It’s a bit of a family affair over on Rock My Style at the moment. To bring you the next instalment of my family’s pooch adventure I’ll hand you over to my Mum.

Following advice and support from the lovely RMS readers, I am now in possession of an adorable little puppy! You may remember I was very undecided about which breed to go for and was after a medium sized dog. After reading all your helpful comments I was leaning towards a cockapoo but was yet to meet one in the flesh.
A day or so later I was out strolling in our local park and lo and behold came across a gorgeous cockapoo. Chatting to the owner she gave me the details of a breeder who was only a few miles from my home. As luck would have it the mum (a cocker spaniel) had just had a new litter. It seemed like fate so I whisked off to meet the mother and her ten puppies and was smitten by a sable and white chap with unusual markings.

Bringing Reg Home

Two weeks later following injections and health checks he was ours. Little ‘Reggie’ had been used to a crate at the breeders so we decided to carry on with the same environment at least in the short term so as not to overwhelm him with new surroundings and provide a safe haven for him.

On collection day I was nervous and excited; Reg looked unbelievably tiny and vulnerable and joined me in a shaking fit.
The breeder gave us a blanket to take home with us so he could find some comfort in a familiar scent. The first night he was very timid but thankfully slept the night through.
Over the next few days his personality emerged. He quickly settled in and developed a distinct sense of mischief. The only time he has been subdued was after his second lot of injections which left him lethargic and whimpering all day. Yes, my puppy is a drama queen!

Reg has quickly become an important part of the family. He is extremely boisterous and chews and nips EVERYTHING in sight. His little teeth are razor sharp but he is so comical to watch. Coming downstairs bleary eyed in the morning to be greeted with yelps of delight is very good for the soul.

He’s now eleven weeks and is able to be taken for short walks though we don’t get far due to the constant compliments from passersby. It’s difficult to keep to the rule of exercising him for five minutes for each month of his life (so a fifteen minute walk each time) but this is the official advice given to prevent the development of rheumatism in later years.

Puppy Training

Reggie embraces all new experiences and is friendly with children and other dogs, as well as favouring men on bicycles!
General puppy training is far from easy but with The Pampered Pup’s suggestions on toilet training, and other than a few mishaps Reg is pretty much toilet trained now. From day one we’ve had a designated spot in the garden so he just uses one area. I’m keen to make sure his mind is stimulated too as he’s so energetic so we hope to start basic obedience classes later in the month.

We love him to bits, the only downside being his overactive jaws. The vet recommended anti-biting spray which seems to have little effect. We have plenty of rubber toys now but I’d love to hear any other suggestions.

I constantly refer to the Happy Puppy Handbook by Pippa Mattinson which provides a wealth of knowledge from dietary advice to travelling in the car. It’s very user friendly and well-written and illustrated.

Thank you RMS for giving me the confidence to bring a little bundle of joy into our home. Reg has definitely enhanced our lives and my once less-than-enthusiastic husband is now completely besotted with him!

I know from the original post lots of dog owners read RMS. If you have any tips to share on dealing with the over-zealous jaws then please do let us know! How was your first month with a new dog? Anyone about to introduce a new pet to the family?

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