Morning! Friday already! I can’t believe it. And not only that it’s a brand new month tomorrow. Honestly where has this year gone? That said I’m secretly pleased that it’s nearly October as the month brings our wedding anniversary along with a plethora of other exciting activities which I’ll be discussing in tomorrow’s post. So stay tuned for that…

Apologies to those of you looking for some fashion/interior/beauty inspiration this morning. I confess I’ve hijacked this post for my own selfish gain in the hopes I can ask you lovely lot for some help with a trip to London the boy and I have planned to celebrate four years of marriage.

We have been organised enough to book both our train and our accommodation and even our anniversary lunchtime meal but apart from that we’re a bit stumped for what to do whilst we’re there. First things first we’ll be staying at The Hoxton in Shoreditch and lunching at The Clove Club. I’m so excited.

We want to make the most of being childfree for two days (despite probably spending about 80% of our time speaking about Hector whilst we’re away) which will obviously mean drinks of some description. That said we don’t want to spend all of our time eating and Ste has vetoed shopping of any description. I know…boo hiss.

So that leaves us with a slither of afternoon, an evening and a whole extra day at our disposal to make the most of. So what do we do? Essentially this is where I bow to your higher wisdom and ask for your help.

We’d absolutely love to hear your recommendations for drinking holes – preferably around the Shoreditch area. I don’t really want to have to stagger back to the hotel room from too far away if I can help it. And anywhere you might recommend for brunch the next day?

If we were to describe our visiting/travelling style then I’d say we were moochers, we like to venture off the beaten path and explore new areas. In fact I think it’s fair to say that we’re not overly keen on anything touristy or gimmicky. Both of us love interiors (ok perhaps me more so than Ste!) and looking at new places and being inspired. We like to nip into spaces and then out again having whetted our appetite for something new without hanging round for what seems an age.

That said we do like to people watch; in fact most of our honeymoon in Venice was spent watching the activities of Venetians as they went about their daily lives with a prosecco in hand. Ste loves a good coffee and won’t say no to a flat white or two whereas I’m in my element looking at historical features or floral inspiration or pretty much anything aesthetically pleasing.

Most of all we just want to relax without feeling like we have to be somewhere at a certain time and then getting all stressed about it. Basically just enjoy each other’s conversation without the day to day menialities (is that even a word?!) getting in the way.

So where would you recommend we take a look at? Any activities we simply must do whilst we’re there? I’d really really appreciate it if you could help me out…Thanking you in advance xxx