Some of you may remember my feature from a few months back, I was seeking a small dressing table for my home studio/office to replace my beauty cart which is very sadly not particularly Mabel friendly. I toyed with purchasing various different pieces but as we’ve now sold our home, it seemed like an unwise investment considering I have no idea what space our yet-to-find new family abode will offer.

As a result I decided to go down the DIY route and create a mini “beauty station” (I have no idea if this is a thing but it is in my world!) where I can house my day to day cosmetics, perfume and trinkets. Essentially it’s a small shelf with pretty make-up storage solutions, a chair and a mirror. Very simple. And works perfectly for my personal requirements.

The shelf was actually made from a table top plank – one end had warped so I decided to utilise the non warped end (!) rather than throw it away. It’s a lovely white washed wood but of course you could purchase something similar for a few quid or simply use any kind of shelf where the depth, material and length work for your available space. The brackets were a bargain £2 from Ikea, I liked the fact they were going to be very much on display as it gives it that kind of industrial feel that I’m rather partial too. They are a gunmetal grey which works well colour scheme wise with my current copper obsession.

I’ve already mentioned my amazing white lacquer trays so I won’t bore you with them any further, the acrylic draws are £10.95 from Muji and are a beauty blogger favourite I believe. Surprisingly roomy and of course you can see everything easily (I can see that I have FAR too many lipsticks for example.)

My mirror is my absolute FAVOURITE thing and was the only reasonably pricey item I invested in – £100 from John Lewis. It’s copper (surprise!) and has a lush brown leather strap. I have the 50cm diameter but this design is also available in a 38cm and 30cm diameter and comes in both a nickel and brass option.

My chair is from cult furniture, I have six of the brushed gunmetal versions as dining room chairs too….I must really like them.

I’ve added a little gallery in below of some more close ups and whatnot and as always, any questions please just drop them in the comments box below.

P.S Did you notice how I used the term DIY to essentially describe putting up a shelf and buying stuff? THAT is how bad I am at craft – this to me was quite the challenge 🙂