I love lingerie. Really. More than handbags or shoes or kitkats (I was going to put make-up in this list but I’d say it’s a close call between the two).

Many of my recently-become-a-Mama friends can’t wait to “get back into their favourite jeans” but for me it was definitely my beautiful collection of smalls. I yearned for frivolous pretty next to my skin rather than the rather dull and style-less maternity garments I have become accustomed to.

I don’t covet overtly sexy pieces as such, preferring more brightly coloured, feminine and floral numbers rather than skimpy lace or anything too see-through. Brand wise I am quite loyal to The Gap or H&M (the latter generally fitting me like a glove bra wise and being so reasonably priced I can fuel my habit without any major guilt factor) although I do have a couple of fancy sets from Calvin Klein, La Perla and Agent Provocateur.

Regarding the aforementioned “sets” I don’t necessarily always opt for matchy matchy, some clothing calls for smooth lines and no VPL, in which case I favour a nude T-shirt bra with whatever lovely bikini style panties appeal on any given day. I also don’t see the harm in flashing a bit of strap with say an off-the-shoulder jumper, if you love something so much why keep it completely under wraps?

The majority of my daily life is chaotic, especially of late, but my undergarments are neatly stored and folded in a giant perspex box awaiting a well-deserved airing. I even slipped into a delicate peach ensemble the other day, I felt more like the usual “me” and it was liberating.

With regards my obvious obsession with intimates that is exactly it, although it would be ridiculous to imply my husband doesn’t appreciate my dedication to what’s underneath and that I in turn don’t take pleasure in said appreciation, ultimately I buy and wear what I like to suit myself. Having read Miranda’s “Dear Teenage Self” post from this morning and all of your comments on the unnecessary image hang-ups we had in our youth (when let’s face it, we probably all had pretty great bodies in the grand scheme of things) plus my own new found body respect post pregnancy, I plan on making the most of things in the here and now. One day I’ll wake up and everything will undoubtedly be distinctly south. I don’t want to regret not having had the confidence or made the effort to wear the most fabulous lingerie possible whilst I still can.

In fact, I am planning on a little treat trip in the not too distant future, are there any underwear brands you like in particular or any items you have seen/purchased recently?

With regards T-shirt bras, are there any you can recommend? I used to like the ones from La Senza but they appear to have been discontinued/changed. HATE it when that happens.