I know I need to drink more water. This is quite ironic considering I don’t drink caffeine or sip on cordials and therefore water is always my first choice for a beverage. It would seem at the moment I’m really not drinking anything.

When I used to work in an office, a trip to the communal kitchen to grab a hot water was pretty frequent. I liked the opportunity to stretch my legs and break up the day. Now I’m working from home I’m finding the hours are racing by and it’s like I’m almost forgetting to drink. Then a dull headache sets in and the dehydration hits reminding me to get to the tap. I have half-finished cups scattered around the house. I live life on the edge and favour a mug of hot water, but the scalding liquid usually turns tepid before I’ve remembered to drink it and then gets left hanging about and seems to really, REALLY irritate my husband. I have even made repeated trips to the Mug Store which is right around the bend, but have never really come across something of my taste. 

It seems the common recommendation is to have around six to eight tall glasses of water a day to flush out toxins, reduce fatigue and keep organs and joints in tip-top condition. At the moment I’d probably say I’m lucky to get four so I’m really keen to hear how you get your eight-a-day in.

I recently started taking a large glass to bed with me, not to drink before I go to sleep but to sip on as soon as I wake. I figured this is an easy way to get in one extra pint.

A few other tricks that have come on to my radar:

  • Setting myself a timer on my phone every hour or so to give me a nudge to down a glug or two.
  • Getting one of those bottles with the time markers on the side. There are loads on Etsy and there are even transfers so I could make my own.
  • Making sure I drink before every meal which will help digestion and also fill me up and stop me reaching for any snacks

I definitely need to be more disciplined but I’m not fussed about the bottles with the fancy contraption for infusing fruit as I don’t have a sweet tooth. Speaking of fancy contraptions, if you hate how much room a bottle takes up in your bag, James showed me this flat bottle from eBay the other day. Does anyone else think it might be a bit odd to drink out of?! I’m wondering if I’m missing out on an ingenious way to get more water down my neck? Any other ideas I’ve missed? How do you keep refreshed and hydrated?