Peckham Rye Dark Green Kitchen

Is Green The New Blue?

Author: Lauren Coleman

There’s been no shortage of dramatic dark hues in our home tours, mostly fuelled by one of my absolute favourite shades, Farrow and Ball’s Down Pipe.

However, is it time for the greys and blues to step aside?
My parents recently painted their dining room in F&B ‘Green Smoke’. When my mum said they were going dark green I knew the trend that’s been bubbling for a while has well and truly taken centre stage. This deVOL kitchen in the header above caught my eye a couple of years ago. It seemed far more adventurous than your regular kitchen. On a separate note, I absolutely love the art in this image too. I am a huge fan of seeing more classic decor pieces incorporated into practical spaces. That stunner of a green shade is actually a bespoke one but I’m sure we could all get a similar one mixed if we fancied it.

When Pantone announced Greenery as the ‘Color’ of the year back in 2017 I wasn’t overly impressed. Although I have embraced the botanical movement that came alongside it. A darker green seems far more elegant and sophisticated.

From my point of view, I’d say the darker the better. If your room is south or west facing and gets a lot of light then even the darkest green can look very, well ‘green’. If you know what I mean. I’m leaning towards the sludgier shades bordering on brown.

Dark Green Inspiration

Dark green is stunning with warmer metals and woods, and like an absolute dream paired with a splash of blush pink. I also love seeing a bit of velvet emerald green thrown in there too. So casually decadent!

If you don’t fancy getting the paintbrush out just yet then there are squillions of dark green home accessories about.


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After grey and darkest blue has taken the limelight for so long, could colour be making a comeback? What’s your favourite hue and where are you painting it?

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16 thoughts on “Is Green The New Blue?

  1. i have got deep emerald green in the downstairs toilet – i did do a massive gulp when starting to paint – but it looks amazing – and i have touches of gilt & blush pink in there that really add some oomph 🙂

    That said – not sure I’d be brave enough to be so bold in a bigger room!!! 😀

    1. Janey I bet this looks smashing. Can you remember which shade you went for?
      I love a bold downstairs loo!

  2. Sorry Lauren I love your house but dark colours make me depressed so it’s pale all the way for me x

  3. I love a dark, dramatic decor. But I’m not entirely sure it’s something I could *live* with. The days can be bleak enough in Scotland, a dark room might tip me over the edge. But I have to say I think that the dark green trend is very elegant. Reminds me of something from World of Interiors circa 1998. A friend of mine has a snug/tv room that barely sees the light of day, a deep green would be perfect in there.

  4. Painted our downstairs loo a lovely dark green – mid azure green by Little Greene. It works really well in this teeny space under the stairs- no point trying to make it look bigger with pale colours. The walls in the room are not great and I feel this dark colour looks much better on uneven surfaces. I’ve paired it with a highly patterned black and white tiled floor and love it.

  5. I love looking at all the gorgeous dark rooms around at the moment but I don’t think I could live with them. Pale, airy spaces just appeal to me more, although I have stained all my floorboards black and they look amazing in contrast to pale grey walls. I think its given it that drama you get with dark interiors but without sucking out the light.

    1. Liking the idea of black floorboards very much Kirsty. What kind of stain did you use? I’d love to refinish the floor in my living room but no idea what shade x

  6. I’m all for colour, albeit with some light rooms for balance. We have a grey bedroom (with yellow curtains because why not – also it looks really nice!), my daughter’s room is green (paler more grassy green than above) and my son’s room is quite a vivid blue. Most of the family areas are pale and bright but with splashes of colour, although we do have a green bathroom with lovely green slate tiles on the floor. Dark ceilings are quite fun – did anyone see Old House New Home (or whatever it is called!) last week – there was a room with very high ceilings where they painted the ceiling black. The walls were pale, but it looked fabulous.

  7. We’ve had a dark green wall for over a year now and get tons of compliments on it, and most say they’d never have considered it before. This month we’ve added pink and a light grey green to the room and I’m in love, the mix of dark and moody and light and girly (plus 60 ish houseplants) is perfect. Everyone at our recent party mentioned it.

  8. We’re just about to go dark green with our new kitchen – I’m a bit nervous but quite excited! We’ll go with a white quartz surface and soft white paint to brighten it a bit, fingers crossed it looks as good as it does in my head!

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