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Contemporary rattan furniture and fence painted grey in a new build garden

Lisa’s Garden {How to Add Character to a New Build Garden}

Author: Lisa Soeno

When we first moved into our house three-and-a-half years ago, the garden was the type of outdoor space you’d find at the back of any bog-standard new build home. I really wish I had a ‘before’ photo, because seriously guys, it was awful. We’re talking unpainted pale wooden fence panels, terrible quality grass, cheap-as-chips patio slabs and no plants/shrubs/flowers/interesting features whatsoever!

Fast forward to today, and it’s completely transformed. I mean it’s never going to win Garden Of The Year, and the quality of the grass is still awful (I can count twenty two dandelions from where I’m sitting), but hey: it’s my first ever garden where I’ve attempted to try and grow anything but grass. I now love spending time out here: pottering with a watering can, digging up dandelions(!), giving the kids marks out of ten for their star jumps on the trampoline (the trampoline is opposite the shed but no-one wants to see pictures of that right?!). It really does feel like an extension of the house.

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