Remember when I started doing yoga and stopped eating biscuits? Remember how I said I was going to carry that yoga practice forward and incorporate it into my every day routine? well I have totally flopped. As in, I’ve not done it since the last day of the 31 day challenge. I have completely lost my motivation. Work got mega busy and I failed to assign myself that time, that tiny half an hour a day in order to please other people and let my wellbeing fall by the wayside. yet again.

But I think maybe it goes a bit deeper than that. I’m wondering if it’s this working out at home thing. Or am I making it a thing. I work from home. Aside form the school run and walking the dog/taking Tayo to the park for half an hour on the days I don’t work or taking Leo to his extra curricular activities I am in my house. The only reason I leave the house as just stated is for other people. So they can get exercise. Why am I not extending the same courtesy to myself?

I’ll tell you why. Can I justify paying a gym membership when it’s so easy to work out from home these days? For me there has got to be pros and cons to both…

Working out at home pros:
• I can do it in my underwear should I so feel like it.
• There’s no travel involved so the amount of time I need to use to exercise is as minimal as it can be.
• I can shower immediately in the comfort of my own home.
• You can buy equipment to have a decent workout for a relatively low amount of money (dumb bells, kettle bells etc).

Working out at home cons:
• I think being inside the same four walls as I work in, eat in, change nappies in is extremely uninspiring when it comes to focussing on fitness.
• It’s very easy to don the (awful) work out gear I own and then put the washing on and have a quick hoover round thus using up the 20 minutes I assigned to attempt to copy Joe Wicks.

Working out in the gym pros:
• I’m getting some time out of the house and doing it for myself.
• I get to shower post workout. In peace.
• I can swim if I fancied it (and would probably do so at the same time Leo has his lesson – two birds, one stone and actually, it’s something I used to love doing).
• I can participate in classes and get some adult conversation.

Working out at the gym cons:
• What the heck would I wear. No word of  a lie I wear some H&M gym type trousers and a sports bra I have from when I was 17 when I was doing my yoga at home.
• If I don’t go I’m wasting money (although I feel the spending of the money could work as an incentive?).

So you see, they’re much of a muchness aren’t they (although showering in peace is massively appealing). Either way I know I need to stop procrastinating about it and actually get my butt off the sofa and just do it.

How are you fitting exercise into your daily routine? What are the pros and cons of how you do it? And tips on gym gear are welcome in case I do decide to take the plunge and join.