There’s no denying the power of a great playlist to help you run faster, stretch further, jump higher and just generally keep going longer (whatever your workout of choice) than you ever thought possible.

I choose my yoga classes based as much on the teacher’s personality and how creative they are with their sequencing as the playlists they put together. My favourite teachers at Stretch, my go-to yoga studio, all have excellent taste in music, choosing tunes that complement the poses and spur you on when the last thing you want to do is ONE. MORE. VINYASA.

Over the years I’ve been going to Stretch I’ve discovered some great new music through the perfectly-pitched playlists that have soundtracked the classes I’ve sweated through, and I have to admit that sometimes I’m concentrating less on my breathing than I am on remembering the lyrics to a particular record, so I can go home and Google it after class, bad yogi that I am. One of my favourite discoveries of late is the Slinger Remix of Around Town by The Kooks, it’s one of the most uplifting records I’ve ever heard (check it out on You Tube).

Now the weather’s cooled a little I’ve gotten back into running (whilst I am a fair weather cyclist it turns out that I am most definitely not a warm weather runner). A couple of evenings a week I pull on my trainers, put my iPod on shuffle and head off for a 30 minute run (give or take) around the Olympic Park (which is so close to my house that it’s practically my back garden, I know, I am ridiculously lucky). Whilst my iPod does have some great running records on it, the randomness of shuffle means that sometimes something pops up that slows me right down and I end up stopping and pressing forward until a more suitable track appears, totally interrupting my flow.

And so once again I need your help. I want to put together a running playlist packed with inspiring, uplifting tunes. What are the records and remixes that spur you on when you’re running or working out? Are there any great compilations or already-put-together-playlists out there to soundtrack my nighttime runs? And what do you do with your iPod when you’re running? If I’m not wearing a top that features pockets I end up holding it in my hand, which is a bit annoying. Are those arm bands any good? Which would you recommend? As ever please share in the comments section below!

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