no to a flat white or two whereas I’m in my element looking at historical features or floral inspiration or pretty much anything aesthetically pleasing.

Most of all we just want to relax without feeling like we have to be somewhere at a certain time and then getting all stressed about it. Basically just enjoy each other’s conversation without the day to day menialities (is that even a word?!) getting in the way.

So where would you recommend we take a look at? Any activities we simply must do whilst we’re there? I’d really really appreciate it if you could help me out…Thanking you in advance xxx

Author: Lolly
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.
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43 thoughts on “Help! Things To Do In London In October?

  1. I have just been to the Sky Garden at Fenchurch Street. It’s free entry but you must book tickets 2 or 3 weeks in advance. It had such beautiful views over the city and the gardens made it a unique place in the busy city.
    I stayed at the Hoxton a few months back it was really nice. Great choice. Make sure you try the cocktails downstairs x

    1. Oh what a fabulous idea Cherish!! Will definitely be visiting as I think Ste would love to pop along here too! And I’ll definitely be trying the cocktails in the bar…be rude not to 😉

  2. So many things to do around Shorditch, I’m very jealous! I only manage to venture down south about once a year and recently I’ve stayed in both of the Hoxton Hotels. Holborn is great if you want to do the more commercial tourist thing, but Shoreditch is absolutely my favourite.
    You have to visit BoxPark. It’s a very small shopping venue made from recycled shipping containers and its full of small designer labels and yummy food outlets like Dum Dum Doughnuterie.
    If you’re looking to brunch I can’t see past The Albion, I think it’s part of Soho House. It’s located off of Shorditch High St and is in the same building as Boundary, which has a fab rooftop perfect for people spotting in the right weather. The Ace Hotel looks fabulous, but I’ve not managed to go there yet, definitely next time.
    My two other recommendations (can you tell I’m dying to visit too) would Columbia Rd Flower Market and Spittlefields, both of which are only a short walk away. Make that three recommendations, Brick Lane is not too far afield either!
    Wherever you visit have a fantastic time, Shorditch is an amazing corner of London.

    1. I’ve just googled The Albion Leona and Ste and I definitely need to visit here! And the Boundary sounds fantastic too! I’ve been lucky enough to visit Columbia Road Flower market a couple of times in the past and I adore it. Unfortunately we’re going to London mid-week (well Thursday and Friday) so won’t be around on Sunday to visit again. Thanks so much for the recommendations xxx

  3. I agree, definitely Columbia Road Flower Market on Sunday morning, get there as early as you can though. I bought armfuls of flowers (mainly white hydrangeas) last time I went, not so easy on the train though. Have fun!

  4. No idea what it’s like now but five or so years ago the Commercial Tavern was a good place to drink – very eclectic decor and looks quite Queen Vic-esque from the outside! x

  5. Oooooh!
    Ok if you are willing to head out of East London (to Soho) Archer St Bar is literally the best bar in the entire world and the single thing I miss most about London now I have moved. It’s full of super talented West End performers who are working their way up, who burst into song every few songs. Its genuinely the most fun you’ll have!
    If you don’t want to leave East London:
    – Beach Blanket Babylon on Bethnal Green Road was my other favourite haunt for cocktails and dancing.
    – I second Commercial Tavern which is gorgeous, old and eclectic (but gets rammed on a Friday/Saturday night).
    – You can NEVER go wrong with a night out in Angel – the Vineyard is gorgeous and there are so many amazing places to eat.
    – Nightjar at Old St is a super cool underground speakeasy – go early or you’ll have to queue.
    – Duck & Waffle has some incredible views if you can’t get into the Sky Garden – Sushi Samba is also in the same tower.

    Fun daytime stuff – try the Museum of Childhood which is a lovely trip down memory lane. The Geffrye Museum in Hoxton also sounds like it would be up your street – it’s all about interiors through the ages. The Jack the Ripper tour sounds like it could potentially be a bit too touristy for you, but is really interesting and takes you off the beaten path. Box Park would also appeal to you guys and isn’t far from your hotel. And if you want to sneak in some shopping, the shops around Brick Lane are fabulous – loads of vintage places which boys tend to prefer in my experience!

