Contemporary industrial lounge with dark grey feature wall and greenery
Modern kitchen with silestone worktops and cupboards in Farrow & Ball Railings
Contemporary kitchen makeover with cupboards in Farrow and Ball Railings

Nat and Luke’s Awe-Inspiring Bungalow Renovation

Author: Lisa Soeno

I’ve mentioned my schoolfriend Nat on these pages before and I’m pleased as punch to be sharing her home tour with you guys today.

We went to stay with them recently and on the drive home Rich would not stop banging on about the kitchen (to be fair, it is the dream kitchen. If I can make our kitchen look half as nice I will be a happy bunny) and Lyra has been pestering me about moving to Bath ever since.

Without further ado I’ll pass you over to Nat to tell you all about the reno.

When my husband called me to tell me he’d made an offer on a house we’d seen a few days earlier my first reaction was nooooo….we had just returned from living in France with a three year old and a 12 week baby in tow! How on earth was I going to manage a big project, could we afford all the work, wouldn’t it just be a drain on our finances/time plus 100 other questions and worries I had in my head!

However, with a little persuasion, my husband helped me see the potential and we started on our renovation project of our upside down bungalow in Bath. Bath is such a beautiful city and while we would have loved a Georgian Town house project I think the appeal of the countryside views and big garden for our boys to run around in was too much for us to resist.

We had fantastic builders who helped us along the way and have created our dream family home. The house itself is a 1980’s bungalow with all the living areas on the top floor (including bedrooms) and then we have created a more formal lounge (thank you Lisa for designing this) and study on the ground floor. As the house was previously a tired-out rental we had the challenge of improving the layout and trying to inject a bit of character into it. This involved stripping the house right back to bare bones, knocking down internal walls, a complete overhaul of plumbing and electrics, moving the front door and adding a window to the gable end. The refurbishment took six months in total.

The style we have predominantly gone for is industrial, dark greys mixed with wood, accent lighting and accessories and I’m really happy with the finished result. (The many late nights researching radiators, sockets, paint colours, taps, tiles and any other number of decisions obviously paid some part in this!)

I sit writing this looking out of the windows at the island of one of my favourite rooms in the house, the kitchen. We had some great design advice to move the existing kitchen from the pokiest darkest corner of the house to the middle of the house in the biggest brightest room and that was the real focus. I had always dreamed of having dark cupboards and now we had a room bright enough to cope (Farrow and Ball – Railings). Everything now flows from this room, it truly is the heart of the house and where we spend all our time and by moving our front door to the back of the house we were able to create a terrace area which leads directly off the kitchen and connects us to the garden.

From this we knocked down some internal walls to create a dining and play room space (complete with huge cupboards to hide all the kids toys!). We have continued the industrial theme with dark grey doors and skirting to match and this is mirrored downstairs in Farrow and Ball Down Pipe which also is painted on the chimney. I love that the kids can be running about upstairs and actually use their bedrooms with them being on the same floor as the living space and then downstairs once they are tucked in bed we can escape to our lounge.

So there you have it. How impressive is the transformation?! I’m currently trying to persuade Nat that she needs Cox & Cox’s new cocoon chair in her lounge.

Has anyone else carried out a major house renovation (with or without kids), and survived? I’ve gotta admit, after seeing Nat’s lovely home, I’m tempted…

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  • Wilko Cage Pendant Lights
  • Cox & Cox Rattan Wing Chair
  • Cox & Cox Industrial Mirror
  • Maisons Du Monde Coffee Tables
  • Asda Irving Hanging Rail
  • Desenio Print
  • M&S Parquet Drinks Cabinet

Images by Adam Crohill

Author: Lisa Soeno
Lisa is obsessed with all things interior design. And Cadbury buttons.
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52 thoughts on “Nat and Luke’s Awe-Inspiring Bungalow Renovation

  1. Yeas.

    Hallway after : Is that an aluminium window? How do you find it? And what would be the country cottage version of a large window that isn’t a door?

    Coffee table in the lounge : from where pls?

    Likewise the sofa hiding in the snug?

    Not my style in terms of decor but it’s absolutely stunning. The amount of light and space is insane. A lot of ‘urban scandi space’ doesn’t look particularly lived in but this is both cool and functional and looks really comfortable. Love the boat theme too.

    More of these please. With more details. Detailllllls. Images I can find on Pinterest. Some info on sources and also a floor plan before and after so we could see the changes would be a handy addition for future big renovations.

