Every time we go on holiday, without fail, I pack too much. Up until now my mantra has been ‘it’s better to take too much than too little’: no-one wants to run out of knickers when they’re miles away from home/an M&S lingerie department. But after lugging four suitcases and two kids through airports over half term I made a promise to myself. Next time we go away I am going to go capsule and include only one of each of the following items in my suitcase*. The best thing about it? Nope, not that there’s room for more undies, but the fact that the total cost comes to just £118.

The Maxi Dress

When we were away last week I packed two maxis, but the only one I wore was this floral number from Next. It’s casual enough to be worn in the daytime, and loose enough to eat ALL the carbs at dinner (hello drawstring waist).

The Cross-Strap Sliders

If there is one thing (ok so two things, one for your left foot and one for your right) that you need to buy this summer then it’s a pair of cross strap sliders. Let me tell you folks, I wore a black pair every day on holiday, and haven’t taken them off since. New Look have very inconveniently sold out of the ones I bought, but they have since released a gold pair. Which I may or may not have ordered last night. They’re comfy, excellent quality and go with EVERYTHING. And the tan sole makes them look much more expensive than their £17.99 price tag.

The Denim Jacket

…for those cooler evenings. I really kicked myself when we were away because I took Lyra’s little denim jacket but forgot to pack mine. Loving the look of the ‘girlfriend’ style jackets that are all over the likes of Asos at the moment and this New Look one is an excellent price point.

The Multipurpose Bag

This is another item which I used every day on holiday and nearly every day since. I had been looking for a zip-up basket bag, and M&S answered my prayers with this £15 straw shopper. I used it on the beach, as hand luggage on the plane, and since we’ve been home it’s established itself as my everyday handbag. It also looks cute hanging in the hallway.

The Denim Shorts

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was on the hunt for a new pair of denim shorts. After an agonising afternoon of trying-on (almost as painful as shopping for a new pair of jeans), I have come to terms with the fact that high-waisted denim is just never going to suit me, and found the perfect pair of low-rise shorts at H&M. They have the all-important turn-up hem (more flattering on the pins) and extra bonus points for the very subtle summery palm print detail.

The White Cotton Tee

Holiday isn’t holiday without a soft white cotton tee to throw on for breakfast or to protect those sunburnt shoulders come the late afternoon. I treated myself to this one when I was shopping in Ciutadella. It’s quirky, pretty and all for the princely sum of £5.99. At that price I can afford to buy the flamingos version and the swimmers version, right? Oh wait…

Are you a savvy holiday packer who travels light, or do you pack everything plus the kitchen sink?

*Naturally, I’m still going to overpack when it comes to knickers.

  • Mango Toucans Tee
  • H&M Denim Shorts
  • Next Floral Maxi
  • New Look Denim Jacket
  • New Look Sliders
  • M&S Shopper