    Have an amazing time!

    1. Second shout for Nightjar, I love it there. The tables are very small and intimate and they have live (not too loud) music – usually old fashioned jazz type stuff – so its a great place for date night. One time when we went we liked the band that was playing so much that we asked them to play at our wedding! You don’t have to queue if you book in advance xx

  6. We were in London last weekend and stayed at the other Hoxton in Holborn – they are gorgeous hotels and so beautifully designed. I always come away itching to redecorate! We had brunch at Dishoom which was amazing – the bacon and egg naan was just perfect and they do bottomless chai. They have a few locations too. We went to Spitalfields and Brick Lane but if you’re not allowed to do any shopping of any kind I’m not sure I’d recommend those?!

    If you’re staying in shoreditch and love inferiors then a cute little detour is the geffrye museum of the home – a visit only takes about half an hour but it’s a nice thing to do. I’d also recommend walking along the canal if the weather is nice – you can walk all the way to Camden if so inclined, or just to Islington and ottolenghi for amazing cakes ?

    Have an amazing time! xx

    1. I was just about to say brunch at Dishoom – we have been to the one in Shoreditch and it’s awesome. I don’t know how indian works for brunch, but it totally does. My other recommendation was drinks on the rooftop bar of Boundary (they have heaters and lovely cosy blankets), and looks like that’s also been recommended already, but another vote! Have a lovely anniversary xx

      1. Sian – how good is Dishoon?!!! I forgot there’s one in Shoreditch. I adore the decor in there and the food is immense. Perfect for veggies Lolly! x

  7. So this may not appeal to everyone but I just heard on 6 Music that a load of special events are being run in October with a theme of London: City of the Dead. If you fancy some Halloween spookiness this could be great fun? I have lots of archaeology suggestions as I once designed a special London archaeology tour, but my top picks would be to see the Billingsgate Bathhouse hidden in a cellar, and to hit the Dennis Severs House museum- very eerie but not crowded.

    1. In another life Lucy I would have been an archeologist so your suggestions are right up my street. I’ll try to persuade Ste round to your way of thinking…

  8. Brunch at Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings – I think you’ll loooove. And cocktails at Boundary – on the roof terrace if it’s not too chilly. You’ll have an ace time making new discoveries! xxx

    1. I think I follow Bourne & Hollingsworth on instagram Laura so thanks for reminding me! Can’t wait to go now with all these amazing recommendations xx

  9. Oh I LOVE Shoreditch!!!
    If you want something a little out of the ordinary we recently went to Junyark golf – which was HILARIOUS! Crazy golf in a warehouse made out of, you’ve guess it, junk!
    There is also a more upmarket version called Swingers – actually looking at this place for our work’s christmas do!

    As for cocktails – soooooo many places but my top recommendation in Shoreditch area has to be Callooh Callay ( the cocktails are fantastic and the service last time I was there was impeccable. If you can get a table out the back in the room through the wardrobe!

    If you venture Soho way Cahoots is fab too, but they don’t take bookings so you have to arrive at opening time
    Again, incredible cocktails (

    Have an awesome time lovely xx

    1. We were going to go to Junkyard Golf recently but went to Flight Club instead – like bowling but with darts. It was brilliant! So much fun as a one-off! Will have to do junkyard golf soon! x

    2. Another vote for Callooh Callay – great cocktails and so much fun! Above the Bedroom Bar is NOLA, a New Orleans-style cocktail bar, great fun, powerful drinks! Sager + Wilde is an amazing wine bar not too far away – worth booking and their cheese is a great light dinner option after the Clove Club.
      If the weather is nice, you could walk down the Regent’s Canal from Hoxton. Otherwise, you can walk from Angel towards Kings Cross and Regents Park.
      The Geffrye is also a great option, and the Beagle next door is good for a coffee.

  10. I second the first comment about the sky garden (it’s only about 30 minutes from home for me and I’ve been LOADS). If you’re looking for a brunch too then the definitely try the Darwin Brasserie there (they have a bloody mary bar and with brunch on Sunday it’s unlimited!). The food there is delicious too and with a reservation you get to walk around the garden bit at leisure and you don’t have to queue to get in (as you tend to when you have the free ticket). Bourne & Hollingsworth also do a good brunch (with the option to add either a bottomless bloody mary or bellini). It’s near Sadler’s Wells, so not in Shoreditch but not far either.