  2. Wow, this is amazing! We have just sold our house and are looking at a big project, so this post is great. It’s daunting and the worries are the same, in terms of will we have enough funds to get it all completed etc. But when you see the final result, it looks completely worth it. Did you find you managed to stick to budget? And did you live in the house whilst the work was going on? Jade xo

    1. Hi Jade,
      Thanks for your kind comments. We were renting while the works went on as the house was completely gutted first and we just about kept to budget as we had agreed quite a few things like the kitchen and bathroom costs beforehand.
      Good luck with your project it is definitely worth the stress!
      Nat x

  3. Wow! Every single room is completely gorgeous! We’ve recently moved from a period property in town, to a large, fairly ugly 1970’s house – benefits being we’re now in a village with a huge garden. But we’re stuck with this ugly house to sort out, when i’m used to living in period heaven! So this is timely – I will take enormous amounts of inspiration from these pics.

  4. ps I know this is really cheeky but in the future, is there any chance of floor plans with these house tours? Really helps to understand how the space fits together and flows. Just a thought anyway xx

    1. Hi Nicola, not cheeky at all. We’d like to if time allows (home tours are always our longest posts to put together, but our most favourite too!) but sometimes the info isn’t available either. Will try to in the future though.

  5. This is STUNNING! Wow, what an eye for detail, texture and amazing design.
    I love the way it’s styled too. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

    However, Can I be really weird and ask about your blinds in the children’s bedrooms please? They look seemless! I’m struggling to find a good company who can fit black out blinds without cords. Any recommendation would be very welcome as yours look perfect.
    Heather xxx

    1. IKEA do black out blinds without cords, also try blindstogo.co.uk as they do lots of black out blinds (made to measure with lots of fabrics to choose) and the cords are really short – they come with things to attach the cord to the wall which makes them completely child-safe.

      1. Thanks Sophie, I’ll check them out.
        Unfortunately the Ikea ones run 10cm shy of my window width… x

      1. Thanks Natalie. You are a total gem!
        And honestly the house is stunning. I love that there are sooooo many little personal touches throughout, just gorgeous xxx

  6. This is beautiful!
    We bought a house last June but the paperwork took longer than anticipated to go through. We started work in June and then moved in in November when our baby was 6 days old!
    6 months on there are still bits to finish but it is definitely getting there!

  7. Ohhhhh I love everything about this! I’ve just bought my first house and whilst it doesn’t have half as much space as this I’m definitely going to be taking inspiration from it! Can I be cheeky and ask where the rug underneath the coffee table is from please?! Love love love the home tours you feature, thankyou!! x

  8. Wow your home is beautiful! I have just moved into a Victorian terrace in south London and am about to embark on a refurb and extension (eek – writing it down makes it all the more real!!) I love your kitchen and wondered if you would mind sharing where it’s from? Also you mentioned that you had great builders – how did you go about finding them?

    1. Seconding the question from Lorn around the kitchen. Is it de Vol? I love their style but not the cost…!

      Decor is amazing btw, congrats on a beautiful home.

  9. What a stunning makeover! I would love to know how much of the planning and design you did yourselves or whether you worked with an interior architect and/or designer. We are looking to do exactly the same with an outdated 80s bungalow. We’re at the very early stages and to be hinest a bit stumped as we have lots of ideas but need help to make the most of the opportunity to design an interior that works perfectly for us. Also 2nd the request for floorplans and lots more detail to back up the lovely photos.

  10. What a stunning house! Love your style…we are currently renovating a bungalow and have just had our island fitted with concrete top. I’m trying to source the perfect handles and stumbled across your picture on instagram. Please can you let me know where your kitchen cupboard handles are from? Thanks in advance…Jen x

  11. Just gorgeous. Would you be able to tell me where your blue chairs are from. They are beautiful. The whole house is splendid.

  12. Hi, love the whole house! Please could you let me know where the small black wire and wood shelf attached to the wall is from? Just the thing I’ve been looking for! Thank you!

  13. Loved this tour, what a stunning home they have created! I particularly love the windows and the use of Downpipe on the woodwork throughout. I’m also renovating a house in Bath, and wondered if Nat could possibly give the name of her fantastic builders?!

  14. Your home is absolutely stunning! I love the flow of the decor through each space. You have given me so much inspiration. We have recently moved from a period property in Edinburgh to a new build in Warwickshire and I was feeling a little despondent/overwhelmed by the design challenges faced with a new build house. If you can turn an 80s bungalow into a beautifully stylish family home then maybe all is not lost with our house :0)

  15. I love the flooring in your kitchen! We can’t decide on our flooring. Is it real wood or engineered? Where did you get it from if you don’t mind me asking?

  16. Your house is beautiful! What are the blinds that you have at your big window in the kitchen? We’ve just had an extension built and have a similar size of window, I don’t know what kind of blind to put there…

  17. Hi Lisa:

    Beautiful home. We are in the process of buying flooring. Would you be willing to tell me what kind of wood you used and what it is called and by what manufacturer. Very pretty.

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