This week the Rock My Ltd WhatsApp group has been popping out notifications left, right and centre on the recipe front. Is there one dish you’re still to decide then hopefully this delve into our own ovens will prove helpful.

We’re eating at my sister’s house on Christmas Day and it’ll be a traditional fayre of turkey and beef. As I’m a pescatarian my Mum is very kindly rustling up a beetroot tart to have with all the sides and a boatload of mushroom gravy.

Starters and Canapes

I’m in charge of the starter and I had some grand plans for canapés based on some of these absolutely delicious looking ones from However after realising my brother-in-laws oven is going to be full with all the trimmings for the main Christmas dinner, he’s not going to want me swanning about trying to ram a tray of tarlets in next to his roast potatoes. Plus we’re going to be travelling most of Christmas morning so time is of the essence.

I feel it’s a bit of a cop-out but instead I’m going for the old favourite of a baked brie with figs, walnuts and pistachios. It’ll take up minimal room in the oven leaving more time for prosecco drinking. I also figured the littles ones will be more than happy to pick off the garnish and dip their crusty bread into the gooey cheese while we open our presents.
However Lottie sent me this recipe for a camembert cranberry snowflake which looks so easy and I’m sure I could do a few twists without the bacon. I might do this one when we have a few friends over between Christmas and New Year.


Nigella’s Ham in Coke has been doing the rounds for many years. I’ve never tasted it but it’s a massive hit in our family. Controversially a family friend has just tried out Ham in Ginger Ale which is sure to be another sticky, juicy dish.

Vegetarian Mains

On Wednesday we also have a few of our friends heading around for mockmas before they head off to the snowy slopes of Canada for a Christmas honeymoon. I’m not jealous at all. I’ll be serving up a Moroccan Spiced Pie which I made several years ago. It’s a filo pie so easy to construct even if the squash and nut filling takes a bit of time. If anyone fancies making it then a cheat is to go for shop bought homous rather than make your own.


Lottie recommends these Parmesan Baked Parsnips which would be great on boxing day with a creme fraiche dip. That’s if there are any left of course.

Amy chimed in with these amazing Parmesan Cups which you can fill with all manner of things for canapes, though Amy loads hers with brussels and pancetta.


The Mann household like to dip into a Panettone Bread and Butter Pudding. Lottie recommends sprinkling on pecans and demerera and spreading each slice of panettone with butter and jam for some extra calories!


Laura loves a Salted Caramel White Russian courtesy of Kate La Vie which I’m yet try but it looks epic.

Laura’s family are actually tucking into an amazing seafood feast on Christmas day rather than the traditional turkey. What are you eating next Monday? Any go-to recipes that might help someone who still has a course to finalise? Also, what time do you eat on the big day? Are you a one o’clocker or do you wait until after the Queen’s speech?

P.S. The absolutely stunning image you see in the header was captured by Veronika Ward and you can find out more details about the shoot in tomorrow’s post.