I want to start this post by saying that I am so very aware that not everyone will have the luxury of time during this governmental lockdown. I have many a friend and family in the NHS or other keyworkers who are already being worked to the bone and can only see more of that ahead of them. We stood on our step tonight (the night before this post was published) and we whooped and clapped and banged pots in the only way we currently know how to say thanks. Truly. Thank you. 
For some of us, we’re being called to work from home, in my husband’s case, stand down from work in an industry that has evaporated overnight. For some, it’s juggling kids and homeschooling. For others is some kind of combination of all of the above. In addition to that, most are worrying for and in some cases caring for the elderly and vulnerable. And we have ourselves a never before seen stew of household upheaval. 
But to keep me sane, focused and replace time spent socialising and going out in general, I’m creating a Lockdown List. A non-commital list of things that I’d like to get round to doing now that we have a bit of enforced downtime at home ahead of us. This list does not contain such grandiose things as learning a new language or reading the entire works of Shakespeare like some celebrities are hoping to do. With a toddler currently going through the ‘biting phase’ I can safely say that peace for such lengthy and complex pursuits will be in short supply. But there are a few things I can definitely get up to. And here is my list:

  • Play a game of Bake Off with my son – My 6-year-old Ethan loves Bake Off. And he’s forever asking me to bake things so he can judge them. This time I’ll let him give me a theme and a time limit and we’ll do the whole shebang together. 
  • Painting our bedroom – We’ve lived in our house for two years and it’s the only unpainted room. This needs to change. Although will need to be conducted after kids bedtimes and during nap times. 
  • Doing up the back garden – My garden office is built, but unfortunately, due to a short supply of plasterboard in our area, it may be a while before it’s finished and able to be used. I had envisioned lots of time spent pottering around selecting and planting plants and generally tidying up the garden. Not as easy now that all of the garden centres are closed! Solutions for gardening supplies welcome. 
  • Clearing out a drawer/cupboard per week – I can’t commit to much more than that with my current work/homeschool/stay sane schedule. But a little bit goes a long way. And let me tell you, my drawer/cupboard came right now is not strong.
  • Try to be patient and actively enjoy this time at home with my family – I don’t want to take it for granted. And although fuses can be a bit short when we’re all cooped up around each other (all day all the time) trying to balance work/school/life. I’m aware that this time is also, for many of us, a gift. To make memories and nourish our kids and slow the hell down. 
  • Read more – Rather than default to the TV as soon as the kids are asleep, I’m eager to rattle my way through some of the ever-growing stacks of books I have waiting for me. I’m usually a non-fiction girl, but the stack I have just now is mainly fiction, because… Escapism. And let’s face it, life right now is stranger than most fiction.

So that’s it. A list of very benign, everyday bits and pieces that I’d like to get done. I’d love to master the piano or be in the best shape of my life, but I know myself. And I know my current household limitations. Keeping my family of four mentally and physically healthy is my number one priority. And if I can achieve that in any one day, then it’s nice to have a list of other things to chip away at. 
How about you? Do you have a list of inspiring, grand tasks to achieve? Do you have a few bits and bobs you’d like to get around to? Or can you not fathom the time for so much as making a list?