It’s been a while on the old beauty front hasn’t it?

I have been not best placed to make any recommendations recently as my skin has been behaving badly since November. Think dry red patches that result in congestion and a bumpy uneven texture. Attractive. And I always find the cycle so difficult to break.

Unfortunately I am unable to use the vast majority of products that target blocked pores as they are often too harsh/abrasive for my sensitive skin. If I do then the flaky patches become….flakier. And so it goes on.

Determined to regain my glow I’m going back to basics (no actives, no over zealous exfoliation, no picking) and reintroducing products slowly one-at-a-time so I can monitor what makes a positive difference and what is potentially exacerbating my epidermal doom.

Let me begin with an excellent lip balm.

My lips often become so dry during the winter months they split and bleed. I have always been an advocate of Lansinoh HPA Lanolin (aimed at nips but can essentially be used anywhere on the body/face) but it’s very very greasy. It doesn’t work particularly well with lip liners and the like either. As an overnight treatment it’s super though so do give it a whirl.

Eucerin Acute Lip Balm is my new favourite thing. £6 a tube (I’ve found it for £4 when I’ve been bargain hunting) and it feels lovely. Great for travel and slathering on whenever you feel peel-y rather than pouty. It also works well underneath lipstick and glosses once blotted. I have one in my handbag, both bathroom cabinets and my desk drawer at RMW HQ. Mabel also has one in her school satchel, the lucky girl inherited cold-weather-cracking from her mother.

For the bumps and lumps I am finding The Ordinary Niacinamide and Zinc serum very effective. I only apply it to isolated outbreak areas not over my entire face – I do find it drying if used too often so I dab on sparingly. I apply it only at night and make sure I moisturise the following morning. It’s about a fiver and I have found it does assist in unclogging without increasing redness and sensitivity. Niacinamide is also known as B3, a water-soluble vitamin that allegedly helps to visibly minimise enlarged pores and improve uneven skin tone. It’s claimed that zinc has anti-inflammatory properties, can regulate sebum production and aid the repair of damaged skin.

To combat overall dryness I have been applying Clinique Moisture Surge as a mask. I leave it on whilst taking a shower/faffing around afterwards and gently remove the excess with a warm flannel. It doesn’t seem to increase congestion as I have found many heavy duty creams do, instead it just leaves you silkier and with a hint of a sheen. Plus it’s much missed team member Lisa’s go-to and she has skin like glass so I’m determined to keep it within my routine.

I’ll compose another update once I’ve discovered other potions worth mentioning. As always none of these links contain affiliates/have been paid for or sponsored. Buy stuff from wherever you want.

I would be really interested to hear about any “rescue” skincare items you recommend and if you may have gone OTT with the actives in a bid to emulate Lisa’s poreless translucence (she was born with it FYI – it’s definitely not Maybelline, or even Clinique). I am very tempted by Dr Sam Bunting’s Flawless Nightly Serum as I like the idea of one product that does pretty much everything, but any kind of retinoid scares the sh*t out of me. I start itching just thinking about it.

Header image from the bathroom makeover by @nordicllar

Here’s to less flakes and more glow. See you in the comments section folks.