Charlotte’s vision for Rock My Style was always to have several like-minded voices chatting about all things stylish. As you may have noticed recently you’ve had more than your fair share of moi banging about all things pretty and so we thought it was high time we threw another member into the mix. I can’t tell you how happy I am to welcome another lady to Team RMS, this time in the form of the very lovely Lisa. I’ve personally certified our newest recruit with the accolade of Best Fringe In The Rock My Empire and her fabulous taste in wallpaper gives our Lottie a run for her money.
I’ll hand over to Lisa and please do share the love in the comments box to welcome our latest team member.

Hello lovely RMS readers!

I first met the blog queen that is Charlotte O’Shea at NCT classes. When she told me about the Rock My Empire my initial reaction was… you have the coolest. Job. Ever. So you can imagine my excitement when she mentioned that there might be a job going spare at RMS.

Ever since I was little I have loved making my home look nice. I can remember being about ten years old and constantly drawing pictures, rearranging my bedroom and picking out flowery borders for the walls. Remember that, when borders were THE thing to do?!

Well I am still obsessed with all things interior design but thankfully my love of flowery borders has been replaced by a love of Scandi style and feature walls. My little family (lovely boyfriend Rich and two-year-old bundle of naughtiness and adorableness Lyra) and I recently moved into a new-build in a village in the West Midlands and I am thoroughly enjoying every minute spent planning how each room should look. My ‘other’ job involves working part time in the legal sector which is endlessly interesting but just doesn’t give me that creative outlet. So you can see why I am ridiculously excited about a role with RMS.

I also love fashion, finding a bargain (hello Ikea hacks), and dancing round the kitchen on a Saturday morning with Rich and Lyra. I’m half Scottish and half Japanese, and am lucky enough to have lived in as far flung places as Saudi Arabia, Germany and Sydney. No wonder I have a thing for vintage maps.

Another confession I have to make…I know little to nothing about make up. So I am counting on you readers and my fellow RMS-ers to teach me a thing or two. (On that note, tune in on Friday when I will be snooping into the make up bags of Lauren, Lolly and Charlotte).

Looking forward to getting stuck in to the fabulous world of RMS.

Lots of love, Lisa x