In recent years there’s been something about January that’s made me rather stagnant in the fashion department. I’m not sure whether it’s down to the anti-climax after the Christmas break, the intention to live a little bit more austerely (for January at least) or whether the nondescript weather has to play a part. I know many of you love January (as stated in this post that Lauren shared last year) but for me it just feels a bit bleurgh and consequently my wardrobe follows suit.

When I shared this with the team, many of the other girls agreed which then led onto a discussion about our favourite fashion purchases of 2016 and those buys that weren’t say… quite as well thought out. And then we knew we just had to share them with you..from green jeans to velvet ski pants and some questionable see-through skirts, we’re revealing all this morning…


Three fashion disasters from my youth and childhood spring to mind. Firstly, my mustard/orange/brown splodged velvet ski pants that I so proudly wore when I was eight years old. (I now have a phobia of velvet; these probably explain why). Secondly, when I was around sixteen, I was a big fan of any Morgan top, so long as it had the brand name emblazoned across the front. And another favourite from my late teens was a combination of a pretty baby doll dress teamed with Reebok trainers. Oh the shame! Rich actually bought me some copper Reebok Classics for Christmas which look pretty epic but they don’t actually go with anything in my wardrobe so sadly they are going to be taken back today and probably swapped for some plain white ones.


Green jeans circa 1995. What were they all about?! I remember the day before ‘non-uniform day at school’ being utterly desperate for my mum to come home from town with a pair. My top of choice was a purple checked flannel shirt. What a combo.

More recently my summer capsule was an absolute flop. I ordered two dresses that clung to every lump and bump and meant to return them but inadvertently scooped them up in a pile of washing and so couldn’t take them back. Such a waste of money!


As much as I absolutely adore a denim skirt I just don’t think they suit me. I’d been eyeing up a black frayed version from New Look for a looong time very similar to this Topshop skirt, toying with the idea of whether or not I should take the plunge and buy one. In the end I ordered it on-line but sadly it has only been worn once as I just felt too self conscious in it. Maybe I should have opted for the tall version…..

Some of my most regrettable purchases were actually part of my wedding attire. I was suckered in to buying a pair of traditional wedding shoes from a bridal boutique I visited rather than trusting my gut, blowing my budget and ordering a pair of Louboutins. Then there was the hair piece which I had specifically made. It was very lovely, but far too big for my head. In the end I just wore an antique broach.


Green Dr Martins, waistcoats with swirly patterns, baker boy caps, chokers, those springy sparkly gem things you twirled into your hair, peasant style camisoles with the drawstring bust…oh the tragic list of fashion mistakes goes on and on and on. That said, like all of the team’s recollections above, these sartorial errors were very much of their time and I have no doubts that we’ll look back in ten years and ask ourselves what the hell we were thinking at those outfits we’re wearing as I type.

Perhaps one of my most shameful teenage fashion disasters is actually captured on video at the birthday party of my younger sister where I wore a white stretchy (think leotard material) long skirt with a slit up the front. I can remember thinking at the time that I looked like the cat’s pyjamas but when faced with the actual reality when I viewed the footage of said party last year every fibre of my being cringed with embarrassment. I can’t believe my mum let me wear something so distasteful…don’t even get me started on how see-through it was either.

I’d like to say I’ve learned from my mistakes but that didn’t stop me purchasing a fringed black mini/maxi skirt from Zara earlier last year. The model looked particularly awesome in it and so in my manic shopping haze there was a rather ridiculous part of me than thought I’d look the same too. Ha ha ha. Note to self…you are not 5ft 8 with legs up to your armpits Lolly so you will never in a million years look the same as that gazelle like Zara model. Suffice to say it’s gone into my January eBay pile.

What are your biggest most embarrassing fashion mistakes? Anything you’d care to share with us? And was there anything you purchased in 2016 which is doomed to languish at the back of the wardrobe forever more? Why not share your secrets in the comments box below…we promise we won’t tell.