I’ve seen lots of people dismissing the idea of setting new years resolutions these past few weeks like it’s super uncool or something. If January feels like a good time for you to set goals and focus on the year ahead then that my friends, is absolutely fine.

I hosted Christmas for all the fam and so I never really got round to making any plans or new years resolutions. But then one of my all time Insta crushes announced she was doing Yoganuary. Yoga every day in January. And to me that seemed like a great place to start.

I’m not a yogi. I’ve been to about 3 classes over the years… by three classes I mean, three times. I’ve followed Cat Meffan for a couple of years now and she is such a ray of light. Super sassy, mindful and with hair to die for. So I mentally signed myself up for the daily YouTube practice. I knew I wanted to start finding a way of looking after myself more. 2017 was a bit of struggle for me in the old mental health department. Being severely sleep deprived and managing an emotional four year old was taking it’s toll. Just to mention that although the challenge is called Yoganuary it doesn’t mean it has to be done only in January. It’s absolutely something you can pick up at any point.

We’re 25 days into January today. I have missed three days. I caught up with one day along the way but I’ve not overly worried about those three stray days. If there’s one thing I’ve taken away form the last 25 days it’s to be kind to yourself and to make your journey through yoga your own; if one day doesn’t feel right then don’t do it. In all honesty I’m pretty bloody proud of myself for sticking to it. I have found spending half an hour to myself each day has really helped reign in my erratic mind and switch off from the madness that is life. Considering for the last 17 months (since my second baby was born) I’ve told myself there is no time for exercise, the fact that I’ve completed 22 out of 25 days feels pretty astonishing.

I’m going to report back to you in a week or so when the full 31 days are done to let you know how I’ve found the whole process, how I feel yoga has affected me and what I’ve taken away from it. Really looking forward to talking about it in more detail and hearing about what it’s done for you too.

After chatting to Lauren about Yoganuary I got to thinking about what else I could commit to that’s going to help improve my life and my wellbeing; both mentally and physically. And there was a very clear answer.

I, Becky, am a Chocolate Digestive-aholic. And I’m not even joking.

I’ve always been a biscuit lover. Always. But since my second son was born I would say that I have had a chocolate digestive almost every day. The issue is it’s not only one. I can quite easily eat 7 or 8 in one sitting. Imagine that at least five times a week. That’s a lot of biscuits. And it’s quite embarrassing. It has turned into a real addiction that’s lead me to feeling the need to eat something sweet after every meal and at random times through the day I feel myself crave it and often replacing my lunch.

My skin isn’t great and I do notice that after a particularly big binge it flairs up. It makes me really unhappy. I feel lethargic after a binge and the worst part about it is that I know I’m going to feel that way so why am I doing it to myself? So friends, as of today, I make a pledge to the Rock My Style community to give up both Chocolate Digestives and chocolate in general for 30 days. I also include biscuits in general because there’s no point swapping the digestive for a Custard Cream is there? I am going cold turkey.

Like with the yoga I’m going to come back and update you on the effect it has over the four weeks. So that leads me to ask… What is your vice? Are you partial to a biscuit or 12 every day? Maybe social media is your vice (I might use that as my next 30 day challenge; to reduce the time I’m on my phone) or perhaps you can’t stop drinking fizzy drinks?

Please feel free to join me in the #digestivedetox challenge? I’m going to journal it on my Instagram Stories if you want to follow along and keep me company. Wish me luck!