I may have mentioned before that I gave up the gym years ago. I’ve always enjoyed exercising but find I build bulk muscle, particularly in my thighs and calves, very easily.

Everyone’s body type is different. Everyone’s body desires are different. Some significant body shape changes are possible via particular workout regimes, some are not. I’m not going to develop the long legs of a Victoria’s Secret model even with all the will and lunging in the world. But I can tell you that once I stopped running (when I met James I was pounding the treadmill/pavements for about 10 miles every week) and started my HIIT-esque cardio dance workouts and began pilates, my body became more lithe, toned and flexible. Yes, even my short legs benefitted.

Sometimes I would find regular mat pilates classes a bit dull, I won’t lie. I even gave it up altogether for a while in 2015 as I realised some of the crunch-type moves were clearly making my Diastasis Recti (Abdominal muscle separation – you can read about it on Rock My Family today) worse.

After several months of not partaking in pilates I noticed my body becoming less toned, I was still bouncing around to my dance DVDS (Tracy Anderson being my guilty pleasure of choice) but my arms and bum in particular, were noticeably less shapely. And of course my core simply wasn’t as strong.

I had heard about Reformer Pilates via instagram and various health and fitness print media. It’s essentially based around regular pilates but you carry out the movements (always based around strengthening your core) on a special spring bed/platform. The springs represent different types of resistance and you can do all sorts of gymnastic type moves with the ropes and balancing on the footplate or barre (well, at least I think they look impressively gymnastic). Apparently a one hour reformer class is equivalent to 4 hours of mat work if performed correctly. I know – really? Yes really. My entire body is worked out in that 60 minutes, I have never experienced anything quite so hardcore in my entire life. And I love it. And it works. I have defined obliques I never thought were possible.

Assuming this kind of equipment and training would only be available in London, I found a studio near my old house – Mk Healthhub. They modify certain aspects for me because of my Diastasis Recti as mentioned above, and I endeavour to do two early morning classes a week – I co-ordinate timings with dropping Mabel at nursery.

The one thing I do need to sort out is what I wear. Honestly, I am by far the scruffiest person there, it’s actually becoming embarrassing. As I was up in a bridge last week I noticed a big hole down the seam of my H&M vest (possibly at least 7 years old, possibly should have thrown it in the bin). I did recently invest in some Sweaty Betty Zen Yoga Leggings which are extraordinarily flattering. However, at Β£70 I’m only allowing myself one pair but have been told the sculpt leggings by Marks and Spencers give a similar effect. On the subject of M&S, they have just bought out a new Activewear range with Rosie Huntington-Whitley and I’m definitely going to be adding a few pieces to my virtual basket. Because if I dress myself from head-to-toe in Rosie’s garb I will look just like her right? right?

What exercise regimes are you following at the moment? Do you have any effective at-home workout DVDS to share? Do you have any recommendations for pretty yet comfortable activewear? Or grey trainers that don’t make your feet look unnecessarily bulky… I REALLY need new trainers.

Do feel free to ask any questions in the comments box below!

P.s Probably should have applied fake tan before the images in the slider were taken. I’m so white I’m almost reflective.

P.P.S Also in my virtual basket along with the leggings is a new throw in teal because well, pom poms.