Up until the last year or so I have always taken a supplement of some kind, primarily a “beauty” specific supplement aimed at healthier hair, skin and nails. I popped a capsule every day in the vain hope this teeny tablet would make my locks more lustrous, my epidermis sparklier, my nails all shiny and strong, I get them by Amazon……

I took Perfectil throughout my misspent youth. I am unsure as to it’s exact benefits, it was one of those situations where it had become much like brushing my teeth – it was part of the daily ritual. I had no idea whether should I stop taking it, there would be any noticeable difference at all.

About five years ago my Mum introduced me to Viridian Ultimate Beauty Complex, she said she witnessed a positive outcome so perhaps I should give it a whirl. Apparently it is “a synergistic combination of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients for the maintenance of collagen integrity, supporting the underlying structures of healthy skin, hair and nails…”


I honestly saw an improvement, but whether this was as much to do with changing up my skincare routine and positive updates to my diet at the time I’m unsure. Regardless, right up until I found out I was pregnant (and a brief flirtation again last year) I carried on purchasing a bottle every month.

And then I got bored.

And so I stopped.

And nothing really….happened.

So was it all just placebo?

I know that a good balanced diet with fruit, vegetables and whatnot should provide your body with all the fuel it needs to be healthy and strong. But as there are so many supplements on the market, surely some of them must actually do something?

A posh (i.e. expensive to have a consultation with) dermatologist once told me that I should absolutely take vitamin C and zinc, they were vital for collagen maintenance (or was it production? I forget) and that all of her patients see the benefits, particularly more radiant complexions. She didn’t recommend a particular brand, just that you had to take the vitamins every day. And drink lots of water of course.

I tried it out for a few months and once I had run out I didn’t rush out to buy any more vitamin C or zinc. I guess I can’t have been bowled over by the results. Or perhaps I didn’t persevere for long enough.

I’m at a point now where my skin, hair and nails are a little worse for wear, a debilitating cough and cold, central heating and a lack of sleep have definitely taken their toll. And I’m wondering whether a supplement of some kind might give me a little bit of a sunshine boost – or at least prevent everything from seemingly flaking off.

I’m quite taken with the hype (and branding!) of FOUNTAIN “The Beauty Molecule“. Yes folks, I have been known to part with my hard earned cash because I like the bottle and the marketing speil is you know, sexy. They also do a GLOW MOLECULE (I know, so scientific sounding!) so I’m wondering….if I take both together, I should see some kind of wondrous effects surely?!

I would really love to know if you take any beauty-focused supplements, the reasons why and if you feel they have genuinely made a difference to your appearance in a positive way. Online research usually leads me to the fact there is often very little actual scientific/proven results and not to bother. That I should simply drink less wine, eat less cake and introduce considerably more kale into my life…but where’s the fun it that?