It’s hump day which means that the long weekend is just around the corner. I know, for me at least, that Fridays don’t really have the same ‘wahooooooo it’s the weekend’ feeling that they once did now that we have a nearly two year old in tow. That said there is still a audible sigh of relief from both Ste and I as we sink into the sofa after Hector has gone to bed with two whole days (three days this week) stretched out in front of us to enjoy at a more leisurely pace.

The Friday feeling is a universal and somewhat obvious delight, something that we all share…but what about your guilty pleasures? We thought we’d delve into the hidden recesses of some of the RMLtd team’s minds to find out their secret indulgences are and share them with you on the blog. Perhaps you might like to share your own; we promise we won’t judge 😉


Rich once posted on Facebook that he “really likes 80s music”. I shamelessly mocked him for this and have not let him forget it. However the truth is that I also “really like 80s music”, in fact my guilty pleasure is pretty much anything from the Eighties.

My favourite film of all time is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I still love a prawn cocktail or a Viennetta ice cream. Even my favourite song, THAT one from the film Drive, ‘A Real Hero’, was 80s inspired. And of course, all the best people were born in the 80s.


I will admit to being a bit of a trash tv fan and my current favourite is watching all the re runs of Gossip Girl on Netflix. What is there not to love about watching a bunch of privileged Manhattan kids getting hideously drunk (how do they manage to get in to bars at 16 in America???) and ending up with each others boyfriends. Plus I just adore the clothes. Even though I’ve seen it all before, probably twice, I still love it. I’ve even been enjoying doing the ironing as I use it as an excuse to squeeze in another episode.

Another incredibly random guilty pleasure is eating cold baked beans from the tin!! Don’t ask but it’s something I’ve always done and have no idea why but they are just so delicious!!


Since cutting down on processed foods last year the changes have been pretty dramatic. However for that ten percent of the time when I’m feeling a bit cheeky I can’t get enough of that gourmet delight, the crisp sandwich. Put those kettle chips inside a cheese topped roll and hail the carby crunch. If I get the opportunity to dine on the crisp sarnie while having a good old scroll down the Daily Mail Wall of Shame then I’m in heaven with my hat on.


At the risk of sounding like a major geek, my idea of heaven is to settle down with a glass of (almond) milk and a plate full of M&S cookies and watch reruns of Time Team interspersed with the odd DVD of Monty Don showing me around the most coveted gardens in the world. Granted there are so many other things I could choose but the idea of stealing some (currently non-existent) me tv time is worlds away from my current day to day schedule with a 22 month old toddler.


My guilty pleasure HAS to be a good old musical. Calamity Jane and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers are two of my all time favourite films. Working for Rock My Wedding I can often be found humming along to the ‘June Bride’ song. In fact as I type this I just couldn’t resist popping it on my iTunes. And because I was feeling seasonal I then followed it with ‘Girl for all Seasons’ from Grease 2. Yep Grease 2! I think my street cred If I had any has definitely gone out of the window now…

What are your guilty pleasures? Are they food related or activity based? Or just plain weird? Why not tell us in the comments box below…