Come on, admit it. We’ve all had a blonde moment or two in our lives.

I don’t know where the expression originates, it’s ridiculous really because of course your hair colour is not going to have a bearing on your intelligence. And some of the smartest cookies I know are blonde. Take Charlotte, pictured in the header above. How many people can claim to have had a book published by Ebury?

But I, for one, am guilty of having regular dizzy moments. One of Rich’s favourite things to do when we are at a dinner party, particularly the ones where I don’t know the other guests very well, is to recount some of these. (I say dinner parties but I can’t actually remember the last time we went to one of those, such is parenthood). His all time favourite story involves one snowy winter’s morning a few years ago…

It was your average weekday morning, other than the fact that it had snowed. I thought I would be helpful and speed up the usual manic scramble to get ready for work by de-icing the car which was parked on our street. At the time, we were driving a VW Golf (this is relevant, bear with me). It took me a good 10-15 minutes and I thought I had done an excellent job. So imagine Rich’s delight when, upon stepping out the front door, he realised that I had not cleared our car of snow, but our neighbour’s Ford Fiesta. In my defence, both were the same colour. He’s never let me live it down.

Similarly, he often reminds me of the first time that I saw an advert for memory pillows and commented that I needed one, because my memory is so poor. Yep, I genuinely believed that sleeping on one would cure my forgetfulness.

Thankfully it seems it’s not just me that suffers from temporary dizziness. The other Rock My ladies have also had their fair share of blonde moments:


The blondest thing I’ve done lately is to ring Fired Earth to chase up why I hadn’t received my colour consultation prize that I won earlier in 2016 and then only realise when a member of the Farrow & Ball team rang me up that I’d rung up the wrong company! Oh the shame!!! Plus the woman at Fired Earth had been so patient and kind and professional whilst the whole time she must have been thinking I was a total numpty. She took my number and must have spoken soon after to Farrow and Ball to tell them: utmost professionalism! I still blush when I think of it now!


It took me until I was in my early twenties to realise that olive oil was made from olives. Can’t even blame that one on baby brain. 

Recently I also suggested to Matt that he could play football in his cricket shin pads, which I didn’t think was particularly blonde, but he thought was hilarious.


I always get flustered when I’m boarding a plane with hand luggage. Will they realise I have the contents of my life stuffed into a WH Smith’s bag that I’m passing off as an airport purchase? At the cabin door my blondest moment came when the easyJet air steward told me I could check in my luggage for free. I was so confused I wasn’t being asked to pay I got myself in a flap and resorted to my usual boarding behaviour of ramming my plastic bag into my suitcase with lipsticks, mobile phones and magazines scattering the floor. When she told me I’d need that for my flight I apologised for having a blonde moment. ‘What’s wrong with being blonde?’ She asked. As I looked up I saw her peroxide locks and realised she was a damn sight cleverer than I. 


Being a soccer mum to two football mad boys I have never been able to live it down when I casually asked Rob during a football match if they were substituting the goal keeper after seeing an official holding up the electronic board with a 1 on it. He was of course informing players and fans there was one minute of extra time. In my defence I wasn’t aware it was nearly full time, but I should have known better apparently!

Lottie from Rock My Family informs me that she has possibly had more blonde moments than she can remember. To the extent that she was voted Dumb Blonde of the Millennium, complete with gold sprayed Barbie prize, at her end-of-school awards. Which I think is a bit unkind.

And I know that you readers are a clever bunch. But I would love to hear about any scatterbrained moments that you may have had in the comments box below…