    For drinks though you should definitely give NOLA a try. It’s a brilliant New Orleans inspired cocktail bar in Shoreditch tucked away above another bar/restaurant on Rivington Street. My husband took me there for post dinner drinks for my birthday last year and we spent several hours there tasting a variety of different cocktails. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and very good at what they do so it’s worth just asking for a recommendation or getting them to make you something off menu. it’s worth booking to guarantee a table (it’s table service, but there are a very limited amount of seats at the bar. They don’t really allow before about 10/11pm)

    Dennis Severs House (as metioned in a previous comment) is also worth a visit. I went there a couple of months ago and enjoyed it (although my friend hated it, so maybe have a look online to see if it is to your taste – you have to do the tour in silence!)

    Hope you have a fab time whatever you decide!

    1. Amma, thank you so much for this – just booked NOLA for my husband’s birthday next week. Being nosy, where did you go for dinner? I’ve got sushisamba booked but let me know if there’s anywhere that’s walkable distance that you would recommend! x

      1. Sian, we went to Rivington’s (the Shoreditch one, just a little further up the same street as NOLA). I’ve never been to sushisamba, but having had a quick google, it looks fab! I think both would be good – depends what you fancy 🙂 x

  11. Completely second nightjar and dishoom – firm favourites! There is also a fabrique Under the arches near hoxton station for all kinds of scrummy Swedish buns! For coffee, blank and nude are great. Have fun!

  12. We recently had lunch at the Clove Club-one of my favourites, don’t miss the herb sweets at the end!

    Another recommendation for cocktails is White Lyan on Hoxton St.

    For general interiors awesomeness, pop into the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green for a drink/meal. (And stay next time!)

    If you just like mooching then a walk involving Columbia Road, Broadway Market, Regent’s canal, Victoria Park (including a cafe pitstop!) is lovely.

    Hope you have a fab trip!

  13. Reading this post (and all the amazing recommendations!) has me longing for a London / Shoreditch weekend! I adore the Hoxton, and I’ve just noticed the room rates are quite reasonable in between Christmas and New Year….so obviously now I need to book. Dirty enabling at it’s finest, well done RMS 😀 xxx

  14. This is all making me want to go! I don’t know the area very well, but back in June we went to Dinerama which I think is just down the road from The Hoxton? I don’t know what their weekday opening hours are like, we went on a Sunday. It’s all street food places, we had some tasty triple cooked duck fat chips, I had some steamed buns which were SO GOOD and then me and Al shared this donut and ice cream concoction! Very tasty!

  15. You MUST go to the geffrye museum! It’s in an old almshouse and charts the history of the home, it’s fabulous. A stroll down the regents canal to kings cross is a lovely thing to do on a sunny Sunday too, make sure you stop off at the towpath cafe for a glass of fizz or a coffee and a grilled cheese. Really brilliant for people watching. Have fun!x

  16. Thank you so so much for all of your recommendations and suggestions. I really wanted to wait until this evening to sit down with Ste and go through all your comments one by one hence the fact I’ve not responded to all of you over the course of the day. Honestly it is so much appreciated. What a wonderful community we have!!!

  17. Duck and Waffle is my favourite brunch place in London. I don’t even like duck, but I love their signature dish. They do all the usual brunch classics too. They’re always booked up, but if you go early enough (well before lunch) you should get a table. The views are incredible!

  18. Oh definitely go to Dennis Severs’ house, the ‘Silent Night’ tour is amazing and so atmospheric. Have a wonderful time!

  19. I’m a bit late to this but would 100% recommend Lounge Bohemia in Shoreditch for the most amazing cocktails, they are Heston Blumenthal eat your heart out style scientific wizardry in a drink! Really cute hidden bar (you must book in advance). Also for food, go to Street Feast or Dinerama for the most fun and eclectic mix of street food, bars and music. You can try a bit of everything from dim sum to barbecued meat and cocktails to craft beers and it’s great! Have an amazing time!

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